Go Away Cellulite!

Cellulite! Yeah I have it too and that makes me one of the 90% of women who walks around carrying that ugly orange peel or lumpy lasagna looking skin. 
Contrary to what many people think, cellulite isn't just friends with those who are overweight. Cellulite is also good friends with skinny and thin women. That awful wobbles that sticks with you more than your best friend or even shadow...
Nothing major but yes I do have my share of Cellulite...and it wobbles when I walk:D
And just who or what is this Cellulite? Cellulite is not a recognised medical condition. Its basically the fat deposits that sit under the skin and most visible at the bum, tummy and thighs. Water retention makes it look even more obvious. The reasons for cellulite includes age, genetics, hormonal and lifestyle including our diets and lack of exercise. Like it or not, those stubborn cellulite also stores toxins. So ridding them is certainly more than just for beauty reasons.

So how do we rid our 'best' friend cellulite? My fave steps:
• Eat clean! Cut down on processed food. Not easy but cleaning up your diet habits will help to reduce your cellulite. Juicing or eating more fruits and vegetables is a good start:D
• Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drinking enough water helps to flush out the toxins from the body. and if you hate water, a slice of lemon will make it tastier or indulge in herbal teas which are caffeine free. My favourites are peppermint and chamomile. 
• Skin brushing is an easy step that you can incorporate at home. Dry skin brushing is believed to be able to stimulate the lymphatic system for better waste / toxins removal. Invest in a good natural bristle brush and brush in circular movements before you shower. Start from your ankles and always brush in the direction of your heart.
• Exercise! I am active but I reckon I don't really exercise. But when I picked up running and kick boxing a little more regularly, I certainly noted that the cellulite were less noticeable. Its not an overnight miracle so just make sure you exercise weekly. Work in walks, runs or whatever exercise you fancy 20 minutes for 3 times a week.
• Massage helps. You can always treat yourself to a lymphatic massage etc at salons to help break down the cellulite. I love visits to the salons but I admit that they are quite a luxury that I cannot afford too often. So a home massage works with a skin lotion or even body oil will help in your battle against cellulite. Check out the following video on how you can have your daily DIY massage at home to help remove cellulite.

The above video shows Kim Low who won 1st runner up of the Miss Cosmos Southeast Asia 2012 and Celmonze Training Manager Adealine Wong demonstrating how easy it is for us to massage our cellulite away. Its been a couple of years since I saw Adealine but I must admit that this 51 year old looks seriously still good despite her jet setting lifestyle.
Celmonze Anti Cellulite Body Oil RM268 is my very first experience with an anti cellulite product. Definitely one very lovely product to use. Following the steps in the video, I have been diligently using it for 10 days after my shower in the morning and before I sleep at night. Made of natural ingredients, the body oil performs 3 core actions:
• Promote good circulation
• Eliminate toxins
• Breaks down fat 
The very first Anti Cellulite product that joined my vanity section of my house.
A few drops goes quite a long way.
Slather it on and massage...
It is oil but its certainly rapidly absorbed into the skin when I massaged it in. No oily feel or no oily stains on my clothing. In fact I like the fact that I notice the skin on my legs being less dry ever since I started using the Celmonze Anti Cellulite Body Oil and that's certainly a good plus point other than less cellulite:D

Made with essential oils, the body oil has a very uplifting Citrus scent to it. Certainly a daily treat and indulgence since I love essential oils. I would definitely continue using Celmonze Anti Cellulite Body Oil as part of my Cellulite combat. I doubt that I would be 100% cellulite free but less of those wobbles is certainly a good idea.

However, if you have a more severe cellulite problem, no harm hopping over to seek professional. Celmonze offers the SPA Wellness Treatment at their salons. In conjunction with the launch of Celmonze's Phenomenal Woman body wellness programme, there will be a special promotion and an "Experience and Win" contest to reward customers which includes the Grand Prize of 5D 4N stay at Hardrock Hotel Bali for you to flaunt your body:P There is also 10 Special Prizes and 50 Consolation  Prizes which includes body care products and body treatments.

And for every purchase of Celmonze Anti Cellulite Body Oil at RM268, you will get a FREE 60 minutes Lymphatic Drainage therapy worth RM300!

For more info:

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Botanical @ BVII

Conversation over dessert...
Me: That was one awesome vegetarian dinner!
Hubster: Meatless dinner? You are kidding me!
Me: Its "Botanical"! It is of course a meatless meal!
Hubster: *stunned deer look*

After a stretch of red meat dinners and lotsa booze, its time to clean up my acts a little. A meal at Botanical in BV II is certainly a good idea though I confess I was actually still craving meat even as we headed in for dinner with Sarah who was out of action and away for quite some weeks.

The menu was just right and everything sounded good to while we deliberated what to order, we nibbled on the warm complimentary bread served. Beware not to over eat on these addictive warm breads which I confessed I did eat a lot more than I should but I guess it was fine since I needed some fuel for the weekends 40km targeted run. 

