Porridge with Marmite

Simple, yummy and comforting. That's all I can describe of my meal above. Woke up on Monday morning with a heavy head, a burning body, clogged up nose and a sandpaper throat. It only means something...I have caught the flu bug! It killed off my appetite and my only meal on Monday being 3 tablespoon of white porridge and some manuka honey. Very unlike me!

30 hours later...I muster some energy to peel and chop up some carrots - dang I took 5 minutes just to sort out 1 carrot. Threw them into the rice cooker with 1/2 cup of brown rice and 3 cups of water. Resulted in quite a yummy slightly sweet carrot porridge. Added my all time favourite Marmite and that was food till dinner.

I supposed I am much better now but am still taking it easy...trying to rest and regulate my sleeping habits. So the blog will slow down a little.

Meanwhile there are 3 things that I request from the readers or random stranger popping by here. Do share with me:
• What is your comfort food when you are sick? Recipes welcomed!
• Any tips for sleeping better? I guess I am a born insomniac surviving on 3-4 hours of sleep till my body breaks down (like now) but I like to change that. I hate falling sick:(

THANX folks! And if you could also show some love over at my FB page Missyblurkit :D Mucho gracias!