Chilling @ Sungai Chiling

I love being out the city. I love to see blue clear skies above me and hear the soothing sounds of water. Reality sets in, I can't be a professional beach bummer because I have bills to pay...well unless I run a beach resort or something in the jungle with running waters. So most weekends, I get my fix of sun and water with a short drive somewhere. 

One of our favourite ones is still Sungai Chiling. Its a total package. We love the driving routes - confession: we love the hilly roads not the highway or the straighter roads. Its a short 60 minutes drive if you were to leave your home early e.g. 7a.m. (to avoid the traffic on the trunk road and Rawang town).
Let the little ones nap in the car during the journey unless they are too excited to nap then you can have a learning session with them in the car. Sometimes we play spot "the thing" games. Some days we teach them a little bit of geography and history of the place that we are driving through. 

One basically takes the road as if heading to Fraser Hill and its between Kuala Kubu Baru and the Gap.
You will be passing the Kuala Kubu Dam on your left and the orang asli settlement on your right. Both make lovely stops in their own way.
Travel early and monkeys will be aplenty
Dam was a tad dry when I snapped this some months back during the dry season. But otherwise, its a very scenic spot to chill.
Sunflower picture taken at the dam's rest area.
Lookout for this sign, You're just metres away from Sungai Chiling.
Drive cross the bridge and make an immediate left to park your car.
Its paved steps for you. So anyone including older folks like my in laws can join us too!

Depending on the season, you can have a different set of fun. I normally pick a spot as soon as I reach the base of the steps. I no longer trek deeper these days unless I am with the hubster minus the troopers and my furkid. Still, its a pretty picnic spot for us:D
During a hotter and dryer season.
Slightly wetter season.
This is the way that you transport kids to their stone spot.
Younger kids and not so brave ones will sit with a little bit of water under them but its still all fun. You know its good fun when the kids ask when can they revisit the falls.
Water is a tad cold initially so we normally get them to soak in gradually and paddle to keep themselves warm.
Yes my furkid Shalom joins us too. A picture before the water baby gets wet like a mop and makes a strange looking creature for photos. Note she is more interested in eyeing the water...and jumping in than to post for a photo with us.
Not quite wet but still a little wet. She's being dipping her paws into the water.
The stones were stacked by a group of teenagers who were there. Artistic? 

We normally pack a picnic when we visit Sungai Chiling. Anything goes and some days we buy and some days we make our own.
Healthy bunch of grapes.
Hmmm... this is my homemade treats for furkid Shalom
A flask of hot tea on some days
Canned drinks
Homemade egg sandwiches
Take your pick of cheese, bacon or luncheon meat:D
Rojak too! Remember to pack the peanut separately from the fruits.
Nasi lemak with sotong, rendang, egg and lots of sambal.
My happy trooper is obviously famished after a soak in the cold water.

After a good meal, chill or hop into the water that would suddenly feel very cold again. LOL. and when one has soaked up enough of Mother Nature's goodness, its time to pack and head home. Do bring your garbage up when you return to your car. There is ample dustbins for you to throw your garbage instead of littering at the picnic spot.
Bad and lazy moves by lazy and dirty buggers!
Some days, irresponsible picnickers and campers leave this behind! Grrrr!

Be adventurous and drive up to Fraser Hill. Or head down to Kuala Kubu Baru for some lovely food. I love the Gerai number 8 at the town centre food court and normally will arrange for my fave dumplings to be delivered there (click to read post). Another favourite is Kedai Makanan Lee for their very homely curry noodles and Yong Tau Foo.
Popular even at 4pm!

Sungai Chiling
• Approximately 20 kilometers from Kuala Kubu Bharu on the road to the Gap at the foot of Fraser Hill
• East 101 45.05' North 03 35.71'

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