My Crizal Forte UV

I wear spectacles and have yet to revert to contact lenses for the obvious reasons that my eyes are terribly dry whenever I put them on. Attended an event held by Crizal Lenses last month. Interesting facts about the lenses and of course about eye care.

Crizal coatings ensure clearer vision by attacking eyeglasses 5 worst enemies:
• Glare cause by reflections especially at night or when working on the computer
• Smudges which diffuse light
• Scratches which reduce visual comfort
• Dust which can be an obstacle to sharp vision
• Water drops which distort vison

All lenses prevent transmission of UV rays hitting the front side of the lens. However, what happens to the back or side of our lenses? In the absence of protection, this means we still risk up to 50% of damaging UV light. And while we're so busy protecting our skin and even our hair, what about our eyes?

Crizal claims that its Crizal Forte UV combines for the first time an exclusive backside UV protection with Crizal’s superior clarity of vision. Thanks to Essilor’s new Broad Spectrum Technology, the thickness of each nanometric layer constituting anti-reflective coating applied to the backside of the lens has been optimized to virtually eliminate UV light reflection into the eyes, while maintaining perfect transparency of the lens. Sounds technical? Let the following video make its clearer for you.

And to prove that Crizal lenses does what it claims to do to attack the 5 enemies, we were shown some test right before our eyes.
2 lenses - Crizal and Brand X
a dip in the tub of fine sand.
Note that you have more dust particles attached to the lense on the right which is Brand X while Crizal Forte UV looks relatively clear.
Tried the cleaning test on a pair of spectacles and noted that Crizal lenses was easier to clean. It had a layer that made it smoother than conventional lenses.
And now a swim in cooking oil.
Brand X on the right has certainly turned very oily and "foggy"

Looks like the tests were certainly showing promising results. And I supposed a good way to test out is to grab a pair of spectacles with Crizal lenses. This comes right at the same time since I am now short of one pair of specs after damaging one pair I fell during the recent MPIB 2013 run (Click to read more). 
Lots of designs to choose from at Optical 88 in Mid Valley (event was held here). Does not help that I am fussy when it comes to colours and have a small face. Good thing was the staff were very patient with me from my fickle mindedness of "let's see that pair" to....
..."Can you show me that pair of sunnies please!"
Finally decide on the design and its eye test time. They start off with the electronic one and then double check manually 
That's my prescription. Its still the same fro my last eye test 2 months ago. BTW, eye tests are a must annually!

Twiddle fingers and a week goes by. My spectacles are ready. And so is the hubster's - this is one man who has more shoes and spectacles that I do! LOL!
That''s my chosen pair of spectacles fitted with Crizal Forte UV lenses. 
The hubster's spectacles and lenses - his is bifocal. The lenses comes with its own warranty card as well.
Hello! That's me!

So the lab test fared well. So how does it work in reality? 
We love our drives. Come weekend or even after work if the skies are not pouring, we'll take a topless drive. Ahem ahem...the car goes topless! Not us!
Or head out for my runs of between 60 to 150 minutes...
This picture is after running for 2 hours and 33 minutes from Lake Garden to Petronas in Hartamas and back to Lake Garden. We all know our local pollution and all. Impressively the lenses are still relatively clean and clear. And the best point that I noted was I think an improved run timing was also possible as I now no longer need to stop every 2 or 3 kilometres to wipe my spectacles that will often fog up during runs. This is evident that Crizal lenses do dispel water (water vapour) very efficiently. Think most of us who wear our spectacles and run will be able to relate to it.

Needless to say...I am very smitten by the Crizal lenses for my daily wear. And I trust that my eyes are also given the necessary UV protection too. The Crizal lenses cost between RM180 to RM500 depending on your requirements i.e. the hubster's bifocal lenses certainly cost more than mine. 

For more information: 

Or hop into any good optical shop and enquire more about these lenses:D

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