Spent a morning with many kids and babies. Trust wasn't easy to take their photos. They hardly sit still! And one thing all these kids had in common was they were wearing BabyLove®GrowPants. For the uninitiated, this is basically diapers but in the shape of pants instead of the regular tape ones.

Being an aunty to a few nephews and nieces, I realised that these pants diapers are actually a growing trend because its easier to wear and hold on bettter because of the gathers around the leg. What I didn't know was that starting kids at an early age on diaper pants is also good for a child's growth. 

Ideally, toddlers should start using pants diaper when they are learning how to stand and walk as the action of wearing pants diaper requires higher physical engagement from a toddler as compared to wearing tape diapers. In the process of wearing the pants diaper, the child will have to coordinate their legs into a pants diaper. Thus they are unconsciously practicing their leg movements and balance, understanding from right to left and gain greater confidence to stand and start walking.

At the event at Fit for Two, it was an interesting morning hearing the testimonies of parents whose kids have graduated into wearing BabyLove®GrowPants. Of course seeing the kids in their cat walk with their cute BabyLove®GrowPants was certainly entertaining and fun! Also present at the graduation tea party was Dr. Angeline Ang Swee Kim, Consultant Pediatrician from Arunamari Specialist Medical Center who shared a deeper nsight into the pertinence of the various developmental milestones in atoddler’s growth including key pointers on what parents should look out for and pay attention to when monitoring their development and the role of BabyLove®GrowPants in support of toddlers’ early physical development.

BabyLove®GrowPants is now available in Malaysia. It is an affordable quality pants diaper with different sizes to cater to different age groups and sizes. For more information, do visit .

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