My Italian Affair with Ruffino

My muse last Friday was Ruffino i cozy Villa Danieli. Being wined and dined in a cozy setting certainly puts a smile on a girl's face especially when its almost the weekend!

The evening kicks off in the courtyard set against the golden sunset. My glass of Ruffino Prosecco DOC is served nicely chilled. Bubbly and fruity with notes of apples and citrus, I am certainly being prepped for a fabulous evening to come.
Once sitted, dinner is pleasant and as usual, we are fussed about by the very attending team at Villa Danieli.

Ruffino Orvieto Classico DOC 2011 is the choice wine for our amuse bouche, finger food and soups. Smooth and easy with a beautiful bouquet of meadow flowers, apples and citrus, I would have loved to continue the whole night with this wine.
Lovely straw yellow with lovely fruity notes.

Amuse Bouche is my all time fave Burrata di Mozzarella di Bufala con insalata di pomodorini arrosto alla Mediterranea. Creamy soft Burrata cheese paired with tangy tomatoes is way beyond mouth watering. It certainly unleashes our appetite!
Buffalo mozzarella`s Burrata with roasted cherry tomatoes salad Mediterranean way

Finger food was a combination of 4 dishes and I will confess that I would have happily devoured a few of them on my own.
Plated for sharing like a pretty piece of art. Delicious art to be precised!
Ceviche di Merluzzo piccante con emulsione di patate e polvere di Kalamata, foglie di calamari fritti, crema di peperoni all` aglio selvatico ~ Cod spicy ceviche with olive oil potato emulsion, Kalamata olive`s dust and deep fried calamari on garlic bell pepper volute. A little spicy but certainly very tasty when eaten with the rich olive oil potato emulsion.
Il Vitello Tonnato al Tartufo Villa Danieli ~ Love the brilliant colour of the yellow fin tuna carpaccio. Perfectly executed that it retained a love red inside while the outer layer was cooked. And to be paired with low temperature roasted Italian veal striploin with tonnata sauce and truffle is certainly a palate adventure.
Carpaccio di manzo Wagyu con asparagi bianchi, mousse di parmigiano e pinoli , rucola e chips di sedanorapa, riduzione di aceto balsamico, cristalli di Fior di Sale ~ I can never have enough of this lovely wagyu carpaccio. Thin and rich slices or beef carpaccio simply melts in your mouth while the salad, pine nuts and parmesan cheese mousse provides perfect texture and bite. Honey balsamic reduction pairs well with the beef carpaccio but I felt it was better off with eh arugula salad. I prefer to savour the beautiful flavours of the beef carpaccio on its own.
Terrina di fegato grasso d`oca al Porto In crosta di pistacchi, composta di fichi ed insalatina di bietole e lamponi, crostone di focaccia di patate dolci ~ A nice touch of rich flavours with pistachio crusted  foie gras balanced with Port terrine, figs compote and beetroot raspberry salad. Served with sweet potato focaccia that I was very tempted to request for more to slab on the lovely foie gras.

Whether its a Chinese meal or even an Italian meal, a bowl of soup is always good for the soul. Both soups were unique in their own way and if I were to be on a soup diet, I certainly will be heading in to Villa Danieli for some tasty wholesomeness.
Crema di broccoli piccante, aragostelle padellate e pane alla cenere fritto ~ Light and tasty made exquisite with the touch of rock lobster. Most memorable that this soup is a tad spicy...and how often have we had spicy broccoli and served with a slice black charcoal bread? Good job by Chef Allesandro once again!
Crema di funghi selvatici al tartufo con Shimeji croccanti , mousse di ricotta ~ A whole bowl filled with the earthy goodness of Shimeji mushrooms and truffle and enhanced with ricotta cheese mousse. I will recommend this for all mushroom lovers!

A change of wines and we move on to red and white. 
Ruffino Libaio Chardonnay Toscana 2011. Smooth and aromatic till the end with fruity notes of banana, apples and citrus fruits. 
Ruffino Riserva Ducale Chianti Classico DOCG 2008. Intense with delicate hints of spices and gentle tannins makes this a lovely company for many meat dishes. Velvety with notes of sweet berries.

