OMG Ooh My Gas Ice Cream

Crazy hot weather now calls for cold solutions. Stop short of chilling myself in the fridge air conditioned room, ice creams come in handy. My current fave snack and solution is ice cream. Checked out Ooh My Gas in Pavilion KL and this is now one of my fave haunts after my evening runs.

Different from the usual ice cream because liquid nitrogen is used to quickly churn the ice cream right before our eyes. Technically at -196⁰C the chosen base freezes quickly (a minute I am told) resulting in a creamier ice cream minus all the crystallisation.  

In 3 simple steps, I get my creamy ice cream in the choice of my flavours and base. Amazing!

STEP 1 is to choose our choice base of gelato, ice cream or soy milk. Gelato is certainly the creamiest of the lot but if one is lactose intolerant, then soy milk is a good option. And having chosen soy milk as my base, I am glad to say that it is as satisfying as the gelato.

STEP 2 is to choose our flavour and colour. Hehehe...I opted only for flavour.

STEP 3: Choose your choice topping!

And seriously if you're still at a lost despite the 3 simple steps, then you can always opt for their Cool Picks of the Week.

So what did we eat? pics from my after run sessions as I run without my phone for short distance:D
Gelato base, pistachio flavour, green and chocolate wafer sticks. This is yummy though I think nuts would have matched the pistachio flavour better. Not sure how the chocolate wafer sticks came into play but it was certainly a fun topping with memories from my childhood days:D
Jason's gelato, pineapple flavour, yellow colour and jelly beans is another happy kiddo like combination.
The hubster's ice cream, hazelnut nutella, pie crust and caramel. I love the rich buttery pie crust! Think he does too since he has had that a couple of times after our runs.
Kelly was at a she opted for Strawberry Cheesecake.
Mine is not a milk, peanut butter, topped with pecan, macadamia and chocolate sauce! My additional topping only cost RM1...a super good deal! The peanut butter is seriously good and highly recommended for peanut butter lovers!

Some other flavours that I love:
• Roasted almond
• Mango
• Cream cheese
• Green tea
• Sesame

Yet to recover from my cough properly but as soon as I recover, I know I am headed off to OMG @ Level 1 Pavilion KL. Its at the Food Republic opposite Famous Amos and the escalator.

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