Mandara Spa @ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

Monday blues? Work week's worth of sores and aches? Or just for some good pampering to rejuvenate? That's when a spa comes in nice and handy. And its a random Monday that we popped into Mandara Spa for some pampering. How the heck did we do it on weekday? We deserved it after a non stop 7 days of working including the weekends!

Mandara Spa @ 5th Floor of Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur was just a stone throw away from our office. So its the choice for this round. An abode of pampering within the city that sort of made me forget that I was still in the city that was definitely abuzz on a weekday.
Its serene the moment I am standing before the glass doors.
Chilling at the reception while I get my paperwork done. Yes, its important for them folks at Mandara to know my needs and requirements, allergies or medical conditions etc.
Paperwork done over my cups of lovely ginger tea and cold aromatherapy towels.

I am frankly quite relaxed by the time I am done with the tea and towel. It was a perfect start. Next we're ushered to our treatment area.
Sit back and relax if you're early. There is also the jacuzzi and steam area if you desire.

Whether you want a massage, a facial or even a day's worth of pampering, Mandara Spa has it all. Visited with the hubster for our couple recharge needs, so we opted for a massage to soothe away the knots and tension.
We had the couple room so we could receive our pampering side by side. And if you're at Mandara on your own, then fret not as the treatment rooms are divided to men and women for privacy reasons. This comes with an outdoor bathtub and shower area too. Bliss! We were transported back to the tranquility and pampering that we both love and enjoyed in Bali - that's Bali is almost our annual pilgrimage.
Foot reflexology in the privacy of one own room. If you love reflexology yet are afraid of the Ouchhhhhhh then check out Mandara Spa's Fancy Foot-work @ RM175 for 50 minutes of therapeutic foot massage based on the principles of reflexology but minus the Ouchhhhhhh factor. This therapy will release toxins and restore your body's energy flow.
Indulgence and pampering begin. I breathe in the aroma oils to relax. Close my eyes and massage begins. The music relaxes me too. My muscles unknot under the trained gentle hands on my therapy. All too soon I am sleeping only to wake up to turn my body around for the massage to continue. Again I drift off to Snooze Land and waking up to a rejuvenated me.

I know I am certain to return to Mandara Spa. And because I am a girl, I know I can even do with a few set of pamperings including a facial, some scrubs, wraps, more massage and even a pedicure and manicure. With treatments starting from RM85 (spa manicure), RM195 for a facial or massage, this is certainly a pampering that many of us can afford to pamper and rejuvenate our senses. Perfect for ladies and men alike!

I noted that Mandara Spa had lots of Elemis products around. Curiosity kicks in and I enquire. Elemis is a leading British and skincare brand for spas and elite salons. You can choose to enjoy Elemis in Mandara Spa and also take the beautiful range home to enjoy like I did - stay tuned as I share a few of the products that I tried and love.

Mandara Spa 
5th Floor @ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur
+603 2717 9966

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