No meal is complete for me unless I have some good carbohydrates in it. Enter the carbs in the form of pizzas and pastas! If you were there, you would have caught me and my happy grin:D
ESTIVA Pomodoro, mozzarella, carpaccio di tonno pinne Gialle e crudaiola di verdure alla Mediterranea ~ Something different from regular pizzas with perfectly executed tuna carpaccio, tomato sauce, mozzarella and Mediterranean flavoured raw vegetable marinate salad.
PIEMONTESE Mascarpone, Toma Piemontese, scaglie di parmigiano e tartufo Uncinato slamellato, olio al tartufo bianco ~ I totally enjoyed this luxurious pizza during Chef Alessandro's Anniversary menu. Truffle oil and generous toppings of black Uncinato truffle coupled with Mascarpone Cheese, Toma Piemontese cheese and parmesan cheese shavings makes this heavenly delicious!
Tagliolini ai funghi Porcini e Shimeji con burro bianco al tartufo e scaglie di parmigiano ~ 
This seemingly simple looking pasta is bursting with flavours. After all, we're looking at tasty Taglioloni egg pasta with Porcini and Shimeji mushroom with lavish white truffle butter sauce and parmesan shavings!
Rigatoni con ragout di manzo alla fiorentina, con basilco fresco e olio al pepoeroncino ~ Rigatoni pasta served with a comforting creamy and slightly spicy Beef Ragout Florentine style. 
Le fettuccine all` Aragosta di Boston dello Chef ~ Absolutely my kind of happy pasta in a rich tomato base with Chef`s fresh egg fettuccini served with pan seared Boston Lobster. 
Risotto allo zafferano con guancia di manzo fondente e porri croccanti ~ Absolutely flavourful Saffron risotto topped with tender beef cheek and crispy leeks. And if you love Risottos then Villa Danieli is the place to hop in! 
Cannelloni al nero di seppia ripieni di triglie e broccoli con guazzetto di cavolfiori alle vongole piccante ~ Of course you can order this in its full portion but I feel that to illustrate, this individually plated picture illustrates better:P Red mullet and broccoli squid ink cannelloni with cauliflower and clams spicy chowder. 
Crespelle al Taleggio con funghi e asparagi ~ A delicate parcel of oven gratin folded Crepe sheet stuffed with Taleggio cheese, mushrooms and asparagus. I love this lil crunchy bites of this vegetarian pasta which is certainly not lacking in taste!

Its not time to surrender even though there's lots of carbs in the tummy. Its time for some serious protein mains. I often joke with my dining companions that my stomach is made of 3 parts -  everything goes in part, protein section and dessert! And these sections are important especially at Villa Danieli when every course has something for us to drool and grin with glee!
Ossobuco di Vitello straccotto servito con il suo succo di cottura e polenta concia, gremolada ~ Very tender slow braised Veal Ossobuco served with cheesy polenta and brazing jus, lemon parsley gramolada gives this dish a nice balance. The richness of the veal is balanced with the tangy and creamy polenta.
Controfiletto di Fassone Piemontese rosolato alle erbe, padellata di funghi misti, uova di quaglia poche` e fonduta di formaggi d` Alpeggio al tartufo, tartufo Uncinato  ~ More meat goodness and this is definitely the fave dish for many of us meat lovers that night. Fassone beef is roasted with herbs. What we get is a lovely pink sirloin steak that is flavourful and juicy. Served with mixed mushrooms sauté`, poached quail eggs, Alps mountain`s cheeses and truffle fondue and fresh Uncinato truffle. Decadent! And I wished I had taken a photo of the cute and perfect poached quail eggs.
Medaglione di merluzzo alla Mediterranea con purea di ceci al limone ~ Fluffy cod medallion stew with Mediterranean vegetable in tangy tomato sauce and lemon chick pea mousse must be eaten while its hot for one to savour the sweet flavours of the cod.
Scottata di branzino al sale marinato, pomodorini confit e asparagi croccanti, emulsione di olive e finocchietto ~ Yet to be seen in other restaurants, this is certainly what i call Chef Alessandro's signature fish dish that leaves me smitten every time he serves this. Oven baked sea bass carpaccio that is pummelled till its flattened. A toss of sea salt and topped with cherry tomatoes confit, crispy asparagus, olives and fennel leaves emulsion.  Healthy! Yummy!

A word of caution! Your meal in Villa Danieli is never complete unless you end it with desserts! A platter of 3 desserts paired with Ruffino Serelle Vin Santo Del Chianti DOC 2007.
Golden amber hues with intense aromas of dried fruits, cinnamon and hints of nuts.
Desserts that are bursting with flavours and textures...and this is what I call real dessert! 
Il tiramisu Villa Danieli - Villa Danieli signature Tiramisu, Crema bruciata al rosmarino - Rosemary crème Brule which I can never have enough. A must have for creme brule lovers! Chocolate dreams come true with Il cioccolatissimo dello Chef which is a combination of Chef's chocolate desserts that are made from scratch in the kitchen daily.

Ruffino Wine Dinner is available from now till 30th March 2013. Choose from:
• 3 Course at RM140++ add RM130++ with wine - 1 starter or soup or pasta, 1 main course, 1 dessert
• 4 Course at RM 170++ add RM160++ with wine - 1 starter or soup, 1 pasta, 1 main course, 1 dessert
• 5 Course at RM 200++ add RM200++ with wine - 1 starter or soup, 1 pasta, 1 main fish, 1 main meat, 1 dessert

Villa Danieli
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T: +603 2717 9922

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