Asian Street Food @ Eccucino

Craving street food? Then head on to Eccucino in Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur to savour Asian street food in comfort yet you can be assured that you will still enjoy the fun and excitement that comes with street food.

The menu spread is rather elaborate. And living up to the theme of street food, you can also enjoy the action stations that will be whipping out delicious dishes smack upon your order. While a fair bit seemed to be Malaysia street food, they are certainly delectable. Specialties from neighbouring countries include Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and India. Fret not as the menu also features some Western cuisine for the convenience and comfort of hotel guest. Now let's start our Asian gastronomic journey!
Asian street food experience is never complete unless you have some real live action of frying out your order or carrot cake, oh chien (oyster omelette) or even grilling some meat.
Take your pick of Korean grill meat, Balinese satay, pecel lele and more.
Succulent and juicy satay is too good to be resisted. You will not be stopping at the first stick or even the sixth stick. Eat on its own or dip it into he thick scrumptious peanut sauce!
I love my meat pink. This Korean minute steak was grilled just the way I requested it to be done.
While the Penang char kueh teow may not quite look its role, taste wise is perfect with enough wok hei. The spiciness has been tweaked to suit the hotel guests but its still good stuff!
Quite a bit of Malaysian kerabu (salad) awaits. Not the best picture but the above is one lip smacking good kerabu ikan bilis (anchovies salad) which taste just as good as I can get at local Malay stalls.
Malaysian Indian popular salad known as Pasembur.
Penang Prawn noodle!
Eccucino's signature chicken rice is a must. Take your pick of steam of roasted chicken. I love the chili condiment that was served with the dish. It tasted almost as good as how grandma makes them.
We had a lovely Chinese stir fry of asparagus with mushroom.
Some thought I was crazy to grab a bowl of Teochew porridge. But the idea of a comforting bowl of white porridge with assorted condiments including fermented beancurd, black dace, salted egg, pickled mustard and century egg is just irresistible!
Ayam masak merah padang serai
Kambing masak kurma is a whole pot of delicious gravy and tendre mutton chunks. I could have made a solo meal of this delicious dish with a whole plate fo rice.
Indonesian beef jerky 'Daging dendeng' tasted as good as my favourite shops in Bali and Surabaya.
I have a weak spot for these addictive nibble of assorted crackers including fish, prawn and papadam (fried Indian lentil flatbread). Made quite a few trips to fill my plate with them:D
These bubur nangka (jackfruit sweet dessert) were so good that I had to start my dinner with dessert!
Flying over to Japan for an assortment of sushi.
A healthy soba salad.
Colourful and certainly very healthy Gui Cuon. These Vietnamese spring rolls are made of rice paper and vegetables. Served with Vietnamese fish sauce.
Thailand's Luk Chup are made of mung beans, sugar and coconut then shaped into cute miniature fruits and vegetables. 
India's Gulab Jamun wasn't as sweet as I expected it to be. Certainly a welcome from the usual overly sweet ones. This is one clear example why I am glad that Eccucino had tweaked some of the recipes yet retaining the texture and taste of this very lovely dessert made of cardamon and milk.
I was surprised to see both tapai ubi (fermented tapioca) and tapai pulut (fermented glutinous rice). For those who are keen to try but are a tad scared that you may not like the taste, then try it with some vanilla ice cream!
Tapai pulut with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and gula melaka (palm sugar syrup) is one of my favourite ways to introduce pals to tapai pulut. 

Of course there are some none Asian dishes too. 
A comforting chicken creole.
Roast beef with smoky crema and blue cheese
Green chicken enchiladas

I will admit that I love ais kacang (Asian shaved ice) stations. There's just so much fun that awaits you as you mix whatsoever condiments that you fancy.
Ais kacang or ABC, fresh fruits and ice cream are stationed together. So let's have some fun!
Ais kacang of everything from ice cream, jelly, fruits and nuts. Absolutely delicious!
Not quite the usual ais kacang but this is one of my favourite and usual preparation when I am allowed to play - shaved ice, gula melaka, corn and lots of nuts!
A whole host of healthy fresh fruits that mummy and doctor would certainly approve!

This Asian Street Food at Eccucino starts from now until 30th April 2013. Hop over and take a gastronomic adventure all over Asia!
• RM98++/pax for adults.
• Children under 12 dine complimentary with every paying adult.
Lobby floor of Prince Hotel and Residence KL
Jalan Conlay
Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 2170 8888

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