Tex Mex Friday by the Pool

Chanced upon Tex Mex promo at Seri Pacific Hotel when we visited the Matta Fair recently. I will have to say that it was their flash mob that made us see this themed dinner since the back drop was right behind the dancers.
Flash mob led to a new discovery at Seri Pacific.

The Ted Mex is held by the poolside. Its a good place indeed with a view of the skies that turn from orange to dark. Relaxing actually especially when one is dining. A perfect way to spend Friday evening and to celebrate the eve of a weekend.

I must say the selection of food is quite varied. And makes a good deal to opt to dine here instead of preparing a BBQ for two or three persons at home.The appetizers are delightful and can be quite a filler if you're a small eater. Among my faves were the homemade salsa, guacamole and  plenty of tortilla chips which I left them post dessert for me to enjoy with my glass of wine. A must try would be the Texas Egg Rolls which were little delightful or egg parcels with spinach, chicken, black beans and Pepper Black Cheese. 
Texas Egg Rolls
Love this very hearty artichoke and spinach cooked in herbed cheese salad. 
Carnivores can delight in this Tex Mex Flank Steak Salad.

The brilliant thing with this Tex Mex buffet was there is something for everyone even if you're not into Tex Mex Grills and BBQ. The dishes include house made deep fried onion rings. While the batter seems a tad thick its tasty nonetheless. Soup for us that night was Chuck Wagon Clam Chowder.

A must have is also the very addictive garlic mashed potato that we found ourselves eating on our own and dabbing our BBQ cuts into it!

Other hot dishes includes Buffalo wings, potato skins, breaded fish fillets, grilled vegetables, deep fried vegetables similar to tempuras, pizza, fried rice, pasta and grilled corn.
I must say the pasta was quite delish! Perfect carbo loading option for me before my weekend runs.

The Ancho Lime Tilapia and Ancho Lime Shrimps were seasoned with ancho lime and then wrapped in banana leaves before being grilled. Unwrap each parcel to a delightful piece of juicy and flavourful bite.

Chicken lovers take delight in the roasted spring chicken and buffalo wings. 

And the longa waited BBQ of grilled items is a delightful choice of sausages, beef, chicken, lamb, beef ribs, Carribean Jack Beef Steak, Old Bay Marinated Lamb Shoulder and prawns. No worries of you like your meat rare etc as your choice meats can be cooked to your preferred choice
 Take your time to dine and have one of everything...and more
Cooked beside the pool...the aroma is terribly appetizing!
Round 1 of the grilled items from the many rounds. 
A mix of grill and other items from the buffet line
Another round of mix from grill and hot dishes.

Of course there is dessert too. Take your pick of tiramisu, apple pies, semolina pudding, miniature pavlova, cheese cakes, walnut tart, panna cotta, macaron, chocolate fountain, strudel, blueberry mousse and more.

For RM80 nett per person, this is a value for money Friday BBQ night. After all, preparing a BBQ for two certainly will cost much more and I may not end up with variety (and someone to cook and wash up for me:P). This Tex Mex is only on Friday between 6:30p.m. to 10:30p.m. which leaves us time to get our tummies filled and then move on to party or catch a midnight movie or head home to rest our tummies:D

Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Putra
50350 Kuala Lumpur
 T: +603 4042 5555
• GPS N 3 10.044 E 101 41.537

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