Aoyama the Green Room

Aoyama the Green Room is still one of the better Japanese restaurants in town since 2006. Not quite your traditional Japanese restaurant but its a fusion Japanese with different influences - which the Chef marries them deliciously well! With rather affordable set lunches and regular Japanese menu, we were given the option to check out Aoyama's off the menu items as well which proved to be fresh as their regular ala carte menu and interestingly delicious!

The menu that we have had is something that you should pre order. Let them know what you like, dislike and of course your budget! Of course on days that you just decide you want something off the menu, the chef would be able to whip it out if the restaurant is not too busy!
Zensai Appetizers RM40. 4 spoons each with its own pretty offering. From left to right - Uni Tofu (sea urchin), Toro Tataki, Hotate Carpaccio and Salmon Sovid.

Its still the CNY so yee sang is only apt. This yee sang menu RM138 will go on till they run out of ingredients for this delightful chinese salad. One of the best yee sang that I have had this year and its list of ingredients speaks for itself: pomelo, orange, baby squid, jellyfish, wasabi roe, ebiko, ground peanuts, sesame seeds, crabstick meat, red ginger, Japanese pickles, bonito flakes, bonito flakes, tempura crumbs, chicken floss, white fish, salmon and ama ebi sashimi. 

Salmon Belly Soup RM20 is a precious bowl of soup. Thick cuts of salmon belly with an assortment of mushrooms and vegetables makes this a perfect soup whether its on a cold day or scorching hot afternoon.

Duck Foie Gras RM48 (depending on serving portion). A pretty dish that certainly wowed many of us. Can't go wrong with duck foie gras but when you couple it with perfectly runny quail eggporn, this will ahve you screaming for more. Do eat it with the fried julienned ginger for an extra texture and flavour.

Petite quail eggs executed so darn well! Eggporn right?

Wagyu Ishiyaki RM48. Eat this quick. Slices of wagyu served on a hot plate. You can actually smell it even before it arrives on your table. I don;t quite fancy wagyu with sauces but this housemade sauce by Aoyama certainly does not insult the wagyu. In fact it compliments so well!

Tender and juicy wagyu that melts in your mouth!

Lamb Burger RM22 is your burger minus bread and rice. Lovely as far as I am concerned. A lovely patty of tender mince lamb patty served on a hot plate. The egg is poured onto the hot plate only when the dish is served.

Juicy housemade lamb patty with a creamy omelette.

Oki Ebi Teppanyaki with Chawan Mushi RM48 or more as it depends on the seasonal price of the prawn. Definitely the most interesting chawan mushi for me. One, the chawan mushi itself bears such a vibrant orange colour when it arrives. Two, it is served in a big platter. 

On the left of the platter is the whole actual prawn which is grilled resulting in firm and sweet flesh.

The head is placed into the chawan mushi itself. And when you're ready to eat, the waiter will scrape the goodness of the head and roe into the chawan mushi and mix it all up.

A whole bowl of chawan mushi golden orange in colour. Sweet and creamy!

How can one not have sushi when one visits Aoyama the Green Room? After all, this place is still famed for its fresh cuts of sashimi and many other ingredients that are flown in twice a week from Japan. Our platter of sushi - Dragon Maki @ RM29 per order (cut into 6 pieces), Garden Sushi @ RM11 per piece, Salmon Belly Tataki Sushi @ RM9 per piece and Manggo Maki @ RM28 per order (cut into 6 pieces). 

Gyusuji Ramen RM28 arrives in 2 different plates. A plate for the ramen and the condiments while the stewed beef is in another plate. Reason for it being served this way is that diners can opt to mix the ramen and stew in their own style. There is also a bowl of clear soup for those who prefer their ramen to be soaking wet.

We opted to pour the whole serving of stewed beef onto the ramen and its condiments including sweet pea, cucumber, bean sprouts, sweet corn and sesame seed before we mix it all well together including the gorgeous runny quail egg.

You have to conclude that Aoyama executes their eggs do darn well! So here's another eggporn shot for you fans of runny egg yellow!

Aoyama The Green Room
8  Jalan 27/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 6206 3800

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