Thomas Hardy Wine Pairing

5 fine wines and fine food all in one evening pretty much sums up my evening at Urban, Istana Hotel.  Let me share with you my 6 course meal paired with 5 wines.  
Dinner began with the Amuse bouche. These luxury trio were each exquisite in looks and in taste. Inside the plain looking egg shell is actually Egg Custard with Lobster, Sea Urchin and Miso scented with spicy togarashi pepper emulsion. Rich, silky and absolutely bursting in flavours! Not ot be outdone is an equally interesting and lavish Goose Liver Creme Brulee served with an Apple Chip and Spice Bread. I least expected to see a profiterole but this is no plain Jane. Its a beautiful choux with a luxurious wild Smoky Salmon mousse.

Followed closely is Kumamoto Oyster Panna Cotta, Black Grain – Pearl with Caper Berry, Pineapple Carpaccio, Aloe Vera Jelly, Lime Virgin Rape Seed Oil dressing, Petit Salad & Chinese Lychee infused Japanese Horseradish Sorbet. Undoubtedly one of the prettiest dishes of the night. A symphony of salty, sweet and tangy flavours in a plate. Perfectly paired with the 2009 Thomas Hardy Imprimatur Chardonnay, the only white wine for the night. Fruity, smooth and refreshing, I would have happily continued with this white the whole night had it not been a wine pairing dinner.
Delicate and pretty.
2009 Thomas Hardy Imprimatur Chardonnay

Baked Labeyrie Foie Gras Feuillette with Truffle Duxelles, Mizuna leaves, Morel mushroom, Garlic Froth and Rich Port Jus didn't quite look good. You can blame me for my lousy photo but this is an amazing rich and creamy dish that one may wish it was a bigger portion.  Buttery puff pastry wraps a piece of creamy foie gras. Accompanied by the full bodied 2008 Thomas Hardy Family Tradition Cabernet Sauvignon that makes its a perfect company to this rich dish.
Humble looking puff pastry.
Behold its a luxurious piece of goose liver awaiting you.
2008 Thomas Hardy Family Tradition Cabernet Sauvignon with is rich with lovely berry notes.

We're served a lovely palate cleanser before moving on to the mains. The Mojito Sorbet is a perfect mojito in frozen form with a lovely tangy lime and mint flavour. Definitely refreshing and I would certainly love to see this sorbet available for sales at the grocers:D

Wines and lamb is always a good meal on its own. Urban's Mullawarra Lamb Parmentier with Spicy Merguez Sausage, Honey Pumpkin and Shallot Reduction is a hearty and comforting meal of braised lamb and mashed potato. I'm not much of a lamb sausage person but I was smitten with the richness and slightly spicy merguez sausage. The 2009 Dizzy 201 Vintage Reserve Shiraz Carbenet with its rich berries and tannins certainly made this a lovely pairing with the meat. In fact this was my favourite red for the night.
A lovely rich meat goodness with comforting mashed potatoes.
 My favourite red was the velvety 2009 Dizzy 201 Vintage Reserve Shiraz Carbenet.

More meat goodness follows with the Sous Vide Herb Crumb Mandagery Creek Venison Loin with braised 1824 Grain Fed Cheek Ravioli, Beetroot, Celeriac, Glazed Apricot, Carrot Dot, Cocoa Crumb, jumbo Asparagus Verte and Shiraz Bing Cherry Reduction. This was perfect and a great welcome from the usual beef. Bravo to the folks at Thomas Hardy and Urban for this excellent dish with the 2008 Thomas Hardy Imprimatur Shiraz. The venison was executed perfectly well leaving its meat juicy and tender. I don't quite remember the ravioli per se since my mind was all just happily focussed on the beautiful piece of medium rare venison.
Medium rare venison!

Dining partner Mei from CC Food Travel nosing the 2008 Thomas K. Hardy ‘IMPRIMATUR’ Shiraz. An oaky shiraz with a lovely bouquet of berries.
Cheeses from here and there! Lovely indeed and I have no complains since I love cheese anytime of the day. This was also paired with the velvety 2008 Thomas K. Hardy ‘IMPRIMATUR’ Shiraz.
Rather full by now but the French and Australian cheese were too good to resist with a shiraz with good tannins.
I always say there is forever room for dessert no matter how full a person is. Valrhona Bittersweet Chocolate Tart, infused with Grand Marnier, Caramelized Banana, Hazelnut Milk Ice Cream, Orange Tuille and Caramel Dessert is such a rich and almost sinful dessert. Rich bittersweet chocolate tart  was just what I needed after the richness of the dinner. I didn't quite fancy the caramelised banana that felt a little out of place but the black berry and hazelnut ice cream were perfect. Perhaps another piece of berry would have been more perfect? Cold and fruity Geoff Hardy Full Fronti Liqueur Frontignac certainly made up for the lack of berries that I wished for.
Never say NO to desserts.
Geoff Hardy Full Fronti Liqueur Frontignac is such a lovely dessert wine that I could not resist another glass that night. *Hic*

A special thanx to Mei and JFS Boutique Spirits for this lovely invitation:D Certainly a gorgeous dinner to warm the spirits on a rainy evening. For more information on Thomas Hardy wines:
T: +6017 678 2038 

Felix of JFS Boutique Spirits and Thomas K. Hardy of Thomas Hardy Wines.

Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2141 9988 ext: 3691

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