The Mexican Fiesta

Had a sneak peek of the Mexican Fiesta couple of weeks back and Tuesday night, it was the whole Mexican Fiesta itself. Almost like a feast of its own with visiting Mexican Chefs Tania Gonzalez and Salvador Vasquez showcasing authentic Mexican cuisine.

Our meal was flavourful and colourful.  Among the main Mexican ingredients I noted during dinner included avocado, beans, chili, corn, guava, meat, nuts, an assortment of peppers and tomatoes. An interesting play of spices too including chili powder, cumin, cilantro, chipotle, cinnamon and oregano. Let's have a peek at some of the dishes. For a full set of photos, hop on over to my Facebook album Mexican Fiesta.
Rice is one of the staples in Mexico. This Mexican Rice is cooked using long grain rice with a lovely subtle nutty and tomato flavour to it. Perfect with many of the Mexican dishes that was served.
Grilled Flank Steak is a perfect meal for meat lovers like. Perfect on its own or even with the Mexican rice or Tacos. Juicy thin slices of tender beef steaks are marinated with lime, garlic and salt. Simple and tasty!
My first time tasting Pollo Con Molle at Fresca (read post here) which did not quite rock my taste buds. This time around at Serena Brasserie, the experience was truly memorable. In fact Chef Salvador Vasquez told us that to make a good Pollo Con Molle, one requires over 24 ingredients including nuts, chocolates and spices that needs to be blended together. No short cuts per se resulting in a very addictive dish for me. Despite chicken breast being used for this dish, the sauce was so delightful that I returned for a few servings of this rich, nutty and chocolatey dish with some extra bite from the sesame seed tossed onto the dish.
Fish veracruz style has a lovely vibrant colour that comes from tomatoes but is not all that plain tasting with some eminent taste of cilantro, olives, lime, garlic and chili. 
Another favourite dish for the night has to be these Prawns in Passila Guava Sauce. Yes you saw it right...I wrote guava! Guava is a native plant in Mexico! The colour may look fiery but its a lovely mild tasting dish because Pasilla is actually a fragrant chili that taste a little smokey rather than spicy.
Lamb Barbacoa is basically lamb wrapped in banana and avocado leaf. A clear favourite for all of us. The meat was tender and flavourful and certainly tasted a bit like our local rendang:D Traditionally the meat (lamb or beef) is marinated with spices and then wrapped in avocado and banana leaves before they are cooked underground. 
And could one not have Quesadillas in a Mexican feast? I particularly love these corn and fungus ones that has a lovely sweet corn richness to it and a lovely intense earthiness to it. These fungus known as huitlacoche (sounds like wheat-la-coh-chay) is a Mexican delicacy and apparently corn with this smut fetches a higher price! Some even call it the Mexican truffle!
There is more to Mexican desserts than Churros. And when you do have some churros, try it with a squeeze of lime too. You'll be amazed at the lovely combination of flavours from the lime and chocolate.
I pretty much loved the Mexican candies and sweets. But one that stood out for me were these sweet Cajeta. A little like chocolate fudge and is made from a combination of cow's milk, goat's milk, sugar and spice.
Starting from the left: Churros, Cajeta, Peanut brittle (that taste exactly like our local peanut brittle), Alegria (made of amaranto seed and honey), Mexican donut with custard filling and Mexican Corn Tart. All were yummy and sweet and that plate (excluding refills) obviously left me sugar high for the night:D
These Mexican oblea tasted a little like wafers with syrup and a couple of pumpkin seeds.

And since visiting Mexican Chefs Tania Gonzalez and Salvador Vasquez were present, a cooking demo was certainly in order with them preparing a Mexican cactus salad right before our eyes. We didn't exactly get the recipe but majority of the work lies in removing the torn and skin from the cactus. I must say that the cactus does look very much like the ones we grew in our home. Will read it up and chat with my new found Mexican friends and try to replicate it at home. 
Skinned cactus are boiled in water and salt for about 6-7 minutes until the slime is removed.
Tossing the cactus, onions, fresh oregano, cilantro, tomatoes, oil and salt.
Cactus salad
Brilliant teamwork by Chefs Tania Gonzalez and Salvador Vasquez together with the team in InterContinental Kuala Lumpur whipped out an amazing Mexican feast.

Head down to Serena Brasserie @ InterContinental Kuala Lumpur for a an authentic Mexican feast .Priced at RM82++ per person for Mexican Fiesta Lunch and RM98++ per person for Mexican Fiesta Dinner, this promotion ends on 15th April 2013.
Serena Brasserie
Ground Floor
InterContinental Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 2782 6228

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Colourful waiters dressed in Mexican costumes