This and That: 8th March 2013

We're already in the month of March...almost quarter way through 2013. For me, time certainly passed a bit too quickly but again, there is no complains since our much looked forward trip to Cherating (my second home) in tomorrow!
A recycled picture from my previous stays...

Of course the trip is also a celebration trip and Round One honeymoon for good pals Oliver and Jo who tied the knot last weekend. Jo has been a long friend of 10 years when we met through our furkids. Now, these couple is what I call my furkid, cars and tamchiak kakis. BTW...congratulations Oli and Jo! 
Congras Jo and Oli!

And while we're on Oli and Jo, check out what our heng tais ("brothers" of the groom) had to do when they came over to pick up the bride. One is a video that I rewatched many times and still get a good laugh out of it. BTW, the entire crew of heng tai (brothers) and chee muis (sisters) are for hire if you have a wedding that needs crazy 'entertainment'.
And the groom is for hire too if you like his singing talents!
100 pumps required and the boys were sporting enough to help each other out. 2 blokes did 20 each and the remaining 6 did 10 each.

All dressed up in a lace evening gown and I hopped by to be a macaron packer. Honestly its an easy task but its certainly a tough job not to pop the very delicious macarons into our mouth!
Brides getting ready for her dinner and the sisters assemble the little macaron boxes.
Pretty? I think we all did a good job!

And in Penang, a bunch of 40 bloggers and the popped over to the Children’s Protection Society to distribute food, beverages and gadgets. This was made possible with sponsorship by various commercial entities. It’s a philanthropic exercise not only by businesses in executing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but by everyone to give back to the society. Kudos to Crowdpot Sdn Bhd (Event Organizer), Ninetology Malaysia, SUBWAY® (Suntech, iAvenue, & Leith Street branches), Chatime Malaysia, Langkawi Saga Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. and Alextan Artworks.
The Children’s Protection Society (CPS) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization catering to the needs of neglected and/or abandoned children in Penang.The immediate objective is to provide children at risk with a safe, supportive and conducive environment (Shelter). Their concerned and focused areas include the emotional and physical development, education, social and recreational skills. At the same time, CPS aims to work with parents and other family members, so that the child can eventually be reunited with his/her family. 
And  you can also help these children too from wherever you are!
Learning and Tuition is always needed - many of our children have missed a substantial amount of school due to their backgrounds, and often find it difficult to catch up with school work. 
(2) Sponsor-A-Child Program:
If you want to make a financial donation, please send cheques (payable to Children's Protection Society Pulau Pinang) to CPS at 118-A Jalan Scotland, 10450 Penang. CPS is a registered charity home with the Welfare Department so all your donations will qualify for tax exemption.
(4) Sponsore an activity or outing:
CPS organizes many activities for the children, staff and volunteers. Your sponsorship of specific activities is always welcomed.
Children’s Protection Society Pulau Pinang
118-A Jalan Scotland, 10450 Penang, Malaysia
T: +604 829 4046

If you missed Furry Friends Farm's (FFF) open day, here's some pics from that day. It was a hot Sunday but there was no way I would miss the open day as its the first day that the sanctuary is opened to public ever since Sabrina passed away last year
Jasper is scarred but he remains loving and friendly to humans. Read more about Jasper here.
These little puppies were born in FFF when their pregnant mother was rescued by the kind folks at FFF. Sponsor them or adopt them please. Of course do not forget the adult dogs who are also seeking to love you unconditionally.
One eyed super manja cat
Hmmm I'm being mistaken as a scratching post by the cats again. LOL.
3 legged cat is just as active and the 4 legged ones.

For more information on Furry Friends Farm:

After FFF, we had to decide where we wanted lunch. Am not sure why but upon leaving FFF, my mind was filled with images of dumplings! Obviously this meant cravings had to be fulfilled. So we headed over to Traditional Recipe for what I would say as one of the better places for glutinous rice dumplings all year long.
Fragrant Roast Pork dumpling for RM7.50

Ever since my dinner at Limablas where I was served these pretty lil flower biscuits as nibbles, I have been rather smitten with it. Pals who saw my Instagram pic of it were equally smitten. So I did a crazy thing for those who said they wanted and missed these biscuits. I bought a total of 4.5 kg to be distributed among them. 
Were these your favourite childhood biscuits? And what names did you call them? Someone told me he calls them belly button biscuits!

The property scene in Malaysia is certainly going to be quite exciting in the years to come. Harrods Hotel is making its way to our shores in 2018! This hotel is an integrated development which spans 5.48 acres and will comprise two residential towers, an office building and a retail podium, with direct connectivity to the award-winning Pavilion Kuala Lumpur mall. 

One of my 2013 resolutions was to have a facial once a month. Honestly, I think I failed because I only had one facial thus far! Totally relaxing and good, I think I better make sure I pamper my skin on a regular basis.
My 2nd mask @ Aster Spring is green. Can't remember the name but it is supposed to soothe my sensitive skin. I think I look like incredible hulk with the mask on!

Stayed home quite a bit these nights to recuperate from a very hectic 14 days worth of CNY. Caught this night scene from my study table. Pretty?

And if you think this blog is turning a wee girlier than previously, then you are not wrong! I am a girl after all! LOL. A new fetish that I have is pink shoes. So far for 2013, this is my 4th pair of pink shoes! 
My current craze is pink shoes and I think the hubster's is red recently. BTW, the hubster actually owns more shoes than I do!

