Fried Nian Gao at Mei Sin Eating Shop

Its almost the Chinese New Year and the sweet tooth ones will certainly remember nian gao 年糕 (nin ko in Cantonese) also known as kuih bakul or gold cake. A lil sticky to eat on its own and most days most will either eat it steamed with desiccated coconut or as a fritter. My fave is obviously the latter as I am not keen of desiccated coconut.

I discovered 4 years ago that nian gao isn't just available during CNY. In fact somewhere down town KL (and another stall in Cheras), this yummy nian gao is available all year long. I prefer the one in town as its yummier as a whole and definitely serves a larger wedge of the nian gao. Previously the stall was in Chinese Village which has since been demolished. Now this lil stall is located outside Restoran Mei Sin.
This is perhaps one of the few sweet stuff that I have a weak spot for. Its almost a weekly must have for me and my creative team. Obviously over time, its also a much requested tea time tapao for my clients if I were to visit them after lunch time. 

Each piece of nian gao fritter is a lovely piece of sweet and sticky nian gao wedge between a slice of potato and yam. Deep fried with a lovely crispy batter...goes well with a lovely cup of coffee or tea.
Yam, nian gao and sweet potato.
fried kuih bakul
Deep fried and left to drained for a while ensures that the fritter is nice and crispy on the outside.
Crispy on the outside. Soft and sticky inside.
Each kuih bakul is RM1.50 each. Equally yummy is the fried banana that is priced at RM1.00 each. I have yet to come across a failed piece banana or nian gao fritter. Each piece of banana is sweet and ripe while the nian gao fritter has soft melt in your mouth yam and sweet potato.
Nom nom nom!
One of each...distributed on an A4 paper in my office:D
Sorry but I cannot resist another photo of the oozing yummy sweet nian gao:D
And of you're there then you might as well check out the yummy wan tan mee, Ipoh Hor Fun, pork intestine soup and char kueh teow. I will share on the other stalls once I find my photos hidden is one of the many hard disk that I have at home:D A word of caution, this is your typical coffee shop so do not expect hotel or restaurant cleanliness! But having said that, I have eaten here for the last couple of years and my sensitive tummy has been fine and dandy.
Mei Sin Eating Shop
No. 16 Jalan Melati
Off Jalan Imbi
Kuala Lumpur

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