CNY 2013: Latest Recipe @ Le Meridien

Checked out my first buffet CNY makan makan @ Latest Recipe in Le Meridien. The idea of CNY buffet is something quite new to me since all my meals whether reviews or dining with friends and loved ones were always a sit down round table type. I admit that I was curious!

At a tag of RM118++ to RM138++ per pax, this is a good deal if you do not have enough people for a table for 10 set menu which is commonly available everywhere. And with a buffet, I reckon its certainly a good deal if you are dealing with big eaters. After all, food in a buffet line is always replenished:P 

I must admit that I didn't expect a CNY buffet to include yee sang. However the folks at Le Meridien are giving a Salmon Yee Sang for every 10 paying adult diners. I will say that even though the Salmon Yee Sang was simple, this is one simple and tasty yee sang with thick cuts of salmon. 
Regular looking...
But its lots f fresh vegies and most importantly thick fresh cuts of salmon sashimi!

The buffet line for CNY has quite a wonderful selection of dishes. Here's some of what we had sampled:
Braised Fish Lips Soup with Fresh Crab Meat and Dried Scallop was certainly a comforting soup for me. Glad it was without sharks fin or else I will have to give a miss:P
Steamed Sun Dried Oyster with Sea Moss and Broccoli had lots of the auspicious sea moss which is also known as fatt choy. The oysters were nice and plump even though they are sun dried oysters!
Definitely my favourite dish for the night and I must say perhaps one of the best smoked duck that anyone of us at the table have ever tasted. Smoked by the chef himself, the duck was flavourful, smoky and most importantly moist and tender. 
Wok-fried Fresh Prawn with Sweet Chilli Sauce is a must have if you love prawns or even spicy prawns. A lovely blend of spices that enhances the natural sweetness of the prawn. Finger licking good if I may add!
Steamed Chicken Guava Dumpling with Oyster Sauce and Ebiko does look a little like a yellow chrysanthemum to me. 
This photo of the Wok Fried Green Mussels with Black Bean Sauce is from Sarah as I was busying myself elsewhere when the dish arrived:D An extraordinary dish with a lovely and unique sauce made of black beans, garlic, lemongrass, ginger and chili.  The mussels are lovely and plump with each mussel coated with the delicious sauce. Like the Wok-fried Fresh Prawn with Sweet Chilli Sauce, do not be surprised that you have a plateful of shells as this is a very addictive dish that will have you going for more.

The beauty of a buffet meal is there is variety. And it matters when the quantity comes with quality. Here's some of the other noms that I feasted from the buffet line:D
A decent selection of sashimi and oysters. Noted a long queue for the teppanyaki and it turns out that the Chef was whipping out some seriously good teppanyaki. Take your option of chicken, beef, scallops or prawns. I love the scallop and beef the most, which meant that i returned for a few servings:D
Take your pick of Indian and Malay yummies too! 
Dessert and fruit galore awaits you! 
A little too stuffed but I made room for  my fave fruits. I have to say I was super pleased and surprised to see pulasan and buah salak on the buffet line!
Love waffles? Then save more room for it! Awesome with ice cream. Even better with peanut butter!

And that concludes my very first CNY buffet. Totally pleased! Pricing as follows:
• Eve of CNY Prosperity Buffet Dinner @ RM138++ per person (RM69++ per child or senior citizen) • 4th to 8th February 2013 Prosperity Buffet Dinner @ RM108++ per person (RM54++ per child or senior citizen)
• 10th to 24th February 2013 Prosperity Buffet Dinner @ RM108++ per person (RM54++ per child or senior citizen)
• A surcharge of RM10++ is applicable for buffet dinners served from Friday 8th February to Sunday 10th February 2013. 

REMEMBER! Salmon Yee Sang is given for every 10 paying adults.

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