CNY 2013: Five Sen5es @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur

A visit to 5 Sen5es at the Westin KL is quite literally an experience for your 5 senses. A lovely experience that tantalises your sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. For CNY, a combination of the 5 senses certainly made it an ecstasy to dine in Five Sen5es.

Before our meal begins, we enjoy some lovely mocktails that works wonders to whet your appetite.
Palatial Bloom with Manggis Charge, Madu Tualang, Redbull and Blackcurrant Juice.        
My obvious favourite Prismatic Surprise with a lovely bite from the hibiscus mixed with Blackcurrant Tea, Lime Juice and Soda

And interestingly, I savoured Shaoxing wine that was served from a snake shape decanter. Quite a feat to be able to pour it out with a combination of moves including some swirling. 
A tad complicated for me so let's leave it to the expert to serve us.
Served with a small slice of lemon and sour plum makes this Shaoxing wine a tad sweetish with a slight tangy after taste. Lovely with our dinner throughout the night.  

With every CNY meal, there is definitely the yee sang. The higher you toss, the better the year will be. What I am unsure is whether we should be tossing a messy yee sang or do we toss it high yet contain it within the serving plate? Let me know your thoughts:D
Pretty cuts of Norwegian Salmon and tasty Jade Abalone
Do you see the snake in this pretty arrangement?
Now you should be able to spot the snake!
Let's toss!
Toss it high for a prosperous year!
My lovely portion of succulent yee sang bursting with flavours with every bite. Absolutely love te thick cut of salmon and savoury abalone. 

One of my favourites for the night had to be the Master Poached Sea Pearl Prawn Clam in Superior Broth. A lovely mix of superior broth with lemongrass, ginger, wolfberries, tongkwai and shaoxing made the soup utterly soothing. Certainly an eye opener as I had not expected lemongrass to be added into this dish bt it certainly gave it a lovely zing. 
Prawn and clam artfully combined into a lovely bite which would seem like the clam and prawn were actually one creature.

Prawns for happiness in the form of Signature Golden Sand Sea Prawn with Crispy Rice Cereal. Still nursing my horrid cough then and I could only watch my dining companions enjoying every bite of the prawn. Crispy on the outside and firm inside.

Rather unique instead of the regular chicken and duck, we are served the Charcoal Roasted ‘Sar Tian’ Five Sen5es Pigeon. Well marinated with a crispy skin which is utterly not oily. Good to eat on its own though I enjoyed the side dip of garlic with vinegar.

I never disagree with any steam fish. The Cantonese Steamed Longevity Goby Fish in Soy Sauce was the next perfect dish for me. Ate it clean from the tail to the head. Every bite was firm and it certainly passed the freshness test when I ate the eye:D
Very yummy Soon Hock that I would love to have it all to myself.

Mushrooms Fried with Garden Vegetables and Roasted Pine Nuts  is certainly a refreshing change from the usual braised mushrooms with garden vegetables.

One of the hubster's fave dishes for CNY is the waxed meat rice. Five Sen5es' Secret Slow Boiled 'Hong Kong' Style Wax Meat Casserole Rice was good to the last grain.
Looked a tad white with the vibrant colours from the assorted waxed meat.
Add some of the specially mixed dark sauce.
Mix them all well for a lovely pot of meaty goodness.

Dessert time! Nian gao with desiccated coconut is common. Japanese Sweetened Yam Gold Coin Chinese New Year ‘Nian Gou’ is a pretty dessert of nian gao served with some diced fruits and sesame seed for a refreshing texture and flavour. 

Set lunch and dinner menus for CNY runs until 24th February 2013 at Five Sen5es. Prices range fromRM880++ per table of ten till RM1388++.

Five Sen5es
The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2731 8333

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