Chef Alessandro 1st Anniversary Celebratory Menu @ Villa Danieli

Villa Danieli celebrates Chef Alessandro’s one year anniversary with a special menu of his signature dishes. Chef Alessandro will grace diners with his personal renditions of authentic, traditional Italian dishes.

A total of 24 dishes are in this post. The full menu has 42 dishes! Quite a bit to eat but I had another 5 fabulous friends to share with. So if you wanna try them all, you can either return a few times or grab a whole bunch of pals to join you! After all, this special menu runs throughout the whole month fo February 2013 and is available for both lunch and dinner.

Before any meal begins at Villa Danieli, its a must to have the breads and sun dried tomato dip. Very addictive so please remember to go easy or else you'll be too stuffed for the dishes that you have ordered.
Addictively good sun dried tomato dip with a light touch of herbs.
Freshly baked breads.

Insalata di gamberoni alla Catalana con coulisse di pomodori neri e fragole all` olio Extra Vergine d` oliva Siciliano
Poached King prawns salad Catalana style with iced crispy vegetables and black tomato strawberry cooulisse with Sicilian Extra Virgin Oilve oil - This is actually Chef Alessandro's favourite from the antipasti that we ate. A very healthy and delicious salad that I was wishing that I did not have share:P
Carpaccio di manzo Wagyu con asparagi bianchi , mousse di parmigiano e pinoli tostati, rucola e  sedanorapa marinato, riduzione di aceto balsamico al miele, Fior di Sale
Wagyu beef carpaccio with white asparagus, parmesan cheese mousse and roasted pine nuts, arugula and celeriac marinate with honey balsamic reduction and Salt Flakes - No reason not to lov a good carpaccio especially when its wagyu!
Burrata di Mozzarella di Bufala con insalata di pomodorini arrosto alla Mediterranea
Buffalo mozzarella`s Burrata with roasted cherry tomatoes salad Mediterranean way - Tasted this during in November and absolutely loved it. A creamy heaven that goes well with the tomatoes though I resorted to eating it with the basket of breads that were quite conveniently calling out to me.
Cervice di merluzzo piccante con emulsione di patate all` olio d`oliva, polvere di Kalamata disidratate e  calamari fritti, crema di peperoni all` aglio selvatico
Cod spicy Cervice with olive oil potato emulsion, dehydrated Kalamata olive`s dust and deep fried Calamari, wild garlic and bell pepper volute - Not the prettiest of all the dishes but looks can be deceiving. This is slightly spicy with hints of lime, chili and coriander. Remember to eat this dish hot and to eat it with it with the potato emulsion.

Crema di broccoli piccante, aragostelle padellate e pane alla cenere fritto
Spicy broccoli cream with sauté rock lobster, fried charcoal bread - this bread looks ugly and seriously looks like charcoal but it makes a lovely nibble with the soup. Creamy and spicy soup is definitely one of the finer broccoli soup that I have tasted. Even the hubster who does not normally touch broccoli soup finished his!
Crema di funghi selvatici al tartufo con Shimeji croccanti , mousse di ricotta
Wild mushroom soup truffle scented with crispy Shimeji mushrooms and ricotta cheese mousse - the scent fo truffle teases you even before you take a mouthful of the soup. Hearty but a lil salty for me.
Sarah having her soup with a spoon from a Wedgwood cup. 
Discovered it was a Wedgwood when the hubster finished his broccoli soup and turned his cup upside down to prove that he finished his soup:D

