CNY 2013: Lai Ching Yuen

Its CNY! And its amazing how the year of the dragon pretty much passed us just like that. And as we welcome the year if the Black water Snake on 10th February, its time now to check out the CNY decors and yummy offerings around town. Kicking off my first post is Lai Ching Yuen in Grand Millenium, Kuala Lumpur.

This year Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur offers some of the city’s most interesting dishes of either an eight or nine-course celebratory menu starting from RM 1,388.00++ for a table of ten persons.

With any CNY meal, yee sang is a must. For me, I can never tire of yee sang and am glad that post CNY, I can still have my yee sang courtesy of MIL who makes enough of the sauces for me to have my fixes all year long. 

Lai Ching Yuen never fails me with their yee sang, After last year's impressive and memorable scallop yee sang (you can read it here), I am very glad to see scallops back on the menu again. Prices of yee sang starts from RM58.00++ for half portion and RM98.00++ for full portion. There are also choices of yee sang with premium items such as premium abalone, geo duck clam and lobster to add on.
Yee Sang with Scallop Pearl and Mango
Behold its the goodness of scallop with the freshness of strawberry puree!
Sorry but I cannot resist spamming you with another of the yummy scallop yee sang with the juiciness of mangoes, fresh vegies, strawberry puree and sesame seed.

Roast duck and roast chicken seems to be the norm these days, Chef Heng and his team take a different option with Roasted Mini Duck. The ducklings used in this dish are between 1 to 2 months. Crispy skin and tender meat awaits you with every bite.

The old folks will tell you that prawns are a must for CNY because it signifies happiness.  The Deep Fried Prawns with Fresh Grapes and Mayonnaise Sauce may look a tad boring in terms of look. Looks can be deceiving as you have a crispy battered prawn with juice flesh coated with yummy mayonnaise. The grapes adds a refreshing and juicy touch to this dish.

I've also loved squash especially "chee quah", Steamed squash is one of my all time fave dishes when my Godma started cooking them after a culinary trip to Taiwan. Lai Ching Yuen whips out a simple looking but definitely yummy Steamed Squash Stuffed with Dried Scallop. Of course the stufifng is not just scallops. There's the goodness of meat and fish all nicely mashed.

The Chinese believe that the pork knuckle is auspicious during CNY. I think its along the lines of the  pork knuckle signifying welcoming prosperity.  The luscious Deep Fried Pork Knuckle is a perfect dish to savour and if it welcomes prosperity into our lives...certainly an amazing reason to order this dish!
 Crispy on the outside.
Perfectly moist inside.
Enjoy the yummy goodness of the skin and gelatin.
Some meat, fat, skin and gelatine together with the dipping sauce! Yummy!

A must have in any CNY meal is the Braised Dried Oyster with Sea Cucumber, Mushroom and Garden Greens. This is a perfect dish that calls for a bowl of white rice. I held back since there was a rice dish next.
Oysters are synonymous with good news and sea cucumber with happiness. All the more reason to usher in the lunar new year with this yummy dish!

I don't quite take a lot of wax meat. But come CNY, wax meat is a must at our dining tables. Lai Ching Yuen's Chinese Wax Meat Rice with Yam Wrapped in Lotus Leaf was one of the best we have had for the longest time. Fragrant and fluffy rice bears the flavours of the waxed meat inported from Hong Kong. Interestingly the yam bits in it add texture and flavour to this lovely carbo dish.

Alas what is CNY without nain gao or gold cake? Chef Heng makes his own nian gao and presents them in the form of a sandwich of nian gao with yam and sweet potato. 
Its always lovely to end a meal on a sweet note:D

All diners at Lai Ching Yuen from the 10th February to 24th February 2013 will get fortune cookies which is subject to availability, therefore, make your reservations quickly at Lai Ching Yuen and let your good fortune be told!

Lai Ching Yuen (non halal)
Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
Level 1
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2117 4180
F: +603 2145 7876

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