Girls! Are you wearing the right bra? OK guys, you do not have to stop reading this post. Its applicable because:
(1) you can read for general knowledge
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Don't take my word for it, but research shows that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. And that means insufficient support for your boobies...your best friend who goes everywhere with you!

And heck with wearing the wrong bra size here's some of the things that you can be experiencing:
So which of the above are you guilty of?
And if you have been having muscle tensions, headaches and back might well be your bra that's causing it!

And how do you know if you're wearing your bra wrongly?

Confession time! I am one of the 80%. So a visit to Neubodi came in perfectly timed. I will also confess that my first opinion of Neubodi was "OMG...the designs look like aunty bras!". Well I now have to say, never judge a book by its cover.

The designs may seem a tad boring for my personal liking but a little bird informed that new designs will include some "trendier" designs. So for now, for the sake of some TLC for my boobies, Neubodi bras is definitely the way to go. To be fair, looking through the designs, not all are aunty looking too!

Of course the correct way to shop for bras is not looking at the design of the bra. What matters most is getting our requirements right and then to choose the design or colour that we like. Neubodi fitting consultants are properly trained to assist us in getting the right bras. It starts off with 'feeling' my structure and then its followed by choosing the right cup and the right size based on my requirements. Of course choosing the colour of my choice!
Feeling my body structure to work out my requirements of a perfect fitting bra. This is based on a holistic bra fitting method using the hand-measuring technique to help one find the right-fitted bra that best suit our individual breast shape.
Choosing the cut that fits me.
Fret not...there's quite many designs to choose from once Neubodi ascertains the size and cup that you require. There's quite a bit of colours to choose from too!
The different type of cups for different breast sizes and different needs.

And off we go into the fitting room to change into the chosen bra. A visit to Neubodi does not end with them choosing the correct bra size for us. The sales team is also trained to run us through the correct method of wearing our bra. It may seem a tad technical and cumbersome but once you get a hang of the correct technique, its actually a breeze to put on your bra.
The 5 must follow steps to wear your bra correctly.
Wear it right and you will notice the cleavage becoming more obvious. Note my straighter posture!
Thankfully I am not lacking in the boobies department but wearing a Neubodi bra instantly lifted my bosom buddies. 
No doubt they were beginning to sag after years of ill fitting bras but Neubodi was certainly pushing and shaping them right.

The Neubodi bra was certainly different from the usual bras that I wear. For one I wear strapless almost daily since I love wearing singlets and spaghetti strap tops. So the first couple of minutes proved tricky as I didn't like the feeling of straps on my skin. However, the "discomfort" went off quite quickly. It did not leave a mark on my skin even after half a day of wearing my Neubodi bra. The thicker base band was now with 4 hooks instead of the regular 2 hooks and surprisingly it was comfortable. And this only goes to prove that when you wear the correct bra size, its simply comfortable and confidence boosting!
Each Neubodi bra is designed to have the following features:
• Three-dimensional (3D) sculpting
• High side panel to lock the fat tissues and ensure a slimmer silhouette 
• Wide back panel to smoothen bra bulges on the side and back for a flattering figure
•U-shaped back design to keep bra straps from slipping and to prevent ‘ride-up’

Been wearing it for almost a month and personally, I felt that my bosom buddies were certainly perkier. and fuller. Initially I did think that it was my personal observation...but heck when your girlfriends and the hubster all say the same thing, it seriously can't be wrong. The fact that I have lost 4kg and have a fuller cleavage certainly points that Neubodi is working well to right my boobies:D 

While some may think that Neubodi bras are a lil costly (prices begin from RM229), trust me, they are one of the best things that you can buy for your bosom buddies. Choose from different designs to fit your dressing needs but do minimise the strapless bras to the really must have occasions so that you have proper support for your boobies as much as possible. Do check out the loyalty benefits too when you spend RM800 and above in one single receipt. Some of the benefits includes 15% off storewide on normal priced merchandise, Additional 5% discount for selected sales items and on your birthday month you can enjoy 40% off on one selected item plus many other benefits.

There is more than just bras at Neubodi. Each bra comes with matching panties. There's even corsets, bodysuits and girdles for whatever your body and dressing needs.
matching panties for your bras
Strapless bras.

BTW you must never neglect to wash your Neubodi bra or if fact any of your bras properly. It is essential to use a gentle cleanser and to hand wash them.
Use a delicate detergent e.g. Neubodi Delicate Body Wash
Gently hand wash. Easily done when you shower!
And the correct way to hang your bras dry is to peck them at the base band!

And if this post does not convince you, then head on to any Neubodi boutiques to check out their professional fitting services which is totally FREE with NO buying obligations. No appointments are needed either. Visit or for more information about Neubodi and its store locations.

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