Fa Ying @ Paradigm Mall

We've been habitual creatures who would normally grab our meal elsewhere before movie night at Paradigm Mall. This time around, it broke the habit and had dinner instead at Paradigm Mall. I had a taste of Fa Ying during the official opening and was looking forward to a proper sit down session.
Not a fan of Thai Green Curry but this Spaghetti with Thai Green Curry Pesto had me salivating for a few servings during the launch. Check out my FB album Fa Ying for more pictures from the launch.

The sit down dinner with KY, Haze, Suanie and a few others started off with a couple on interesting drinks. My fave has to be the Marquessa RM100++which is served in a fish bowl. Awesome for sharing, this refreshing drink is quite showy for starters with your waiter heating up the orange peel for extra flavour and oomph. It was no surprise that this would be my choice drink since some of the ingredients includes dragon fruit, cucumber, Absolut Blue, orange peel, white wine, soda and 7Up.
A refreshing drink arrives in a fish bowl. Love the refreshing scent of burnt orange peel.
Lovely drink with lots of fibre too!

We tasted quite a few drinks but the Mango Thai Pandan RM 21++ was certainly memorable too. Served with a caramelised mango that taste really good when taken with the chilled Pandan Lemongrass infused drink.

The menu at Fa Ying is quite extensive. And one darn good appetizer not to be missed is the Grilled Scallops served with Spinach and Manow Sauce RM19. Juicy and succulent scallop that taste superb on its own. A dip into the Manow sauce is heavenly. Save the extra sauce that is goes really well with just about anything on your table:D
I returned for this delish scallops a few days later and obviously had the whole platter to myself.

Thai Minced Beef served on Cucumber RM12 is a good bite of crunchy cucumber with lovely spicy minced beef. was quite a hit with my dining companions too!

Love satay? Then the tender and juicy Lamb Sate RM20 is a must order. Actually the satays in Fa Ying are a lovely bite if you want something light to go with your beer or cocktails.

Lamb satay
Grilled seafood with a lovely Manow sauce for a dip.

The 2 salads that we had at Fa Ying makes eating salad an easy task for even hard core carnivores. We had the Pomelo Salad RM16 and Watermelon Salad RM12. For the price tag, Fa Ying is certainly whipping out a huge serving of salad. Each salad is a little spicy but certainly not fiery since its balanced up by the naturally sweet and juicy fruits.
Watermelon salad with a host of yummy ingredients including long beans, pineapple, apples, watermelons, onions, spices and of course some crunchy peanuts!
A popular dish even in Rama V (its the same folks who run both Rama V and Fa Ying) makes it way to Fa Ying. Sweet and juicy pomelo with a Thai touch and succulent prawns.

I confess that the appetizers and salads left me quite filled but I still would love to taste the mains and of course desserts. With the lovely folks who also have a decent appetite, we went through 5 mains and 4 desserts.

Tasted the Spaghetti with Thai Green Curry Pesto RM22 during the official launch. Totally smitten, I reckon this is quite a meal on its own for small eaters.
Creamy and rich Spaghetti with River Prawn in Chu Chee Style RM32 was the hubster's fave for the night. I am not surprised as this plate of pasta is utterly flavourful till the last drop.
Cod Fish with Manow RM42 is your option for something healthier. Loved the grilled aubergine and tomatoes that was served with this chunk of tender cod.
The Grill Tenderloin with Green Curry Mushroom RM42 is a very affordable piece of meat. A huge chunk of meat gilled to perfection. Slightly charred on the outside and pink inside. Lovely though, I would be quite happy to eat the meat just on its own since its was nice and juicy.
Not the best shot but you should be able to see the lovely pink meat inside.
My fave main for the night was the Roasted Duck Sandwich RM20. No complains on the Ciabatta but it is the filling of the roast duck and refreshing crunchy vegetables that had me wowing on this sandwich. Good...very good that we returned a few days later for it because I wanted the whole sandwich to myself.
Love the touch of the little potent cili padi with the fries:D Though I think I will like it better if its chopped and tossed with the fries.
Its so's another picture for you to drool!

Admitedly we were quite filled but we still wanted dessert. So we walked around a little to take pictures and of course to monkey around:D

Dessert galore awaits us:
Mango with sticky rice. Love the touch of the black sesame for some added crunch and flavour.
A tad different is the glutinous rice and mango fritter served with ice cream!
Never say no to good old fashion banana fritter served with ice cream!
Creme brulee? Yes its lemongrass creme brulee!

Fa-Ying by Rama V
The Boulevard
Paradigm Mall
Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya
T: +603 7451 2933

And I urge you to hurry over before the 31st of January 2013. Mention PRINCESS to the restaurant manager and you can enjoy 10% off your food bill. Not applicable to promotional items! Hurry hurry!

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