The Grind Burger Bar

The Grind House Burger

Juicy pork burger that invites you to take yet another bite.

When I read Sean and Drops of Contentment's review on The Grind Burger Bar, I knew that I had to check out that place...quickly! Ignored the jam and the threatening grey skies and we were there after work. Arrived and good luck with parking and lots of seats left!

The menu had quite a bit of interesting items but there was only so much a coughing person was allowed to eat. All my protest about being furiously hungry went to deaf ears. I was allowed only a burger and had to almost cry to be allowed the fries and my rootbeer float. LOL.

Service is prompt and quick. Friendly too. Was glad that the waitress asked me whether a big eater and whether I was hungry because I am seriously famished. She was God sent! I had my way and thus the Grind House Burger was recommended. One can opt for pork or beef. My choice was pork because its not been easy to get decent pork burgers in KL.
For RM19, I had a burger, some fries and a tiny bit of salad. Sorry but I felt that the salad serving was way too small - mouthfuls or less:P The sides of herbed fries is awesomely good and remained soft inside and crunchy on the outside even after I had finished my burger! A plus point for the fries was it was still had its skin on for extra flavour (and vitamins).
The Grind House Burger
Herbed fries
The burger was simply amazing. Brioche buns held together my juicy and premium pork patty, a slice of bacon, caramelised onions, runny egg, natural cheddar, onions, tomato, some greens and an interesting pinkish dracula mayonnaise. Every bite was a juicy bite and if you're a messy eater, be prepared for some juices flowing down your chin:P

I cleared my whole set of burger and wanted to order the onion rings and the Fiery Peppercorn Burger that I heard raving reviews even from non blogging pals. But the darn cough had to come in a long fit...and dashed all hopes for more food. On hind sight, perhaps I should have steered off the Black Cow RM8 which was basically rootbeer float. But heck how could one not have rootbeer float when its on the menu? Plus it was burgers and rootbeer floats are good pals for a satisfying meal!
The Black Cow
And since the hubster was not too hungry (on a diet actually), he opted for the Big Black Dog @ RM16. Yummy pork Bratwurst in a black charcoal bun and topped with delightful chili pork, natural cheddar, mozarella and onions. Served also with the yummy fries and tiny salad:P Very good and I know I will return for this the next time.
The Black Dog

The Grind Burger Bar is along the same road as the famed Kanna Curry House but the following block. Food's definitely good and I am looking forward to checking out more stuff on the menu.
7 Jalan 17/45 
Petaling Jaya
+603 7932 3883
Closed on Mondays

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