Broken City

Election Time. Election Fever is around the corner and what better way to wet our appetite is to catch a movie about politics, power brokers, wheeling and dealing against the backdrop of the biggest metropolitan city in US, New York City. You may ask what does a movie like this has to do with our coming Malaysian Elections? Probably nothing. But it probably it nice to catch what spicy, dirty, deceit, shady deals that could happen if, and if those in elected to public office can and could be easily seduced by power, absolute power. Think murder. Think infidelity. Think projects.

This movie has some heavyweights stellar cast Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jeffrey Wright, Barry Pepper and Aloha Tal. Allen Hughes directs and is the very same bloke who came up with Dead Presidents (I highly recommend you to catch this if you have not done so), Menace II Society and From Hell (starring Johnny Depp)
When boys talk...
Catherine Zeta Jones and Alona Tal

There been quirky bits that we read from overseas industry critics but for some strange reason viewers overseas are giving it a 70% appreciation. It also it appeared not to have lid up the box office. But what is the taste of movie goers these days? Is Broken City 3D? Nope, doesn't offer that.  How about action, shooting and sexy girls.?Not much of those either.

What we have is a typical old fashion crime triller of politics broker and Simple Simon. Well, Simon in this case is a NYPD cop, Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) who faces the accusations in a court case of murder of a street thug (whom escaped rape and murder conviction on a technical fault).

Mayor Nicholas Hostetler (Russell Crowe) offers his usual virtuoso performance that is expected of him. Not in the heights of Gladiator or The Insider but enough conviction to suggest or acknowledge by viewers that he certainly is made for such characters that has powers of influence.  His wife Cathleen Hostetler (Catherine Zeta Jones) is a little lightweight in this movie.

So what do Kingmakers and Prawns do? We know very early on that the Mayor does what he does best, dealings with everyone to ensure things get done, even if it means suppressing a potentially damaging evidence that would hurt Billy Taggarts defence. Taggart was then cleared in court but it also meant Taggart is forced off NYPD force.

The story moves on several years later where Billy runs his own private eye, taking up cases of investigating married couple infidelities. Business has been tough for him and his PA.  A couple of good laughs too if you listen to the conversation (and I must say do listen well and you will appreciate this movie a lot more).

Billy is then sought by Mayor to take photos of his wife whom he believes has been secretly seeing someone. At that time too, comes the re-election and things are pretty hot for Mayor Hostetler as his popularity seems to have taken a hit from an upper society millionaire who is seeking Hostetler's seat.

Now being a crime triller, it would be revealing too much if i've mentioned what happens next. That would be so uncool. Overall, the movie to me has good story plot, engaging and decent enough for us, little profanity, adds to the realism of street every talk. Savouring online, we also note that many viewers not agreeing to the weak ratings from the critics.

To us, it was worth the view and in light of our very own coming general elections, it certainly has the right ingredients to light up ones imagination of what happen behind the public office doors.

Look out for Taggart's PA Katy Bradshaw (singer actress Alona Tal). A definite one to watch for in the future. We have always enjoyed watch (recent) Mark Wahlberg movies The Fighter, Contraband and TED!! Certainly no regrets recommending this as a must watch as the show screens today Thursday 18th April 2013.

Our rating: 7/10

BTW, Wahlberg is a confirmed lead in the upcoming Michael Bay's 'Transformer 4' franchise and all I can say is bring it on faster!!!

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