Grand Harbour

Dim sum works for me any time of the day. Checked out Grand Harbour in Fahrenheit 88. The name sounds grand and I was expecting something grand from them.

Place is bright and airy in its own style. Love the full view that we have of the kitchen. That's certainly starting off on a good note for me. Quite an impressive selection of Pu er tea, available raw or ripened and different ages. Lovely place to visit to "tam cha" or enjoy tea while we chat or nibble on some little bites.

A quick glance at the menu which is neat and well organised, this place warrants a few more visits for us to complete the entire menu. Mind you, the menu is more than just dm sum and tea. Here's visit number 1:
Quail Eggs Shrimp Dumpling
Quail Eggs Shrimp Dumpling @ RM8.80. Too cute to eat and I spent some time staring at these pretty little angry birds dumplings before eating them least they turn cold.
Grand Harbour Roast Duck (priced between RM12.80 to RM68.80 for a whole bird). 
Cantonese style noodle or commonly known as "wat tan hor". Smooth and seriously eggy accompanied with good wok hei. Definitely not as oily or salty as many places.
Wanton noodle is highly recommended. Springy to the last bite. Noodles are specially made for Grand Harbour with chef's own recipe.
Stir fry french bean with olives and garlic is absolutely delightful.
Crispy Roast Pork. Not sure if it was almost the end of the day but the skin wasn't as crispy as I would have liked it to be.
Char siew or BBQ pork. Nice but I still prefer the caramelised goodness at Meng Kee
Flaky White Radish Pastry RM7.80 with a lovely and rich pastry filled with julienned radish.
Steamed pork ribs RM6.80. A nice touch with the creamy yam.
Steamed chicken feet RM5.80 with an interesting touch of some braised peanuts.
Siu Mai RM7.80 filled with pork and shrimps is a must in every dim sum meal!
Equally important in a dim sum meal is Har Gao RM7.70 or steamed shrimp dumplings.

Checking out the sweeter notes in Grand Harbour, the following are all highly recommended and I will have to say they are indeed signature items at Grand Harbour. Pretty and delicious:D
Grand Harbour Tea Pot Bun RM6.80. A pretty little thing that you must eat it as soon as it touches down at your table.
Breaking the Tea Pot Bun into half to reveal a golden filling of custard and lots of salted egg yolk goodness. This is so good that if you love 'lau sar bao', do order extra because you may end up fighting for it with your dining companions.
Pretty little swans are actually Durian Puffs RM8.80.
Creamy durian filling sits inside the flaky pastry. One of my pals went gaga and ate 5 to himself. 
Irresistably good Water Chestnut Cake RM5.80 bursting with the aroma of sweet chestnut.
I ate a rat! These little cute rats are actually Glutinous Rice Balls in Coconut Flakes RM7.80. Too adorable but one will still eat them up because they are filled with yummy custard:D
Gui Fa Cake (sweet osmanthus cake) RM6.80. A lovely and nice cold end to our dinner. Not overly sweet and with lovely bites of osmanthus inside.

Grand Harbour
LG2 Fahrenheit 88
Kuala Lumpur
(Its located at the back of Fahrenheit 88 and accessible from the mall itself or from the back entrance. Valet parking is in the pipeline)

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