Miraku @ Paradigm Mall

I have to start by saying that I am quite smitten with Miraku Japanese Restaurant Sunday buffet spread. I am generally not much of a buffet person but this one is interesting in its own way as the dishes being served are all Japanese dishes! Take your pick of sushi, sashimi, appetisers, hot dishes and even dessert they are all Japanese! 

This Sunday lunch and dinner buffet is priced at RM59++ for adults, RM35++ for kids aged between 3 and 12 this is certainly a value for money buffet for Japanese food lovers. Price includes free flow of green tea and juices that you can refill on your own. Now let the photos now do the talking!
The live stations where you can see the chefs at work preparing the sushi and sashimi before its placed on the buffet line. This is also the very same spot where you order dessert, temaki (hand rolls) and noodles.
 Let the chef know your choice of hand roll and it will be made smack in front of you with lovely thick slices of your choice fish. Needless to say, mine is always the maguro temaki! Other options include negitoro (minced tuna and spring onion), salmon, unagi (grilled eel), ebiten (prawn), soft shell roll and all time popular California Roll.
 One of my must have in most of my Japanese meals will be chawan mushi.
Soba for the soba lovers
A comforting bowl of udon acts as a delicious filler for those who love their carbs. 
One of my favourite nibbles at any Japanese meal or even snack at home is the edamame
I will never say to kimuchi
oshinko is a lovely and refreshing appetizer of some thick cuts of sashimi and Japanese pickles.
Chuka kurage - another of my favourite Japanese appetizer is this marinated jellyfish salad
Tako satsuma  (fried squid paste)
Tori karaage was surprisingly tasty even though it looked rather dark golden. The hubster had quite a few pieces each round and apparently it was tasty, tender and not overly oily. Looks can be deceiving!
Variety of tempura
There were some breaded item. While they look good, my personal thought was the batter was a tad too thick.

I love beginning my Japanese meal with something warm other than udon or chawan mushi.  This chicken sukiyaki was one of my favourite that day.
 Love clams? Then this Hamaguri sakamushi (clams cooked with sake) is not to be missed!
Not your regular fried rice. This is a must have salmon fried rice with fluffy Japanese rice and bits of salmon in every bite.
Saba misoni - mackarel cooked in miso sauce.
 Yaki sakana - take your pick of salmon or mackarel. Theu both taste awesome though my pick is always mackarel!
Sushi anyone?
Take your pick of sushi! Sweet ebi, egg and beancurd
More sushi topped with generous cuts of sashimi. Choose from tuna, salmon, butter fish, cuttlefish, scallop and more!
I am not a rice person in general but these pretty avocado and unagi rolls are not be missed!
Lots of sashimi! They refill the boat rather promptly.
Thick and fresh!
Firm pieces of Anmitsu with palm sugar were my favourite. The anin tofu (almond tofu) were nice but it lacked the oomph that I like in almonds.
Love ice cream? Then the ice creams in Miraku are not to be missed. The ice creams are all made by Miraku themselves. Of of my favourite is the rich and certainly not overly sweet Macha ice cream. Eaten on its own or choose your toppings. My choice is macha with Oreo. The hubster on the the other hand swears that the vanilla and black sesame Kurogoma are must haves. The flavour changes from time to time but based on the 3 flavours we ate from the buffet line, I think Miraku certainly whips out decent ice cream.

We were told that the wasabi ice cream in Miraku is one of their signature must have dessert. And having tasted few scoops of it, I highlu recommend that you order it from their ala carte menu @ RM10 per scoop. Rich and decadent ice cream with grated wasabi bits is certainly an amazing play of texture and flavour. Personally its good but since I am a wasabi lover, I certainly wouldn't mind the wasabi to be even more prominent though the general public may not take too well to it that way:P

Miraku @ Paradigm Mall
Lot GB02 Ground Floor
Paradigm Mall,
Kelana Jaya
T: +603 7886 9931
Miraku is on the Boulevard area of Paradigm. To fing you way there, take the Starbucks exit. Turn left and Miraku is on your left at the end of the walkway.

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