Rigatoni con ragout di manzo alla fiorentina, con basilco fresco e olio al pepoeroncino
Rigatoni pasta with spicy creamy Beef Ragout Florentine style, fresh basil and chili extra virgin olive oil - a good meal of ragot does it for me anytime. Its my type of comfort food. I will have to say that I would have loved it to have more meaty goodness since I am pretty mucha meat eater.
Ravioli ai Quattro formaggi in salsa di noci 
Four cheese Ravioli with walnut sauce - Creamy and perfectly executed ravioli made even creamier with walnut sauce and hints of garlic in every bite.
Le fettuccine all` Aragosta di Boston dello Chef
The Chef`s fresh egg fettuccini with pan seared Boston Lobster - Order this if you love lobster. Plenty of lobster to go with every mouthful of fettuccini.
Risotto allo zafferano con guancia di manzo fondente e porri croccanti
Saffron risotto with melting beef cheek and crispy leeks - A good hearty dish on its own with good carbs and protein. One fo my dining companion did concur that Villa Danieli certainly makes a good risotto every time.
Cannelloni al nero di sepia ripieni di triglie e broccoli con guazzetto di cavolfiori alle vongole piccante
Red mullet and broccoli Squid ink cannelloni with cauliflower and clams spicy chowder - Glad to see the cannelloni served in a spicy chowder instead of the regular bechamel sauce. 
Linguine con gamberoni Tigre, pomodorini arrosto e rucola
Linguine with King Tiger prawns, roasted cherry tomatoes and arugula - I always love a good pasta with tomato base. Serve it with only tiger prawns and I am a happy camper. 
Spaghetti ai frutti di mare Villa Danieli
Villa Danieli`s seafood spaghetti - Just as good as the Tiger Prawn Linguine but with the goodness of more seafood including calamari, prawns and squid.

Pomodoro, pomodorini al forno, basilico fresco e Mozzarella di Bufala fresco
Tomato sauce oven roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and Buffalo Mozzarella - vegetarian and satisfying thanx to the unmistaken richness of the buffalo mozzarella.
Pomodoro, mozzarella, prosciutto stagionato di manzo `Luxury Bovinus`, rucola, scaglie di grana e olio Extra Vergine d` Oliva
Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sea salt aged Beef Ham `Luxury Bovinus`, arugula, parmesan cheese shavings and Extra Virgin olive Oil’ - may seem to be a strong combination of rich ingredients but its a superb combination of textures and flavours. 
Mascarpone, Toma Piemontese, scaglie di parmigiano e tartufo Uncinato slamellato, olio al tartufo bianco
Mascarpone Cheese, Toma Piemontese cheese, parmesan cheese shavings, fresh Black Uncinato Truffle, white truffle oil - while truffle scented oil is good, once you have truffle in its own good form before you, you will find that its heaven smack before you and be quick or else its all eaten up. Even dining companions are less patient with photography. 

Secondi Di Carne
Controfiletto di Fassone Piemontese rosolato alle erbe, padellata di funghi misti, uova di quaglia poche` e fonduta di formaggi d` Alpeggio al tartufo, tartufo Uncinato 
Fassone Beef` herbs roasted Sirloin steak, mixed mushrooms sauté`, poached quail eggs, Alps mountain`s cheeses and truffle fondue, fresh Uncinato truffle - more ral truffle goodness and with a good cut of steak, cheese and truffle, this has to be my clear favourite for the night. I was quite filled by then but its sheer impossible to resist this lovely dish!
Its YES anytime and every time to a slice of juicy meat and an equal size of exquisite truffle!
Carre` d`agnello ripieno di fois gras in crosta di pistacchi, purea di patate all` olio Extra Vergine d` Oliva, asparagi bianchi e fondo d`angello alla senape rustica e miele
Pistachio crusted lamb rack stuffed with fois gras, Extra Virgin olive oil mash potatoes, white asparagus and rustic mustard honey lamb jus - I honestly didn't quite taste the pistachio but that was just redundant. It was a piece of magnificent and luxurious foie gras hiding inside the lamb rack!
Ossobuco di Vitello straccotto servito con il suo succo di cottura e polenta concia, gremolada
Slowly braised Veal Ossobuco, cheesy polenta and brazing jus, lemon parsley gramolada - tender veal simply melts away in your mouth!

