Coffee Planet @ KLCC Tower 3

Coffee Planet opens in KLCC Tower 3. Its definitely is meant to cater to the office folks working there since it opens only during the weekdays. A nice and happy looking place...definitely a refreshing look and feel to it compared to the office pantry:P
With the bright happy lights, its not quite a surprise that quite a fair bit of office folks here chill at the place. Decent WIFI too. 

There's quite a bit to order. And since the place was quite new, not everything is on the menu board or the printed menu. So a look around will be good for cakes and pastries. The staff here are also quite pro active to recommend items.
Quite a bit that I wanted...

Each table has a lil display of coffee beans. Quite fun to look at and smell before food is served. Service is prompt though maybe at this point of time the team is still a little blur since the place was quite new when I visited last week. Orders can be wrongly delivered:P
Coffee beans for decor. I played a game with them too:P
Raisin scone with clotted cream, butter and jam RM4.50
A very good buy for RM4.50. Served warm, its absolutely delicious that I was tempted to order a second but remembered that I still have a pasta and brownie coming my way. 
Fettuccine with meatballs RM19.90 which is not listed on the menu yet. Pasta a little soft but the sauce makes up for it. Spicy and tangy for a satisfying bite. 6 meatballs covered by the sauce. The meatballs must be housemade since its really quite tasty but would have fared better without the noticeable tendons that I had to spit out.
Regular Mocha RM11.50. No complains on coffee on a rainy afternoon:D
Bradley's Tea is offered RM9.90. A fine example of blurness...I ordered Rooibos and its also reflected in my receipt but was served Rosehip Hibiscus.
No problem...the waiter is quick to serve me the correct order of Rooibos. Bravo!!!
The sky was pouring and a cup of hot tea is perfect as I watched the rain against the KL Skyline.
And the cup of tea was also perfect for my dessert of Walnut Brownie RM8.90. Do request for it to be served warm if you like it warm. 
Brownie is highly recommended. Lots of walnuts and its certainly rich, moist and certainly 
not overly sweet.

Coffee Planet:
Sky Lobby Level 6
Tower 3 KLCC
T: +603 2181 6889
Opens only on weekdays from 7am to 7pm.

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I can't help but end the post in reply to the 3 girls who sat behind me:
Statement 1: That girl must be a blogger. She is so busy taking photos before she eats. Siao! (Crazy in Cantonese).
Reply: Yes I am a blogger.
Statement 2: Aiyoh how she eat everything? She must be a hungry ghostlah!
Reply: No I am not Japanese but am every bit a Chinese so I perfectly understood your comments in Cantonese. Just because I am able to eat 1 pasta, 1 scone, 1 brownie, 1 coffee and 1 tea on my own does not make me a hungry ghost. Is it a problem to you 3 ladies that I have a fabulous appetite?