Valentine 2013 @ Favola

Its CNY and certainly its also Valentine's Day round the corner too. And if you want something refreshing from the usual Chinese fare then going Italian is a brilliant idea. Favola @ Le Meridien has whipped out something fun and different from the usual Italian fare that we're accustomed to in Favola. If I may say, its certainly Chef Antoine and his team taking Favola onto a fine dining experience.

The five course meal:
@ RM160++ per pax
@ RM300++ per couple
@RM300++ per couple with a bottle of wine
And in case you're wondering why there is even a price for a single pax...well perhaps your partner wants something off the ala carte menu? Or perhaps when celebrating with your friends, there is a probably odd number in it. Yes Yes Yes...valentine's Day is also for the singles and their friends.

The breads in Favola are terribly addictive. Once you start, its hard to stop. It requires a lot of self discipline and an equally determined mind to stop munching on these freshly baked breads. After all we're at Favola for a proper dinner. 
The breads are good on their own or dip them into your preferred dips. Available that night were celery apple puree, balsamic olive oil and beetroot puree (from Left to Right)

Dinner kicks off with Aperitivo (mise en bouche). Espuma di patate salame filo manzo e parmigiano nuvola is a pretty and delicate dish of foam shaped like a star:D  A combination of potato foam and parmesan cloud (also a foam) topped with beef salami floss. 
It was so good that the hubby literally cleaned his plate by dabbing some bread to soak up the goodness  of whatever foam that he could not spoon out. Not exactly perfect table manners but heck it was so good that he didn't bother with manners. 

Antipasto (appetizer) is Insalata di aragosta del Maine, tonno scottato in crosta chermoula, decapaggio ravanello e hering caviale perla sorbetto di pomodoro. A platter of 3 dishes and in a glance instead of my regular left to right sequence that I often begin anything with, I opted to start from the right. 

Left to right? Right to left when faced with a platter of dishes on one long plate?
Insalata di aragosta del Maine This salad of maine lobster was a delightful and very appetizing salad combining the lovely flavours and textures of lobster, creamy avocado, sweet oranges in a tangy sauce. Will be nice if this appears in Favola's ala carte menu!
Tonno scottato in crosta chermoula - Seared chermoula crusted tuna was good but it certainly paled in comparison to the lobster salad. That being said, if you love fish, then you'll love this tuna for the lovely bite and flavours from its crust.
Juicy pink flesh!
Decapaggio ravanello e hering 
caviale perla sorbetto di pomodoro - 
Rose pickling radish and herring pearl caviar on tomato sorbet. A refreshing tomato sorbet with its own zing is good enough. Add on some herring pearl caviar and this dish is escalated to a whole new dimension with the caviar popping out its lovely salty smoky flavours.

Primi piatti (entree) is Re Cappasanta, crema di spugnole, spinaci, tartufo fresco filo. I love scallops, I love spinach. Combine these 2 ingredients and I am a happy girl. The King Scallop was juicy and soft - honestly I was hoping to have more scallops which I certainly did when the husbter passed me his scallop. 
As soon as this entree reached me, the unmistaken beautiful aroma of truffle teases me. It comes from the truffle filo pastry. Crisp and delicious, I can foresee myself making this in future for my snacking pleasure:D

For our mains, we could choose either beef or fish. My obvious choice is fish - Trota salmonata curati scottato con salsiccia gambero, tortelli di zucca, nero di seppia maionese e scatto pisello.
Pan-seared cured salmon trout with prawn sausage, pumpkin tortelli, squid ink mayo and snap pea that looked like a beautiful garden of sorts with its vibrant colours.
The prawn sausage didn't quite make it for me but this is more of a personal preference as I like my prawns being just prawns:P My dining companions absolutely loved the prawn sausage! The pumpkin tortellini was perfect with a lovely creamy pumpkin filling.
This pretty pinkish orange salmon trout is cured in salt and sugar. A perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness compliments each bite of the salmon.

If you love a meal with the goodness of meat and more meat then the Terrina di manzo caldo aromatizzato con l'italiano salsiccia affumicata e scottato foie gras, bollito dipatate viola, rucola purea e bambino di carote will be perfect!
Warm beef terrine, Italian smoked sausage and pan seared foie gras, boiled purple potato, arugula puree and charred baby carrot. The smoky and spicy sausages form a platform for the beef terrine. The beef terrine was certainly best eaten with the seared foie gras. I however inherited the foie gras since the hubster does not touch liver whether its foie gras or in any other form.

The whole dinner has thus far been a very colourful experience for our eyes and tastebuds. Dolci (dessert) proved to be the same and in fact concluded this five course meal on a steady decadent mode. Zuppa di ciliegie con gelato di yogurt e cialda al cacao is what I deem a healthy and comforting dessert. 
Cherry soup with yoghurt ice cream and chocolate wafer. In case you're wondering, these flowers are  edible! A lovely crispy chocolate wafer with some nutty bite to it. Break it and eat it together with the rich and creamy yogurt ice cream. I must add that the cherry soup was absolutely delightful and had there been bread on the table, I would have cleaned my plate with the bread:D

Chef Antoine also treated us to the White Knight which is created specially for Valentine's Day. Priced at The White Knight - Price @ RM150 nett (whole cake) / RM12 nett per slice, this is a beautifully moist chocolate cake that is perfect witha  cup of tea or coffee!
A combination of white and dark chocolate for an ultimate chocolatey good Valentine's Day.

For those who prefer something not so sweet, then there is the Chocolate Guanaja Cake which is made of 70% bitter dark chocolate cream, crispy hazelnut praline flakes and walnut brownies which is also priced at RM150 nett for the whole cake / RM12 nett per slice.

And if you want something more meaty to celebrate your Valentine's Day, then do check out Chef Antoine five course meal at Prime priced at RM208++ per person, RM380++ per couple or RM480++ per couple inclusive of a bottle of red wine.
Mutual Feelings
Fresh Irish Rockin' Oysters Rockefeller
Seared trout, cauliflower panacotta and beef bacon chives dressing
Truffle potato espuma

Perfect Love
Morel consommé
Thin slice kobe beef, enoki mushroom

My Treasured
Coconut Granite
Pineapple tart tatin

Our Romantic Moments
Tournedos Rossini, seared foie gras ,toasted brioche, truffle sauce
Wagyu sirloin, grill artichoke
Mushroom ragout stuffed in candle pasta
Crashed Sarawak pepper sauce

Charcoal grilled half Boston lobster,
Braised jumbo asparagus and smoked black cod gateau
Crustacean emulsion

Endless Love
Valrhona Choco-art
Light orange chocolate cream
Hazelnut Caramelia milk chocolate
Rose candy ice cream

Either Prime or Favola, you are bound to be tantalized by Chef Antoine and Chef Sazli's culinary magic.

Favola and Prime:
Le Méridien
Kuala Lumpur
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
Kuala Lumpur

T: +603 2263 7434

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