CNY 2013: Cheng Ho Court @ Mines Wellness Hotel

My first visit to Mines Wellness Hotel and I left the place impressed. Cheng Ho Court has certainly showcased and proven that healthy and delicious can come hand in hand. Mind you the dishes were not the least boring with some rather interesting dishes.

I will have to say that I will never tire of yee sang. And like Sarah, I wish that yee sang was available all year long. it may be traditional but salmon is always a nice fish to add on to any yee sang for its flavour and auspicious colour. Salmon and Snow Pear Lou Sang RM98++ was perfectly juicy and moist. Not so much of the sauce that made it moist but from the sweet, juicy and crunchy snow pear. 
I wish its possible to have yee sang all year long especially when it includes yummy ingredients such as pumpkin and sweet potato.
Sweet, juicy, crunchy with a lovely bite with every mouthful.

A good bowl of soup makes every meal perfect for me. At the point of this review, I was seriously coughing my lungs out every few minutes or so. The Special Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup certainly eased my cough and more so did much to whet my pathetic appetite. 
Hearty with choice ingredients incudingblack chicken, fish maw, scallops, abalone and wolfberry.

The Dragon Otak Otak Chicken was interesting. I'll confess that I have never been an otak-otak fan and will avoid this dish most of the time. This time however, this variation of the otak-otak by Cheng Ho Wellness had me mesmerised and wanting more. A mix of regular otak-otak and chicken meat resulting in a smooth paste accompanied by a crispy skin and the lovely bite of almonds that add a lovely touch and texture to this dish.
No Chinese New Year meal is complete unless you have fish. Cheng Ho has certainly whipped out one of the best steam fishes to date. Steamed Bamboo Fish with Soya Sauce is a simple preparation but its darn yummy with the fish being nice and firm while we savour the natural sweetness of the fish.
Do you know that when badminton champion Lin Dan was in town with his family, this fish was his must have at every meal. So much so, the folks at Cheng Ho Court have actually called this dish the Lin Dan dish.

Not your usual prawn preparation for Chinese New Year, this Baked King Prawn with Garlic and Cheese scored top points with everyone. Nothing too greasy, cheesy or garlicky. It was perfect. And it becomes awesome when you realise just how big the prawn is which only means I was having a lovely firm piece of prawn for my dinner!
Baked instead of the usual fried prawns.
So good that I licked the shell clean, suck the head and eat every ounce of flesh 
and waste nothing!

Cheng Ho Braised Mixed Dried Seafood was good as far as I am concerned. Certainly one of my fave dishes all year long with the goodness of sea cucumber, black moss, scallop, dried oysters, mushrooms and of course some green vegie. Interestingly was the use of the rather big dried oysters. Yummy!

The Abalone Seafood Fried Rice with Pine Seed was more than just your regular fried rice to act as a filler to a meal. With enough "wok hei" coupled with the nutty goodness of the pine nut, I ignored my cough and happily finished my portion of the fried rice and opted more a little more.
The Fancy Duet for dessert was a pretty sight. A nian gao galore if I may say so. The fried version was soft and goey...the way I like my nian gao. And of course another version was coated with peanuts for an additional bite. 
A duet of fried or peanut coated and they both are delicious
A crispy skin with a yummy goey inside.
As much as I enjoyed the Double Boiled Mix Fruit Sago and Almond Beancurd, I wished that it was fresh fruits being used instead of the preserved cherries. I would have loved it to be with strawberries if at all the colour red needs to be present in this lovely dessert:D
Cheng Ho Court Mines Wellness Hotel's Chinese New Year Set Menu starts from RM888++ per table to RM1688++ per table of 10. 

Cheng Ho Court Restaurant
Level 3, Mines Wellness Hotel
Jalan Dulang  
Mines Resort City,
Seri Kembangan, Selangor
T: +603 8943 6688

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