Recipe: Konnyaku Jelly

Been ages since I made any jelly. some weeks back, my running group had a mini pot luck after our regular weekend runs. With any pot luck, I would normally prefer to bring something from my kitchen instead of buying. But honestly, running at 630am and preparing food smack before the run sounds a bit incomprehensible to me. So I figured out that other than sandwiches, perhaps chilled fruity and sweet jelly might just do the trick. So Konnyaku Jelly came along...

Since it was to pre celebrate CNY, I told the group that I will be bringing some "Ong Ong" Jelly. Its Konnyaku with eggs and pineapple. For the uninitiated, the pineapple in Chinese "wong lai" sounds prosperity coming one's way.
Chilled Konnyaku to quench our thirst and ease our hunger after a run.

Its petty much a simple recipe. Thus I repeated it for our CNY dessert and again for tonight's pot luck with my doggie pals. Its something that can be made a day or two before you need it. The packaging comes with simple instructions that even kitchen noobs can make it!

Ingredients (to make 20 little jellies using the common konnyaku jelly mould):
• 1 packet konnyaku jelly
• 950ml water
• 200g sugar (Instructions says 250g...)
• fruits - I've used 1 can of pineapple and grapes (optional)
• 1 egg (optional for 1 packet of konnyaku jelly)

• Cut fruits to desired size. Place in moulds.
• Place fruits in jelly mould. You can use pretty littles one as shown in picture below or just use any tub as a mould. 
• Beat up one egg
• Mix sugar and Konnyaku jelly powder well.
• Bring water to boil.
• Sprinkle jelly powder and sugar mix slowly into the boiling powder making sure it dissolves well.
• Flower egg in the boiling mixture.
• Pour mixture into moulds.
• Once it has cooled down, place in fridge and serve chilled:D
• You can slice the ones made in regular tubs or mould into pretty slices if desired.

The different ones that I made:
This were made in a square pan. Honestly I was lazy to pour the mixtures into so many little moulds. So a square one was convenient and I sliced them using a jagged knife for some texture when one holds them:P
The regularly shaped konnyaku jelly. This is has pineapple inside. Coupled with the egg effect, its quite pretty:D 
Pretty purple ones with the seedless grapes.

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