Recipe: Cooking with Sunkist Citrus

Its the weekend. So let's cook up a storm. Easy peasy dishes that even blur noobs like me can do it. And I promise you it's refreshingly yummy and healthy too! The magical ingredients are oranges and lemons. And if you grab Sunkist then its even better as the recipes were created by Chef Robert Danhi using Sunkist citrus!

Grilled Sunkist Lemon Slices with Salmon and Jasmine Tea Oil is one of the most refreshing fish dishes that I have tasted. A nice play of flavours from the lemon and jasmine certain makes the naturally tasty salmon even better. Of course this recipe works just as well with other fishes like cod or sea bass.
The recipe
Toss sliced lemons with olive oil and pepper
Grill lemon on one side.

Place 2 slices of salmon on lemon. Broil till salmon is cooked (approximately 2 minutes)
Fragrant and pretty! I am actually quite happy to eat it as it is!
Let's make it even prettier and yummier. Top it with some Greek yogurt, fried shallots, oil infused with jasmine and some red pepper. Yummy!

The Sunkist Orange and Yogurt Parfait with Toasted Coconut is seriously easy. Pretty much its an assembly job only if you are lazy to strain the yogurt:P I also skipped the coconut when we replicated at home as I am not much of a coconut fan. Be creative and have I opted to replace the coconut with nuts! But here's the pics and recipe as what we learnt and tried ourselves with Chef Robert Danhi (click here to read it):
The recipe
The hubster gives it a try at putting together the parfait. Skins the orange as per Chef Robert Danhi's demonstration.
Doing a good job I must say.
Oranges followed by yogurt, sugar syrup and coconut. The cycle continues...
Some delicious golden palm syrup adds character to this yummy dessert 
(makes a lovely idea for snack or breakfast too)
Easy, yummy and healthy!

Super easy? Super yummy? Try it for yourself. In fact the salmon can even be made as a main course rather than an appetizer. No wastage to the Greek yogurt or any yogurt used as you can use it again for dessert or even breakfast the next day!

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