Love Your Breast

The inevitable for us girls is that over time our breast will sag. Scary? Surprised? Well, let's be honest, its just a natural process of time whether we like it or not. After all, there is always something called gravity and aging. 

Since our breast are connected to the body via some ligaments and tissues, proper care and support is  necessary. Without care and support, its only natural that our breast will sag even faster especially ladies with larger breast. So what can we do?

Start off by wearing the right fitting bra. And its equally important that the bra shapes our breast and offers sufficient support to minimise the ligaments being stressed by bouncing movement. As to what is a bad or good fitting bra, you can read about it in my previous post (click here to read).

Coincidentally wearing proper fitting ones by Neubodi close to 2 months, my bosom buddies certainly are looking a littler perkier. I am assuming that this is possible because the correct fitting bras are now cupping the breast correctly while the band and strap offers proper support. And interestingly, I think I see a better posture too with my correct fitted bras by Neubodi!

Yes ladies! Go get yourself properly fitted bras if you have not done so before or for the longest time. You can head on to any Neubodi boutiques like what I did to check out their professional fitting services which is totally FREE with NO buying obligations. No appointments are needed either. Visit or for more information about Neubodi and its store locations.

And while a good fitted bra helps, some exercise to help strengthen our upper pectoral muscles in the chest will help create a fuller look to make our bosom buddies look better. Include simple exercises like push-ups and inclined chest presses as part of your toning routine. 
Erratic weight change is not good for your bosom buddies. Maintaining your weight helps because when you gain and lose weight erratically and frequently, the skin of your breast will stretch and over time will certainly result in your bosom buddies looking saggy. So do exercise and watch your diet to ensure that your weight stays regular. And while exercising, its most important to wear good sports bra that gives your bosom buddies good support including minimal bounce.

Of course if you're pregnant, its important to wear proper support from day one of your pregnancy. 

The skin of your breast is sensitive and requires care like the skin of your face, hand etc. Invest in a good moisturizer and remember to moisturize your bosom buddies to ensure that the skin remains well moisturized and firm. And while moisturizing, do take the opportunity to feel and inspect your bosom buddies for bumps, lumps that could be signs for possible breast cancer. Of course scheduling a mammogram is equally important:P

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