Secondi Di Pesce 
Scottata di branzino al sale marinato, pomodorini confit e asparagi croccanti, emulsione di olive e finocchietto
Oven baked sea bass carpaccio with marinate sea salt, cherry tomatoes confit and crispy asparagus, olives and fennel leaves emulsion - I had this from Sheraton's Imperial 75th anniversary menu (click to read). Thought it was much better then as this time around, it seemed that salt was missing...and perhaps the sea bass a lil thicker than previously. Still its tasty enough when I sprinkled a lil salt as I last remembered it to be.
Filetti di rombo cotti al vapore con limone e timo freschi, crema di peperoni al terragone e caponatina di melanzane in agretto, calamaretti spillo croccanti, scaglie di sale Madlon
Turbot fillet steamed with fresh lemon and thyme, bell pepper tarragon cream and sweet n sour eggplant caponatina, crispy baby octopus and Maldon salt`s flakes - A beautiful platter of seafood goodness. Loved the cod and wished that I had a nice cold beer to go with the octopus:D
Medaglione di merluzzo alla Mediterranea con purea di ceci al limone
Cod medallion stew with Mediterranean vegetable in tangy tomato sauce, lemon chick pea mousse - comfort seafood in a tangy base. Loved the chick pea mousse instead of the typically expected mashed potato.

Technically there's not much room left in the tummy. So I chose to walk around. Snapped some pics and caught Chef Alessandro for a pic when he was heading out with his team with desserts in their hand.
Chef Alessandro Graziosi

Il cioccolatissimo dello Chef….
The Chef`s super chocolate combination - chocolate goodness. This was meant to be shared between 5 of us but it was darn so good that we inherited 2 more plates from the other bloggers who have surrendered to the earlier dishes. So it was pretty much one for each of us since Edna and Sarah have also surrendered. Not much of a sweet tooth but these chocolates were prefect. It was the richness and goodness of chocolate rather than sugar sweet!
Crema bruciata al rosmarino
Rosemary crème Brule - my all time favourite dessert at Villa Danieli. As soon as we arrived at Villa Danieli, Chef Alessandro informed that i would have my favourite dessert. Thank you Chef!
Il tiramisu Villa Danieli
Our signature Tiramisu - can't go wrong with a tiramisu to end an Italian dinner

A dinner of 24 dishes from a menu of 42 dishes. Head on over to Villa Danieli this February! Lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday! Each dish is priced from RM38++.

Villa Danieli
5th floor
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
T: +603 2717 9922

PS: If you're wondering where to go for Valentine's Day, then head on over to Sheraton Imperial!
• Villa Danieli - A 5 course dinner @ RM360++ per couple inclusive 2 glasses of Prosecco. Start off your culinary journey with 3 selections of appetizers like Duck`s Foes Gras, Port Wine and Pistchios Terrine, Chilli Honey and Strawberry Beetroot Salad, Sweet Potatoes Focaccia. Whet your appetite further with Lobster`s Ravioli with Clams and Star Anise Shellfish Bisque Volute. Clear your palate with Chef’s tangy Herbs Marinate Steamed Cod Medallion, Meditarranean Vegetables Panzanella and Vegetables Ash`s Extra Virgin Olive oil, Crunchy Red Indive. Next on the menu is the Pink pepper seared Wagyu Beef Striploin, White Asparagus and Honey Truffle Glazed Beef Jus, Aged Parmesan Cheese Shavings. Finally, end your meal on a sweet note as Chef Alessandro showcases one of his signature desserts, the The Spicy Raspberry Chocolate `Experience ‘with Ricotta Cheese Mousse and Berries Salad, a treat sure to please the taste buds! Additionally, each guest will receive a special Valentine’s gift when they dine in at Villa Danieli.
• Essence - A mouth watering spread of international and local delights such as Home Hot Smoked Salmon; Seared scallops with Lemon Thyme and Apple Salad; Gratinated Butternut Squash with Beetroot and Seared Scallop with Lemon and Spinach Risotto, to name a few. Not to be missed is the eye-catching spiral dessert counter which offers a selection of chocolaty goodness! Indulge in Chocolate Feuilletine Brownies Mousse Cake; Chocolate Lavender Brulee Verrien; Sweet Heart Chocolate Truffle and many more.  This Valentine’s Day buffet dinner will be available from 6.30pm onwards on 14 February 2013 and is priced at RM118++ per person (food only)

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