recipe: Lotus Root with Peanuts, Figs and Pork Ribs Soup

I'll happily have a bowl of soup every day. And I mean MSG free, low salt and healthy ones! One of the quickie soups that I can whip up easily after work within an hour is Lotus Root with Peanuts, Figs and Pork Ribs Soup. 

Most days we use chicken but today I wanted a change and opted for pork ribs. The recipe has also been modified - red dates and scallop were omitted. I also do not use dried octopus as I generally prefer my soup light.

Dried figs are naturally sweet. Its a lovely alternative to dry scallops which I am currently avoiding as I need to reduce my seafood intake. Since it is sweet, its also an alternative to red dates which are commonly used in our Chinese soups. These figs are also believed to nourish our lungs and helps relieve coughs.

I also do not buy skinned raw peanuts as I am not sure how the skin has been removed. And it does not help that many places actually describe it as "Bleached Peanut". Bleached? Scary!!! Its fine to cook the peanut with the skin intact (which is my preference) but the hubster prefers it without the skin. So to remove the skin easily and quickly, you only need to soak it in water for about 10 minutes and then rub the peanuts between your palm to loosen (or remove) the skin.
Soak raw peanuts for approximately 10 minutes
Skin removed.

The lotus root can be rather muddy so make sure you wash it properly before you remove the skin. Alternatively you can buy washed lotus roots easily these days from the supermarket.

• 450g pork ribs
• 1 piece of pork bone marrow (approximately 450g)
• 4 small dried figs (approximately 25g)
• Lotus root (600g)
• Peanuts (150g)

• Soak peanuts in water to remove skin. 
• Remove lotus root skin and slice approximately 2-3mm thick
• Rub pork ribs and marrow with salt. Rinse (you can also blanch) with hot water.
• Toss all ingredients into pot filled with 2 litres of water.
• Boil for approximately 1 hour.
• Season with salt if necessary.
• Serve warm.
Pardon the lousy plating and photography.
Soup was too tasty for me to concentrate on other things properly.

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