As much as many places have free WIFI, reliability is often questionable. And today is perhaps one of my best example when I was called back to work. To be precise a couple of site visits was necessary. 

This meant that a fair bit of travelling was necessary. Equally important would be some form of connectivity for me to upload site pictures, contact reports and visuals etc. Let's not forget its also necessary for me to self entertain during the journey between point 1 and point 2. Thus I lug my MacBook Pro everywhere I go and of course my broadband modem. 

And during this CNY, while you're busy moving around visiting friends and relatives or perhaps even stuck in the horrible massive jams, you certainly need a portable broadband modem with you. Celcom is now running a PortaWiFi Trade In campaign. 

Basically you can trade in your old broadband modem for a brand new PortaWiFi at only RM99 (RRP:159). Plus, enjoy rebates of up to RM276 when you sign up with any Celcom First Data plan
Visit your nearest Blue Cube outlet to experience the best network today!

And if you have no old modem to trade in, fret not! There is also some special plans for you including rebates up to RM216.

PortaWifi benefits are seriously quite attractive! 
• Sharing it with up to 5 pals in one go on your own WIFI channel.
• You can surf up to speeds of 21Mbps from your home, laptop and even your car! 

Hurry and grab yours now. With good connectivity wherever you you go, you can be assured that you will not be pulling your hair out when there is no WIFI! This promotion runs from now till 31st March 2013. For more info:

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