Bubbalicious @ Prego, The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Sundays are always worth celebrating because its the one day that the husbter and I will absolutely not touch our work. No difference a couple of Sundays ago except that we celebrated the hubster's 45th burpday too. The choice was Bubbalicious @ Prego, The Westin Kuala Lumpur having heard quite a bit of raving reviews from my pals.

Greeted by a cheery entrance to Prego with a yummy welcome drink and balloons. 
We were ushered in to ou seats and could not help but note the sweet dreams come true dessert bar. Stop! Snap a picture before we sit.
Cheese and bread! No all time love for Sundays!
Sundays and birthdays are to be celebrated. So naturally a champagne will be our choice.

As varied as the dessert bar is, I learnt that the food that greeted us was just as amazing. And its beyond what is displayed at the counter for salads, delectable cold cuts or freshly shucked oysters as the folks at Prego also have a selection of mains for sharing that the waiters will bring out from the kitchen and serve it to us at our table. Its a lot more food than my photos here and in Facebook Bubbalicious Burpday @ Prego has but I was seriously too hungry to shoot them all. So let's the ones that I snapped now do the talking!
Big, ripe and juicy berries for one of the best strawberry tarts I have ever had. Crumbly rich pastry, smooth rich custard and juicy fruits. 
Choose the toppings for your crepe and its made fresh right in front of you. I love berries...all sorts of berries so the birthday boy ordered this for me though he ate most of it. But I didn't have to fret as I promptly ordered myself another serving!
This lovely chocolate souffle is served with a dollop of ice cream (I took a strawberry from the fruits counter) was the dessert of the day that was served when we finished our meal. The waiters would inquire whether you wanted it or not and chocolate souffle is one of the desserts that both the hubster and I never say no to.
The Prego laboratory is one of my fave features for Bubbalicious. To start things off, you can order your choice of ice cream cone and ice cream flavour. This is round 1 of the many ice cream that we had:D
Expect cold and creamy ice cream with the latest liquid nitrogen ice cream trend which is also happening in Prego.
In between your mouthful of food, there is still more bubblies going on at our table. Of course if champagne isn't your thing, you can always opt for wine or beer.
Caught Chef Samuele Alvisi at work preparing the grill for the day.
A whole platter of grilled meat, sausages and seafood! Perfect for a Sunday! Perfect for the birthday boy who has been bugging me for a grill Sunday that I could not whip out since my cough and sore throat has been revisiting me a tad too often this year.
Roast chicken makes a lovely Sunday brunch for those who opt for white meat.
What's inside these baked parcels?
Say hello to a juicy piece of fish!
Love pizzas? Then you would certainly glee at the servings of generously topped pizzas with a lovely thin crust.
More pizzas comes around our table.
Irresistibly creamy rich mushroom risotto that I had refilled my plate each time they walked by with it.
More carbo goodness in the form of ravioli.
Aglio olio is one of my fave comfort food and I will not complain having it anytime of the day especially after my Sunday morning run!
Its mash and lamb stew. Brilliantly comforting for Sundays!
Seafood salad from the buffet table
Simple and delightful stuffed eggs 
Beef carpaccio to satisfy my meat cravings.
Choose your choice of more seafood goodness from prawns to oysters, slipper lobster, mussels and crab.
Then there are soups in little glass bowls. We had mushroom and pumpkin...and my obvious choice was pumpkin!
This tomato dip is brilliantly vibrant in taste and colour.
Be careful not to overeat this soft bread that is served...

And because it was the hubster's burpday, the boy had a surprised of his life. Some clanging and some loud singing came his way. 
The boy was obviously surprised...
Nothing is boring at Prego. Here's the burpday platter and its not just a regular cake and candle.
Here's the video of the awesome burpday ritual @ Prego!

And for those who are parents, fret not! You can still enjoy your Sunday with your kids and not be bugged with having to keep an eye on them. 
Enter the kids corner where little kids have fun on a Sunday. Set in a different theme every Sunday and manned by trained nannies, parents can indulge in the brunch with a peaceful mind while kids have their fair share of fun and food.
This little one wanted her daddy with her while she slurped on freshly made and healthy smoothies.
This little princess was happy to be entertained by the clown who made her a pretty balloon flower.
This little princess chose her own food and was busy plating it her way before she settled down to eat.

A healthy buffet line for the kids with colourful cutlery
Burgers too for picky eaters.
Very good macaroni cheese that I would love to devour

Celebrate your Sundays. Celebrate your special days with a twist with the awesomely fun and delicious
Bubbalicious @ Prego, The Westin Kuala Lumpur. Served from 11.30am to 2.30pm, I promise you its gonna be a memorable Sunday that will have you wanting to return (like I will be doing this coming Sunday). Other than what I put up above, there is also the Classic Cocktail Dessert Shots that you must give it a try!

Take your pick of packages for a fun filled Sunday brunch / lunch:
• RM168++ per person for food and non alcoholic beverages including free flow of soft drinks, juices, smoothies and water
• RM198++ per person for food plus free flow of soft drinks, juices, smoothies, water, imported red/white wines and beer
• For the serious Bubbalicious diner RM298++ per person food plus free flow of soft drinks, juices, smoothies, water, imported red/white wines and beer and a range of the finest spirits and Champagne. 
• Kids till the age of 6 years old eat for free, whilst children from the age of 7 to 12 years old will receive a 50% discount.

The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2773 8338
GPS: N 3.147794 E 101.714548

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BTW, stay tuned till the end of the Bubbalicious meal and you may just win this bottle of  Mum champagne during the lucky draw session!