Nasi Kandar Special @ Cinnamon Coffee House

No much of a rice fan per se but faced with Nasi Kandar and I will declare that I love rice with multiple refills! Happening all through the month of April, Cinnamon Coffee House is whipping out the best of Penang’s Nasi Kandar.

And if you're Malaysian then Nasi Kandar should not be foreign to you. For my International readers, Nasi Kandar originated from Penang by the Indian-Muslim community which literally means carrying two containers of dishes and rice (nasi) hung on both ends of a wooden stick (kandar) that I fondly remembered when they would sometimes walk by our old home in Anson Road, Penang.

However, the name has remained and today it is served in ‘Mamak’ and Nasi Kandar restaurants. The evolution of time now sees the  Nasi Kandar being modified in which steamed rice is served with side dishes and a variety of curries.

And at Cinnamon Coffee House, this whole month is dedicated to the delightful Nasi Kandar and a whole list of delightful curries, dishes and desserts that make a satisfying Nasi Kandar meal. Chef Nasron Kasiman and Chef Amar Abdul Rahim have whipped out a delightful menu which includes Mutton Mamak Soup, Sup Ayam Berempah, Sup Kambing Bersantan, Chicken Briyani, Fish Head Curry, Daging Masak Hitam, Telur Dadar, Lamb Rendang, Vegetable Kurma, Briyani Rice, Telur Ikan Goreng, Mutton Curry, Nasi Minyak, Sotong Masak Merah, Dalcha Sayur and Tomato Rice. Do not miss out on appetising appetizers including Acar Rampai, Ikan Masin Gelama, Acar Merah as well as ulam ulaman. Mouth-watering local desserts include Kuih Talam Pandan, Kuih Lapis Merah Putih, Pulut Panggang, Kuih Cara Manis, Pulut Tai Tai, Talam Jagung, Kuih Talam Keladi, Bingka Ubi, Kuih Lapis Jagung, Pulut Inti, Kuih Seri Ayu, Bingka Roti, Kuih Lapis Hijau Putih, Kuih Seri Muka and freshly cut fruits.

Mouth watering list right? Now's lets check out my sneak peek of the actual menu which I thoroughly enjoyed last Thursday!
Kari Kepala Ikan or Fish head Curry is a must for me with every Nasi Kandar meal. This is a very memorable fish head curry. Its rich but not overwhelming. Once can taste the beautiful blend of spices and a lovely tamarind touch to it making it very appetizing and calls for a banjir of the lovely gravy all over your rice. I took a couple of refills for this and I must say, the fish used is fresh and cooked just right.
Looks fiery? Its just a combination of spices that makes this Sambal Udang look potent and fiery. A combination of spicy spices and the natural sweetness of prawns actually lessens the fiery effects of the spices. Finger licking good!
Rendang Kambing is delightfully tender after the many hours of slow cooking the mutton in coconut milk and an assortment of spices including coriander, tumeric, ginger, galangal and garlic. 
Equally delightful is the Chicken Briyani which I thought was spicier than the mutton rendang.
Calm your palates with some Sayur Campur Kunyit - simple stir fry of mixed vegetables with turmeric and mustard seed.
or opt for some raw vegetables Ulam-ulaman that taste delightfully refreshing after some spicy curries. Of course you can always eat the ulam with some sambal belacan too.
And when the tongue is slightly numb, salted eggs come in handy and tasty too. In fact, the salted egg acts as a perfect condiment to be eaten with fish head curries too!
Appetising, crunchy and slightly tangy Acar Rampai makes a good condiment for Nasi Kandar. And strange as it may be, my mum is one of the folks who loves having Acar Ranpai to begin and end her Nasi Kandar meals.
Not to be missed with any Nasi Kandar meal would be Telur Ikan Goreng or fried fish roe. The ones served at Cinnamon Coffee House is perhaps one of the best that I have tasted. Its nice and crisp outside but the insides remained soft.
On a note of textures, I love some bite with each mouth of my Nasi Kandar. Pappadam are a must for me and choose from your fave choices. To be frank, I tool a few servings of it...and it did not end up in my plate nor my tummy! Instead my lunch companions made a mini meal of munching of these delightful chips while we chatted after they had finished their meals while Yours Truly the slow eater was still eating her 3rd helping of her nasi Kandar.
And another must for me will be the lovely fruit and vegetable chutney that enhances the flavours of the curries. I must say that Cinnamon Coffee House serves awesome mango chutney! healthy and opt for white rice. Or have the very flavourful Nasi Minyak which is cooked with long grain rice and ghee. The rice was so good that I found myself eating it on its own:D
Too hungry to take pics of my own helpings...this was the 3rd helping when i felt a little more energised after my 2 earlier servings:D
And of course in between your spicy mouthful of rice and curries, this rich and tummy warming Sup Ayam Berempah is certainly a lovely accompaniment to your Nasi Kandar meal.

No meal is complete without dessert and we had the pulut tai tai, pulut panggang and kuih lapis. And  I am not sure how it fits in but my companions could not resist a plate of Rojak Mamak as part of our dessert too! Thought the Rojak Mamak was more like a salad than a dessert but we all enjoyed it too much to bother with the idea of salad or dessert. LOL.
Pretty and delicate kuih lapis
Not too sweet Kuih Tako Pandan with a lovely filling of sweet crunchy water chestnut that complimented the savoury coconut milk and pandan layers.
I am not a Pulut Panggang fan but this grilled glutinous rice is a glorious one that converts non fans like me because it normally just filled with coconut. This however has a lovely filling of spicy coconut and dried shrimps like the good old days from my granny's days.
This is definitely be my favourite dessert from that day - Pulut Tai Tai. The blue colour is obtain from the blue pea flower. This glutinous rice dessert is best eaten with kaya or coconut jam.
Rojak Mamak with a lovely peanut paste and tender sotong (squid)

The Nasi Kandar Special will run until the end of April for dinner only. And while you're there, you can also enjoy the other bbuffet offerings available including Western, Chinese, Malay, Italian and Japanese.
• Buffet Dinner:  6.30 pm to 10.30 pm
• RM93++ per adult
• RM47++ per child aged 4 – 12 years
Cinnamon Coffee House @ One World Hotel:
 T: +603 7681 1157

Some of the lovely spices that goes into a good Nasi Kandar meal.

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