Dinner with Red Army Watches

My fave meal is often dinner which makes sense since it signals the end of my work day. And with any meal, there is bound to be conversation with your dining companions. Recently our dinner conversation was on watches (and of course food) when we were hosted to dinner by the folks at Red Army Watches.

Red Army Watches (RAW) has been around for 9 years with its presence seen in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Interestingly, the initial timepieces that RAW brought in were Russian brands. Charming, mysterious and to a large extent catered to a niche market. Along the way more brands elsewhere were brought in. Every brand that is brought in unique in its own way making it a collector's item without making a hole in the your wallet or bank account. When worn, the timepiece makes a lovely subject to kick start a conversation with its unique designs and functions. 

Of course some watches were also brought our for us to lay our hands on:D
Schaumburg. Yes! This watch has only one hand!

And really it does not matter whether our watch is expensive or cheap. Some TLC must be given!
• Clean your watch with a soft cloth. It is necessary to wipe regularly including the face and the leather strap.
• If the band is metal, use a toothbrush and soapy water to gently clean. Remember to dry it properly.
• Always store your watch on a soft surface. I have 11 watches (the oldest one being a Swatch which is 20 years old - though I have been wearing my Maurice Lacroix almost daily for the last 13 years) and they are all stored in a box with separate compartments for each watch. It is also best if the box has a velvet or fabric surface to prevent scratches during storage. 

Now a little on our dinner. Am glad that dinner venue was at Circus (previous entries - 7th October 2012 and 24th October 2012) and in Pavilion. Yes, this is one of my fave places to dine in Pavilion - a mixture of ambience, good food and of course good music!
One of my fave nibbles at Circus - Truffle Shoestring Fries RM18. 
Freshly fried fries with grated parmesan and parsley tossed in truffle oil. 
French onion soup in beef broth RM24
The hubster's Australian Rib Eye 9oz with one side dish RM58
My Filet Mignon 6oz with 1 side dish RM58
 Sauteed Vegetables for me
Mac and Cheese for me too! Comforting and delish!
You must always order the sorbet at Circus! If I am not wrong, its RM12.
Sexy RM38. Creme de fraise and strawberry topped with sparkling wine.

The bunch of us: 
Left: Clevermunkey, Ryan, Charmaine and Miss Julianna Chai -Managing Director of RAW
Right: The hubster, PR Firm Xavier Mah, Missyblurkit, Mr. Soemantri - Executive Director of RAW, Jessicat and Pamela

Red Army Watches
• Tropicana City Mall
• Pavilion KL
• One Utama

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