Afternoon Tea @ Pavilions Lounge

Work or play day, there is always rooms for a session of afternoon tea. And when time and opportunity permits, have a deliciously luscious one.

A visit to Pavilions Lounge on any day is perfect for a Tai Tai afternoon tea or a simple and relaxing business chat as I noted from a few of the other folks who were there on a Monday afternoon. Mind you, a good cup (or pot) of tea solves everything and when paired with decadent's just perfect:D

RM40++ per person with your choice of TWG tea with a brilliant selection of sandwiches, pastries and delightful lil bites, this is certainly an affordable pleasure. What's interesting is the spread that accompanies your tea is a "buffet" spread that you can choose what you like and eat what you like. 
Chef Rajesh and Chef Chan posing with the yummies. Happy chefs whip out yummy treats:D

We settle nicely onto our chosen corner and run through the menu. It is an extensive list of TWG tea. Run my finger up and down the list...quite hard to decide and finally decided on Silver Moon which is a blend of green tea, fruits, vanilla and spice. The hubster chose Lemon Bush Tea which is a blend of South African red tea and citrus fruits. 

Curiosity has the better of me and I take a peep at how my tea is being prepared.
Loose tea rather than tea bags
Hot water goes in
Let it steep a while before savouring your choice tea.
Hello Afternoon Tea!

And while waiting for the tea to steep or even cool a little, head on over to pick your choice of yummy nibbles. A lovely selection awaits whether you love sweet, savoury or even prefer a healthy touch.
A delightful selection for you to choose.
Scones are always a must for me. Take your pick of plain or raisins.
Macarons! These are lovely green tea with mango.
Mini quiche:D
I could not stop munching these lovely egg mayo open faced sandwiches.
Equally delightful were these tuna open faced focaccia sandwiches
Dainty cakes
These house made chocolate ganache were not overly sweet and certainly paired well
with my choice of tea.
Crepes with berries and passionfruit
Strawberries for a healthy touch...I had mine with lots of cream:D
More fruits in cute shot glasses.
Shortbread cookies are perfect for tea. These are a must for shortbread fans if you see it on the table.
These biscotti are larger and thicker than your usual ones. Strangely they are nice this way too and I confess I love eating these thick ones with cream and a cup of tea. Strange...but its yummy! I reckon it'll be just as good with coffee too.

And because the afternoon eta is between 2pm to 6pm, one can happily taste everything piece by piece, plate by plate while sipping on our tea, chat or even read a good book. Since Sheraton Imperial is actually quite close to my office, I am making this my new mobile meeting spot with the clients. Certainly no harm talking business over a good pot of tea and a gorgeous selection of tasty afternoon tea declicacies.

Afternoon tea with TWG teas is RM40++ per person and served between 2:00pm to 6:00pm.
Pavilions Lounge
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
T: +603 2717 9922

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