I pretty much got back to work on the 4th day of CNY as we had some projects to sign off. But I still managed to sneak in time for myself. Ran quite a bit and of course took a few early morning drive with the hubster before we clock into the office. Discovered some lovely places for some photography sessions of our pals' rides...and perhaps even ours:P
Can anyone recognise where this spot is?

Current cravings is anything chocolatey...but again it must not be overly sweet. Most days the cravings arise when I am at work during lunch or tea time. Since my office is smack beside KLCC, I do hop by to Nando's in KLCC for my fix with a mud pie and a dollop of Baskin Robbins vanilla ice cream.
RM10.90 for a warm mud pie and a scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream. Good deal!

February was also birthdays for 2 pals. Had a celebration with the folks at La Boca. Awesome place with awesome food. Craving meat, I opted for a Black Angus Striploin @ RM68. Perfectly executed! Certainly one of the few places that I have keyed in to hop by when steak cravings arise.
Pink, juicy and yummilicious!
With the loves - Jason, Louise, Kelly, Bok and Anna. Happy burpday Louise and Bok!

Since it was the festive period, many restaurants were either closed or super packed. It did not help that this year, Valentine's day was also during the CNY time. So we did spend some time at home for our meals. Whipped out quick meals that the hubster and I love a lot.
Its easy to execute a pink juicy steak at home too. You can make it at home too! Tips here and here.
Since it was CNY, salmon head and 'bones' were going cheap. I bought a few packs at AEON for RM8.88 and was prepared to make them into broth. But when I opened them up, there was still quite a bit of flesh! So i decided to grill them instead! Recipe is here if you like to replicate the grill salmon head that you normally eat at Japanese restaurants. Its seriously easy!

Am not sure how many of you are aware that Sin Seng Nam's last day of business was on 28th February. This place in Medan Pasar is famous for its Hainanese chicken rice, chicken chop and of course its toast bread. I rushed there as soon as I caught hold a pal's tweet. Postponed a meeting with a client who coincidentally is a foodie too and understood that I needed to taste Sin Seng Nam's food before they were gone forever. We arrived and were told there was no more food but i could see along queue of people waiting for the chicken rice (see pics uploaded in Facebook). I asked a few minutes later and was asked to grab a seat if I wanted to be served. So I went as told. A kind aunty offered me space on her table while the hubster queued for an hour...only to be rewarded with the last 3 plates of chicken rice that Sin Seng Nam had. Lucky? I am not sure except that I don't think the hubster would give up unless the cleaned up the chicken rice stall! 
Last 3 plates of chicken, 3 plates of chicken rice and 1 bowl of extra rice was ours!

Attended an event recently and was treated to foot reflexology. And it was ouchhhhhhh! But he pain sure turned to relief when the session was over. 
Ouch and then relief. Strange...

The month of March is my Tai Tai month which means I am officially not working this entire month. So its time to go about places and pursue my hobbies except for running and kickboxing as I hurt myself during kickboxing:( So its a whole month of rest till April. 
Will be picking up painting again (used to paint and lay with oil sticks quite a bit during school days) after seeing the box of Guitar Poster Colours at FFF during their open day. How many of you had used this in school?
Been attending cooking demos and classes recently. The hubster joined me for one session organised by Sunkist and the boy actually cut and assembled his own Yogurt parfait from scratch. Pictures have also been uploaded to Facebook and I will be sharing some of the recipes in weeks to come.
I love tea...and chocolates:D A new spot to enjoy them is Latitude 03 @ Le Meridien with the company of a good book or friends over Dilmah tea and lovely chocolate pastries and savouries.
Being blog hopping a lot more since I am not at work. Visited Meitzeu's blog and saw her vlog of her trip to Jakarta, Puncak and Bandung. This girl is so diligent to piece together a vlog...something that I meant to do but have yet to start on it:P
I actually intended to (just for the fun of it) take part in the Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger contest. All I need to do was to come up with my most
creative and original moves to impress the public. Its really not too tough since there is a dance tutorial featuring CEB’s dancing cabin crew and a soundtrack is available online to guide participants in their dance video-making process. Well, obviously I did not take part in the end because I pretty much busted my knee as mentioned above. However, you can always give it a try!
Head over to and go to the “Search for the
Juan Blogger” contest application for details on how to join. Hurry as submission period ends at 11:59pm (Singapore local time) on 15 March 2013. 
• The winner, known as the "CEB Juan Blogger," will be rewarded with CEB flights for two
to four destinations in the Philippines, two nights’ hotel stays in each destination from, and US$ 500 travel allowance per trip from VISA.
• Creators of the other top nine videos can also walk away with a pair of tickets each from
Kuala Lumpur to Cebu or from Singapore to Iloilo.
The public voting period will be from 1 – 24 March to determine the top 10 videos,
after which, CEB representatives will select the “CEB Juan Blogger!”
This tai tai has been going around eating quite a bit in a bid to regain the 4 kg that I lost in January during my coughing bout. Caught sight of this very interesting Congkak decor at Makan Kitchen @ Double Tree when I visited them recently for a Sri Lankan food promo that runs till 29th March 2013 with 2 chefs flown in from Sri Lanka.
Over lunch at Pavilion today, I saw this on Level 3 of Pavilion - between Laura Mercier and Parkson. This is Aloft's Pop Up Box. There is quite a bit of activities going on there...and this is also their countdown bid to the hotel's opening in 14 days time!

The travel bug has also caught up with me since I am on break from bear with me if updates are a lil slower while I am on the road. Where will I be? Stay tuned! 

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