Haru Matsuri はるまつぃ

My cup of flat white with Hello Kitty 
Spring celebrations continues at Tokyo Street. Visited quite a couple of times over this month for some good fun at the Haru Matsuri はるまつぃ also known as the Spring Festival. 

While the Japanese snack food fair at the Tokyo Street has ended (of which I confess that I picked up quite a few boxes of my favourite Meiji Hello Panda biscuits and Calbee chips), the celebration continues with more fun activities. Took pictures at the "Cheese with Bunny Boys and Girls" head-in-a-hole art installations. Joined the puzzle fun (I love puzzles) and of course filled my tummy with the yummies a Tokyo Street eateries.

The only origami that I have been doing all these while is the very practical and versatile basket (click to read How to Make an Origami Box). And certainly seeing the board below, I was inspired to try my hands on making a sakura:D
Have some fun and make your own origami!
A picture before I start:D

Step by step and I made my own sakura origami.
Remember to stick it on the board and collect your voucher.
Spot my sakura origami if you can:D
There is always something new that excites me with each visit to Tokyo Street. And on a recent trip, my love of playing with Lego has gone further with me now indulging in nanoblock which is basically micro sized building blocks with the possible smallest part sized 4x4x5mm resulting in incredible details.
Micro sized but it packs lots of fun

Fret not! There is always clear instructions for you to follow
Maneki Neko
No visit to Tokyo Street is complete for me unless I make a pit stop at Komugi Cafe (previously known as En Ginza). A must have is always my coffee with a pretty coffee art to go with it and my fave Red Bean buns あんパン

Comforting red bean buns or anpan あんパン
Fragrant and not overly sweet azuki filling
Hello Kitty is always perfectly made at Komugi Cafe

Tokyo Street @ Pavilion K
Pavilion KL’s Concierge at +603 2118 8833

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