Checked out Limablas on its sixth day of business last night. Have to admit that I had a lil bit of problem looking for is smack next to No Black Tie but it has no sign board! Hang on! Limablas has many signboards inside but not outside...and none of the signboards even bear their restaurant name. Hehehe...

Sign board or no sign board doesn't matter. This is one restaurant that is exactly next to No Black Tie. And when you walk pass this place, for a moment you will think is someone's home.
Dark outside but its all warm and cozy inside with folks wearing their sarungs too!
The garden area that makes a lovely spot to chill...if it doesn't rain:P
The whole restaurant is filled with precious old fashion stuff that the owner Simon managed to find.  The place has been left as intact as possible. Spot the Kedai Runcit signage! That is certainly not Limablas's signage:P
...and another signage. This one says Sin Heap Aun...obviously not Limablas!
Okies...this "Blas" is almost theirs lah:P

The menu is simple and easy. No fuss whatsoever. Just simple food that a Nyonya home whips out minus MSG and whatever fancy garnishing. Just yummy and simple like its menu suggests.
Set lunches available at RM9.90. Certainly very affordable!
Remember these old fashion sugar flower biscuits? How do you eat yours? I would choose my favourite colour first which is always pink and yellow (these are what I call food colourslah:P), then bite of the sugar bits and then finish off with the biscuits:D Though when I am eating this with daddy dearest,  I give him the biscuits because I love him much! Hehehe!
More old fashion goodies in the form of sugar coated peanuts! Pretty and yummy!
Have your choice of tea - I love the milk tea RM3.50 here. Creamy and certainly not as sweet as many places. So for the locals, its really not necessary to tell them "kurang manis" i.e. less sweet. 

The Kopi (coffee) RM4 comes with some dainty crackers that you can dip into the coffee. 
Pie Tie RM1.50 each make a lovely appetizer. Crunchy and not oily hats are filled with savoury and very flavourful mengkuang (turnip), egg, carrots and topped with a prawn. So good that I am making plans to return for afternoon tea just nibbling on these lovely top hats ver a good book or chatting up with the girls (and boys).
Forget the idea of skipping rice RM2 because it is not possible with the yummy dishes and gravies to come.
Cincaluk Omelette RM10 is a good fluffy omelette. The cincaluk taste is clear and obvious unlike many places that serve it without any cincaluk kick to it. In fact over dinner last night, I think this is the best cincaluk omelette that I have had any restaurants for the longest time! 
Udang Sambal Petai RM25 is potent here! You can smell it as the waiter walks towards you with this dish. Stinky? No way! This is absolutely good! I need to make a note that the prawns served with this dish are normally bigger. Limablas ran out of the regular large prawns so had to resort to using smaller prawns because I threatened to go berserk if I do not get my sambal petai! OK...I am kidding. I begged them to come out with the sambal petai even if it was without prawns but kitchen under the guidance of  Uncle John managed to whip it out with some smaller prawns:D
This sambal makes a good company to the Ayam Pongteh that we ordered. Colour is lighter than the usual one that we're used to as this is made using only fresh chili. Not as spicy hot as I woud love it to be but this will do for most people.
No Nyonya meal is complete without Ayam Pongteh RM10 (S). This is served with lots of gravy making it an utterly comforting dish as most of us chose to banjir our rice with this delightful gravy. Yes do it eat it with the sambal belacan!
Kangkung Goreng Sambal Belacan RM12 is perfectly stir fried. Not exactly spicy enough for me (I absolutely love very hot and spicy food) but this is good enough for my dining companions. Note the gravy is not oily! Perfectly homely like how I know many healthy Nyonya home serve it.
Telapia Goreng Cili RM40 is crispy and crunchy outside yet the flesh remains tender. No complains whatsoever. We did the necessary and ate this dish clean leaving only bones behind.
More gravy goodness with the Nyonya Chicken Curry RM10. Tender pieces of meat and potatoes makes this a delightful meal on its own. In fact as I look at this dish, I wonder if Limablas serves bread because if they do, I know my next trip would be to order this bowl of rich curry goodness and have  every drop of it with bread!
No meal is complete unless we have dessert. Honesty I wanted the cendol, ais kacang, tapai and bubur cha cha but there is only a lil but of room left. So Simon treated us to the Sago Gula Melaka RM3. Fluffy sago swimming in a pool of evaporated milk and topped with fragrant gula melaka syrup. Heavenly...I know I am supposed to be very full but I could not resist finishing up one whole portion on my own. Burp!

Our bill for a dinner for 5:
Satisfying! The milk tea is so good that someone had 3 cups!

Limablas makes a lovely place to dine. Its homely. Its cozy. Its so comfortable that the bunch of us stayed on after dinner to chat up the owner Simon (fourth from left). Yes, you note his funny expression...and that is because he is a funny man. Speak to him on music, food, interior design and what nots...he is absolutely fun to speak to!

No 15 Jalan Mesui
Off Changkat Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Landmark: beside No Black Tie and opposite Park Royal Service Apartment.
T: +603 2110 1289

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Update 10 December 2015:
Limablas has moved down the street to
24 Jalan Mesui
Off Changkat Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Landmark: beside Pisco Bar