This and That: 6th February 2013

Was looking through my photos today and here's some that I thought I share. A little of everything so I am sorry if they leave you kinda breathless:P

Been returning to Sanuki Udon just about every week for my udon fix. Discovered they ahve some new cold udon on the menu but I keep forgetting about them and will happily order my same old order. Does not help that waitress assumes that I want back my regular order. Buts its all so good, I have no complains eating them again and again.

Spent some long days in the office and finally managed to leave early one of those days and caught some blue skies with tinges of orange. Refreshing!

Coughed much of January 2013 and resorted to pumping my body with vitamins. These fruit sticks are such lovely ways to eat them.

Body was very heaty throughout coughing January. Young green coconuts minus the flesh was my fave solution to cool the body and help expel the phlegm. I learnt not to drink more than 1 each time or else I would puke:P

Took a drive with the boys up to Genting for some fresh air. Hahaha....that's only me and the bunch of boys in the midst of car talk:P
car talk in Genting
Car talk over our MR2 yee sang session. Does not matter if you drive a AW11, SW20 or even the 1ZZFE (or in some cases some of us are 2ZZs), its the company that matters.

Still coughing but I could not resist a lobster adventure with my neighbour and pals. RM85 per lobster. Not too bad by KL's standard. Will blog about it soon...

Since I was at home for quite many days, I ended up cooking quite a few comfort meals. I would happily be eating Marmite and porridge daily but that would mean the hubster will have to bear with my sick person's food. So a few other occasions, I whipped out some recipes that he actually requested to be repeatedly cooked. Here's a Macaroni Pork Soup that anyone can whip out easily even when sick.
600g pork ribs (or chicken) with 2 tomatoes (150g), 100g macaroni, 1 large carrot (200g), 150g potatoes (I prefer Russet) and 1.5 litre of water. Boil all ingredients for half hour and add macaroni about 10 minutes before serving. ANd if you have leftovers in the pot, its best that you remove the macaroni or else it will absorb all the remaining soup in the pot and leave you with a stew:P

I love making Pear and Apple Soup or tongsui. Its another comforting drink that you can whip out for coughs or even just for the fun of having some nutritious tongsui at home is combining apples, pears, bitter sweets almonds, sweet dates and water.
This has 300g pears, 300 green apples, 30g bitter sweet almonds, 2 sweet dates (mat chou) and 1.5L of water. Boil for 1 hour on slow fire and you have something naturally sweet and soothing for the throat. In fact this is also good for the lungs and general well being. If you like it savoury then omit the red dates and add in chicken or pork for a soup.

Met this random cat at our regular TT shop in Taman Desa. Playful lil girl. Wishing that I could adopt her but Shalom is totally not tolerant with any cats despite having seen this Girly every weekend when we play at the park.

Not been sleeping well recently. This means that my skin will have to pay the heavy price of looking dull, lack lustre and pimply. So booked myself into a facial with Dermalogica. 90 minutes of bliss and some thorough cleaning of the pores and ridding my face of the dead cells.
Door's left a little opened as I hate to be confined within a room.

My skin must have turned quite bad that someone thought that some Bird's Nest will be good for me. Started on it daily every morning on an empty stomach for the last 1 week. Effects won't be so soon except I have to say it taste delicious:P

Anyone bothers looking at the sky and appreciate a clear sky or even the moon? Hehehe I love this view from my living room especially on days when the moon is visible.

That's me playing scientist! Attended Avon's ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser with A-F33 launch and we all had to dress up in a Doctor's coat.

The folks at Ogilvy PR threw a Media Appreciation Night with great prizes for lucky draws. That's Kelly and I. Wore my plastic flower garland on my head as it made my neck itch. Why not fresh flowers? Well its good thinking of the PR's side as some people are actually allergic to flowers.
The theme was Hawaii5Ogilvy
Not exactly dressed in the dress code but the cool folks at Ogilvy PR thought of garlands for us:D

Since December, I have been back running quite a bit with a bunch of lovely folks from TPRC. Of course I skipped 20 days when I was coughing like a mad fire engine every couple of minutes. Here's what I have been doing with them.
Learnt to tie shoelaces. Very important if you want to avoid having those ugly blue black toes that some runners have as a result of their feet sliding forward to the front of their shoes when they run (especially when going down hill).
Running on flat roads and hill. And the latest training that these bunch of fellas put me through was these 151 steps in Lake Garden. I happily did 5 sets and thank goodness my legs still belong to me. But how do they even do that 5 sets after running 30km? Hehehe.
We had a pot luck of sorts after one of the runs. I made some konnyaku jelly since someone else brought sandwiches and drinks. Very easy to make and this is also my planned dessert for the coming CNY. 

