Sweet Assassin Adriano Zumbo

Met up with Chef Adriano Zumbo (courtesy of the kind folks at Cacao Berry) last month at the Academy of Pastry Arts, PJ. Yes! This is the very same guy who thrilled viewers and terrified the participants of Masterchef Australia with his technically challenging desserts. And of course this cute bloke chef is also the one that is known for his Zumbarons. 
Rebecca, Chef Adriano and myself
Zumba...what? Zumbarons! By now, most of us would have tasted macarons and certainly remember them to be those colourful and sweet little things. Well, Chef Adriano makes them all so well well, his macarons are called Zumbarons. 

But are macarons just pretty little sweet things? Honestly, that's really not what macarons are. Yes they are sweet but they are supposed to be crumbly, moist and melts in your mouth rather than the sickeningly sweet and chewy ones that we often encounter. I may be wrong and have not tasted Pierre Hermé's macarons. However having tasted Pierre Hermé's endorsed Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie, I think a certain standard has been set for any macaron that I pop into my mouth.

And when I saw Chef Adriano Zumbo's zumbarons, they certainly looked promising. I sink my teeth in and its exactly what a macaron should be. I started with the Raspberry Rose Chilli Zumbaron - honestly it was shouting out 'Eat Me!'. Its light and crumbles in my mouth. Sweet is not the first note in my mind. Amazingly its the rose and raspberry flavours that greets me. It melts in my mouth and yes, there is the light chili spicy taste that next develops. I wish I can be more descriptive but its an explosion of flavours...Ohhhhh Sooooooo Gooooooooood!
Confession: I kidnapped 2 Zumbarons for Sarah and Monica. Both girls were smitten! Do ask them for their thoughts when you visit their blogs or meet them!

Equally delightful is the Chocolate Donut Zumbaron. A happy almost Christmassy feel to it with the after taste of cinnamon. Seriously, chocolates and cinnamon put together makes me happy! Though I admit that I wasn't too keen on the sugar bits on the shell...

Had a lil chat with Chef Adriano Zumbo. Not too technical unlike the pastry chefs who were present but certainly, we agreed that desserts is not about sugar sweetness. A play and experiment with different ingredients will certainly result in yummy desserts. Hearing it from the man himself who is often described as playful and technical with his creations...I am glad that I can continue with my recipes for cookies and desserts which are often heavily modified to suit my tastebuds.

There was a quite a few other desserts that were displayed and with lots of sampling portions for us to go sugar high:D Of course, the man obliged his fans and the many chefs with photos and signing on his books and pics.
Gorgeous bite!
St Honore
Mille Feuille - pretty layers that actually dont taste as sweet as it looks!
He's as cute in person and in pictures!

I've included the recipe for the Raspberry Rose Chilli Zumbaron that Chef Adriano Zumbo created together with the folks at Cacao Barry. You can purchase the ingredients from Cacao Berry's showrooms (there's one in the Academy of Pastry Arts, PJ) or any good baking shops.

Zumbaron Shell
• Caster sugar - 160g
• Egg white - 190g
• TPT - 500g
• Egg white powder  - 2g
• Red colouring - Quantity sufficient
• Freeze dried raspberries - Quantity sufficient

• Preheat the oven to 150°C.
• Heat the egg whites and sugar to 45°C.
• Place in a mixer with a whisk attachment fitted and whisk until peaks form. Add the colour paste.
• Fold through the TPT.
• Pipe and sprinkle with the freeze dried raspberries.

Raspberry Rose Gel
• Raspberry puree - 250g
• Caster sugar - 25g
• Rose compound - 10g
• Pectin NH - 5g
• Citric acid solution - 8g

• Heat the puree to 60°C. Mix the pectin and sugar together, add to the puree and bring to the boil.
• Add the rose compound and citric acid solution and leave to cool.

Raspberry Rose Chilli Ganache
• Raspybery puree - 250g
• Cacao Barry® Ambre Java milk couverture - 245g
• Cacao Barry® Alto el Sol dark couverture - 100g
• Cream - 70g
• Guar gum - 3g
• Rose compound - 20g
• Chilli oil - 10g
• Butter - 60g

• Heat the raspberry puree to 40°C.
• In a separate saucepan, heat the cream and guar gum to 90°C.
• Melt the couvertures. Add the cream, raspberry puree, rose compound and chilli oil. Emulsify with a stick blender.
• When the ganache cools to 45°C, add the room temperature butter.

For more information on Cacao Barry and Chef Adriano Zumbo:

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