Rich Baliz

My neighbour buzzed me asking if I liked lobsters. And she adds that it is "affordable lobsters!".  So here we are at Hotel Rich Baliz in Selayang. 

Honestly, when I arrived at Hotel Rich Baliz, I was quite surprised to see the place. Clean, spacious and interesting. I was asked if I wanted a tour of the hotel and am glad that I did. Its quite a quaint hotel that I did not expect a cozy and pretty decor.
I love this old fashion touch of cement and tiles on the ground floor.
A zen garden on the ground floor before we enter the lift. Yes this hotel has a lift!
I look up from the garden and realise that it is an air well. Lots of fresh air to circulate around.
One of the rooms that we checked out. Each room has its own bathroom and AC. Prices starts from RM118 nett for Superior King to RM238 nett for VIP Suite.

The restaurant is on the ground floor of the hotel. A nice mix of local and Western dishes. 
Its the weekend and dinner time but someone still needs their caffeine fix. 

Mango Lychee Kaffir RM7.80 for something refreshing and zesty!

Wild Mushroom Soup RM8.90. Served in a bread bowl baked fresh daily, this is a very filling bowl of soup made witha  blend of fresh mushrooms and cream. Its also served with Chili Crouton on the side.

Balinese Nasi Campur RM18.90. Traditional Balinese coconut rice served with a variety of side dishes. including grilled prawns, spicy chicken, vegetables, crisp and vegetables. Note that the chili served on the side are made with organic chili from the owner's organic farm. I loved dipping the cucumber and salted fish (apparently the owner makes their own salted fish too!) into the chili dip.

Made from organic chili!

Thai Fried Rice RM7.90. Simple and with good wok hei with lots of chicken, squid and prawn topped with an egg. A complete meal of its own. 

Singapore Stye Fried Meehoon RM7.90. One of the better ones that I have tasted for some time ever since one particular chef left the Lake Club. Flavourful meehoon with a lovely bite from the generous ingredients. Most importantly the bean sprouts were perfectly crunchy yet not taste green! Yes, there is more of the good green chili on the side made from organic chili.

My apologies that I forgot the name of the scallops @ RM8 each. Juicy and fluffy scallops baked with cheese. Its hard to stop at one and confession is necessary that I used some of the bread fromt he soup to dab up the remaining cheese:D

Triple decker with a generous stuffing of chicken, fried egg, cheese and vegetables served with with fries and salad makes this one very filling and economical Club Sandwich @ RM9.90. 

Peppercorn Chicken RM15.90. Grilled boneless chicken topped with some hot goodness of homemade peppercorn sauce. Served with potatoes and sauteed vegetables. The potatoes are what I call old fashion ones where its cubed - you get a nice browned outside and creamy insides!

More meat goodness in the form of a Sirloin Steak RM29.90Argentinian beef grilled to your choice of doneness and served witha side of mashed potato and sauteed vegetables. Choose your choice of sauce - Demiglaze, Pepper, Mushroom or Garlic.
Pink and juicy.

Grilled Cod RM29.90 served with potatoes and salad was a fave with the dining kakis. 

Lobsters at Rich Baliz weigh a minimum of 500g and cost RM89. Definitely one of the cheapest ones that we have seen. 
Looking at me in the eye! Yes I will eat you up Mr Lobster! Yes I will!

Lobster Thermidor RM89. A classic French recipe of lobster with a creamy mixture of onion, mushroom and parmesan cheese.
Firm sweet goodness of lobster in every bite.

BBQ Lobster with butter garlic and parsley. This is my favourite preparation since there was less ingredients to fight with the goodness of a good lobster.

Chef was experimenting with a new flavour which had yet to appear on the menu. Sweet and Sour Lobster is what I will call it for now. Tangy and creamy sauce to go with the lobster meat. 

Me and the lobsters...yummeh!

Joyce and her emptied lobster.

Hotel Richbaliz 
No 13, Selayang Point
Jalan SP 1, Batu Caves
Selangor, Malaysia
T: +603 6138 5555 

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