DHC Collagen Beauty 7000

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 is now officially in Malaysia. 2 popular and definitely grgeous bloggers Ringo and Audrey shared their experience of using it. Granted that they both had good skin to start with, they shared that a regular consumption of DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 has improved their skin elasticity and moisture level.
Apparently one is never too young to start consuming Collagen supplements. Making up 70% of the inner skin’s layer, Collagen is a protein that depletes drastically in the body after the age of 25, which then causes the onset of wrinkles and sagging skin. By supplementing with Collagen, there appears to be a parallel in effectively reversing the signs of aging from the inside.

Exclusive only to Watson’s stores, another key indication of DHC Collagen Beauty 7000’ efficacy appears to be its modified – lowered - molecular size which enables the body to absorb its ingredients with relative ease.   

Having heard quite a bit about DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 also known as the illustrious “fountain of youth in a bottle”, I certainly looked forward to tasting it. I must say that my first sip of it was a chilled version and it tasted good like a grape juice thanx to the ingredients of muscat white grape juice and honey. Definitely palatable without the fishiness expected from collagen which is extracted from fish.
Started on a few bottles at home. I normally prefer my drinks at room temperature and opted for them room temperature. I must say that it tasted just as good and the fishiness was not obvious. Compared to some other Collagen supplements that came along my way for reviews, I pretty much like DHC Collagen Beauty 7000:
• Its is recommended to be consumed at night so that our skin can regenerate better with the 7,000mg of collagen. This proves a good idea for me especially when I have late nights (e.g. sleeping at 5a.m) which means I gulp a bottle before sleeping. 
• Confession - I am not taking Collagen on a regular basis. Its something I take when I have late nights or when I am unwell because then the skin seems to be extra oily (a sign that skin is producing extra sebum to make up for a lack or loss of moisture). Having taken DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 for a straight 3 weeks during my latest cough bout, I noted that skin seemed to have improved in elasticity and texture. It seems to be easier for me to apply my BB cream as it now glides effortlessly on the skin. This I conclude to be the combined efficacy of 7,000mg of Collagen and vitamin C.
• Noted that on nights that I consume DHC Collagen Beauty 7000, I actually sleep better. Its a deep sleep without waking up to drink water or to the slightest noise. Not if the other folks experienced the same but Audrey did share that she certainly slept better too after consuming DHC Collagen Beauty 7000.
Priced at RM129 for 10 bottles, it may be a little more expensive than other Collagen liquid supplements in the market, I however feel that its certainly worth it for its higher dosage of collagen. 

And as I hit 40 in a couple of weeks and coupled with a crazy hectic lifestyle, I reckon collagen will definitely be one of my supplements that I will consume though I have yet to be diligent like Ringo and Audrey who consume it daily:D After all, aging gracefully is my aim and I don't intend to give up my love for late nights and sun worshipping.

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