Vault @ Glomac Damansara

I was to visit Vault Wine and Bistro with Kian Fai and a few others. Missed it since we had some last minute work. Technically that would have been just a missed meal. But the rascal had to mail share the pictures with me and had me salivating. So here's some of the pictures before I head in to taste them since our new project is justa  stone throw away from Vault @ Glomac Damansara.

Interior looks promising with the coziness and lots of wine bottles all lined up. Not sure if they are empty bottles but either way, its promising enough for me.

Crispy Calamari RM15

Prosecco Col Solivo Champagne RM100 per bottle. I wonder how's the wine selection by the glass?

Roasted Pork Belly RM16 - Picture is a bit dark but I can imagine the caramelised goodness. 

Fried Chicken Wing RM16 - I've sort of grown out of fried wings but the slight glimpse of the meat and skin looks tempting enough.

Arugula Salad RM16 - I'll say yes to this salad. Actually I'll say yes to any salad that is easy on the dressing. 

Seafood Marinara RM28

Prawn and Scallop Aioli RM38 - scallops look big and juicy!

Trio Mushroom Soup RM12

Marinated Pork Ribs RM48

Mash Potato RM6 - must say it does look very creamy and comforting!

Smoked Duck (Daily Special)

 Aglio Olio RM18 

Mix Sausage Platter RM38 - Italian Sausage, Spicy Nungarian Sausage, Nuernberger Sausage, Chorizo Sausage and German Pepper Sausage

Vault @ Glomac Damansara
A-G-7 Block A
Glomac Damansara
No. 699 Jalan Damansara
60000 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 7725 7266

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