Attended a Coway event for bloggers. No product selling and all. It was just basically an afternoon of fun and games with lots of good food too.
Won RM100 worth of Sephora vouchers answering why girls like to go to the toilet together. 
Went home too with a goodie box of lovely product from Be Good. They smell so good. Looking at the expiry dates and also having checked them out in Facebook, I realised that the products are as natural as possible minus preservatives. 

Was featured in January edition of The Expat magazine on some of my fave bites in December 2012. Grab a copy on what they were or you can also read it online.

I love accessories. Let's rephrase it...I love buying accessories and rarely wear them. And the buying temptations gets closer to home with Folli Follie opening up their newest concept store in Mid Valley Megamall which is just a stone throw away from my home. Gosh, its going to be more fashionable, fun and affordable jewellery, watches and accessories to add to my wardrobe though I think my resolution for 2013 should be to wear what I buy!

A month of lots of instant noodles for supper and tea time when the temptation started from someone's Instagram photo. For the strangest reason, my body seems to like MSG at certain hours. I am trying to wean myself off that habit and have been quite successful for 3 days so far.

Discovered that pork belly with mui choy taste better than normal when one is ill. Had this lovely dish at Lao Er. Click to read my post on Lao Er.

I don't normally play games except Sudoku. Started on Candy Crush Saga when Jo sent me an invite to start playing while I rested at home. Am I addicted? No I am not. Plus I have yet to throw my phone is frustration while playing this game unlike many of my pals. Hehehe.
Stuck at Level 147 for 2 days:(

Played dress up for the Wild West Fiesta at Sheraton Imperial. Weather was too warm for me to don my denim top and scarf.

Discovered very yummy wasabi ice cream with bites of grated wasabi in it. And was quite surprised that this little girl actually could eat the slightly spicy wasabi ice cream!
Cute little cili padi eats wasabi ice cream and the grated wasabi in it too!
Do you see the wasabi? Not for the faint hearted!

Discovered RSY in Taman Desa whips out a decent asam laksa with kembung fish. Been going back for this bowl of awesomeness every couple of days. Hehehe.

Christmas is long over but I have only started unboxing my pressies. 
One of my fave pressies will have to be this Hello Kitty Swarovski pen. I don't go around wearing Hello Kitty (except at home:P) but yes I love Hello Kitty goodies!

I recently concluded that I am living up to my nickname Missyblurkit in every sense. The blurness has gone beyond what I deem proper or decent. Jo (who coincidentally started me on Sugar Crush Saga) signed the papers to be Mrs Yong on Saturday 2nd February (2 2). Not sure what sorcery it was other than my utter blurness, but I actually keyed it to Saturday 3rd March (2 3). This despite us chatting about the ROM matters days before the big day. So on the fateful Saturday 2nd February, this Missyblurkit went off for her morning run (doing her best timing for the Double Hill ever) and only realised that Jo was now Mrs Yong when I looked into Facebook after my run! Sigh....I am truly sorry Mr and Mrs Yong....or should I call you both Mr and Mrs Candy Crush Saga since you 2 are so into the game?
I obviously missed the ROM but certainly made it to a yummy lunch at Choong Foong:D

The 37 days of 2013 has been good. So I hereby say "Let's have a Moet and celebrate!".
BTW, the picture above was taken at Aloft Sentral Kuala Lumpur's after party that was held for all the talents that have joined the Hotel after 2 days of recruitment exercise at The Butter Factory. Certainly an interesting recruitment exercise and I am certainly looking forward to seeing those faces again when Aloft open their doors in March 2013.

And for those who won the giveaways on - Congras! 
• Isaac Tan
• Sherry Go
• Jacinta Chong
• Queenie Chong
• Charmaine Phua
(2) Brand's Hamper worth RM88
• FloRence Lee

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