MPIB 2013

MPIB 2013 came along for me as a last minute entry. Discovered it a wee too late to register but thanx to the 2Cs I managed to secure an entry to run 12km. Certainly exciting and fun to wake up on a fine Sunday morning to run (or jog) with approximately 5,000 people.

Now let the pictures speak!
 6:30 a.m. but the participants and their family / friends are all awake and bubbly.
 Wonderful bunch of volunteers including these young St John Ambulance members volunteering for the event.
Friendly faces at the Secretariat tent.
More friendly volunteers who woke up early and stood in their post smiling and encouraging the runners. Bravo folks!
Ladies were flagged off first for the 12km. Kinda strange that the Start sign was in reverse. LOL.
Love the fun and happy mood with balloons and all!
 The hubster took this pic of the skies turning bright while he waited for me to complete my run. Reckon I should sign him up to run...
Run run run!
Smile and run! That's it!
500m to go and frankly I was really looking forward to ending my 12km because my tummy 
was rumbling!
Orderly participants queueing up for their goodie breakfast bag of bread and water.
One of the better banana distribution that I came across! 
Happy Milo distribution point. Kinda long so I gave up the idea of queuing for it. More Milo booths in future? There was also Nestle Finesse cereals, ice cream and even piping hot Mamee instant noodles:D
Ouch indeed. In fact this is my first ever fall during runs. Was overtaking some runners in Bukit Tunku. Someone else too wanted to overtake me while I was overtaking. Think our elbows hit each other. don't fret lah...accidents happens anytime and anywhere. Fell flat sliding on the road. It was good thing my cap protected my face but the elbow, palm and knees were not spared.
Was glad for help rendered by fellow runner to help me salvage myself and my spectacles (not wearable anymore since the lenses were all scratched).
The fall wasn't enough to stop me. It was a little uncomfortable running rather blindly without my spectacles and from the slight stinging pain. Definitely not my best time but I comfort myself, that today's 12km timing is the same as Nike We Run KL 2012's 10km timing. 
Am certainly looking forward to know the official timing.
Another medal and the first for this year. And I learnt that its a lot being mind over body. Initially I was a bit hesitant to run in MPIB 2013 this morning as I ran 16km yesterday morning. After all, 2 days meant 28km with only 3 hours sleep - currently battling insomnia:(

Some things that I noted but did not take photos:
• Orderly and well organised water stations with water and Isotonic ready in cups.
• Clear signages to indicate our distance covered.
• The St John volunteers were ready and attentive to runners running past them or towards them. In my case my personal experience with the 2 volunteers who rinse my wounds at the taxi stand near Sid's Pub in Bukit Tunku.
• Good traffic control by the police and volunteers.

I have also some photos taken from my HTC One X. was more keen to run than take pics. Sorry folks!

If you want more photos and information then head over to Many other runners and photograhphers have also put up their photo links there.

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