Yashiki Yakitori & Bar

Late lunch adventure leads us to Yashiki Yakitori and Bar in Viva Home Mall. Both the indoor and outdoor sitting looks equally inviting. Opted outdoors since we had enough of the freezing AC at client's office.

Since its approaching CNY, we took the opportunity to savour more yee sang. Yakitori's yee sang arepriced between RM38+ to RM78+ for 3 to 4 persons. Choose from vegetarian, jellyfish, salmon, soft shell crab or Prosperity Yee Sang with 3 kinds of sashimi and jelly fsh.
We opted for the salmon yee sang @ RM78+. Love the freshness of the ingredients including carrots, pumpkin, seaweed, radish and of course succulent sweet pomelos.
Toss it high. Toss it well. And I toss a thick slice of salmon sashimi!

Yee sang is a salad but there's no stopping us from ordering the Soft Shell Crab Salad @ RM12. No harm eating more vegetables especially when it comes with a generous topping of soft shell crabs.

One of my must have for most of my Japanese meals is also Tuna Tataki. Yashiki's Tuna Tataki @ RM16 is a a pretty dish of seared tuna served with a citrus sauce and topped with radish. In case you're wondering, the orangey coloured topping is actually radish mixed with Japanese chili paste which gives  a subtle spicy after taste.

I was quite surprised that Yashiki serves up quite a selection of sashimi and sushi dishes too contrary to its name that suggest yakitori only.
Nigiri Sushi is available in 5 or 8 pieces and the chef whips out whatever he has that os fresh and suitable for a good sushi meal. We opted for 8 pieces of sushi for RM68. A lovely selection of lovely toppings.
This piece of Hokkaido Uni or sea urchin is obviously mine!
The hubster loved the Salmon Cheese Oshizushi @ RM28. I suspect its because of the creamy and savoury cheese. 
Late lunch at 4pm obviously means that I can chow down a lot more than my usual meal. Value for money is the Mixed Kushi @ RM26 with 5 kinds of chef selection sashimi, rice, soup (porky soup!), fruits, pickles and fried gyoza. Everything was perfect except for the gyoza that was a lil too deep fried for my personal liking.
5 types of thick cut sashimi from my Mixed Kushi.

More fishy goodness in our favourite snack at many Japanese restaurants would be the grilled salmon head. The Shake Atama @ RM25 is perhaps one of the better grilled salmon heads that we have had in the last few months. Not overly salty with a crispy skin and perfectly moist flesh. In normal circumstances we would normally order one portion for each of us but we had to save some sapce for the porky goodness to come.

Yashiki serves Sakura pork which is imported pork with zero antibitotics and this certainly makes a difference in the overall taste and texture. And running till the end of January 2013 is the promotion of Grilled Baby Pork Ribs @ RM42+ for 3 pieces and RM78+ for 6 pieces.
Too good to be resisted, I happily ate one before I remembered that I wanted to take pictures:D Flavourful and utterly tender that it just falls off the bone. 
Screw the table manners...dig in with your hands. Its finger licking good to the very bone.

Yashiki is famed for its Kushiyaki. If I had been there for dinner, I will gladly order some beer and sake to go with my lovely sticks but we skipped the alcohol since we're scheduled to be back at he drawing board with the clients after our meal. 
Price for each stick is RM3 to RM8. My faves were the bacon with asparagus RM4 and bacon with enoki RM5
The bacon with white prawn RM8 seems a lil expensive but mind you its worth every cent with the lovely flavours of bacon that somehow made its way into prawn!

Yashiki Yakitori is a Moola partner which means that my meal here gives me a 10% cash back to my Moola account which I can utilise to pay for my meals at any Moola partners. Grab your Moola membership for free!

Yashiki Yakitori and Bar
LG-03 and 05 Lower Ground
Viva Home Shopping Mall
85 Jalan Loke Yew
Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 2788 0672

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