I love a juice before dinner. And to make it even more delightful, when its pure juice and fibre making its almost like a fruit shake. 
Green Goodness RM11.90 - creamy avocado with pears and oranges.
• Tropical Comfort RM11.90 - a refreshing concoction of passionfrui, mango and orange
 • Mango Mia - all my fave ingredients of mango, apple and coriander!

Minted Green Pea Soup (RM16.90) was lovely and smooth. Surprise surprise because non pea lover boy (the hubster) said its a refreshing and creamy goodness in a bowl. 
Pretty and certainly will make one have a new opinion of peas:D

I have a weak spot for beet root and arugula. Naturally this means the Beetroot and Pumpkin Salad  Rm18.90 that was on the April specials would certainly be on our table! The serving of the salad was huge and certainly makes it possible for a very filling salad meal for some folks. A gorgeous platter of brilliant colours made from the baked beet root, pumpkin, arugula, guacamole, sour cream, sesame, pumpkin seed and pine nuts.

The burger was ordered for the hubster in mind after all, this boy loves his fries and burgers! Regular looking Falafel Burger RM21.90 is an absolutely hearty meat free burger with a dense chick pea patty paired with some lovely jalapeno, pickled red cabbage and arugula. Of course the home made soft brioche bread totally wowed the whole burger. 
Burger with a difference
Its meat you didn't know that! Love the side salad of cabbage and edamame.
Crispy fries that I find hard to resist.
A simple but very satisfying salad that certainly would love to see it on the menu menu:D
A lovely dense chick pea patty.

Macaroni is always one of my fave comfort dish. I will happily have it anytime most days (Click to read a simple comforting macaroni meal that I often cook). Botanical makes both the hubster and I happy people with their rendition of mac and cheese. The Pasta e Fagioli RM19.90 does not look like your regular mac and cheese. It looks totally dainty and pretty! 
A bowl of delightfully cheesy pasta of macaroni, cannellini beans and golden saffron.  
I deem this KL's best toast with a rich touch of mushroom truffle butter!

While the BiBimBap RM21.90 came highly recommended, I wouldn't say that it rocked my taste buds. It certainly is packed with some very healthy and tasty assortment of ingredients including brown rice, baby spinach, cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, shimeji mushrooms, cabbage, capsicum, fried egg and spicy red sauce. It tasted kinda tomatoish for me but its probably my preference after all this is one of the best sellers at Botanical!

If you love desserts then save some room for the rather large selection of desserts.
The best sellers in Botanical:
• Strawberry Shortcake RM12.90 
• Opera Slice RM13.90 
• Passionfruit Cheesecake RM9.90
Totally delightful and certainly a welcome are the homemade marshmallows! Priced at RM3.90 each may seem a tad costly but a bite and you will probably want more of these very flavourful and slightly chewy and dense marshmallows.

A drink with desserts and after a large meal will be a good idea if you choose to linger and chat lie we did. Latte for the boy ad tea for the girls!
Can't fault a pretty glass of latte.
I absolutely delight in gorgeous tea cups like this.

Will certainly be returning for more awesome rabbit food at Botanical. After all, its so good that I didn't feel my meal was incomplete even when its meatless!

First Floor
Bangsar Village II
Kuala Lumour
+6032287 6566

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The Pound in TTDI

Been a hot sunny Sunday but there's no holding back from going out to play catchup with the besties for some tyre and fuel fun in Shah Alam. The hot afternoon certainly left us hungry and we headed for an early dinner food hunt at a new eatery The Pound in TTDI.
Missing one tamchiak who's on her flight back to KL but for now its Jo, me and Lil.
Tried taking pictures with my HP and its quite futile when the cars are making high speed donuts. Hmmm...this certainly does make the MRS look like it has 6 wheels. 

Today's food hunt brought us to the newly opened The Pound in TTDI. On the first floor of a shoplot, this place is not difficult to find with Secret Recipe and McDonald's being the landmark. For an eatery that has been opened for about a month, I am certainly looking forward to a more extensive menu though I must say the current is good enough to cater to most meat lovers - there is beef, chicken, fish,  lamb and pork!
Look up...and there's The Pound
Plenty of doggie portraits because the owner is a dog lover (this scores quite some points with me and my buddies)

The list of drinks is quite extensive but nothing beats a good pint of Guinness or Heineken on a hot Sunday afternoon. RM55 for 3 pints!

We start off with some appetizers. Chips are always a good idea. The Pounded Chips RM9 area  definite must haves. Old fashion style thick cuts of potatoes are nice and crisp on the outside and soft inside. The salt and vinegar are already sprinkled on it but I personally like it with more vinegar:D

The Pound Mushrooms RM14 takes a lil bit of time to be prepared but its certainly worth the wait. 2 juicy seasoned Portobello mushrooms are roasted and served with sunny side eggs. A perfectly executed dish that will thrill both runny egg and mushroom lovers alike. 
Simple and yummy
Egg porn?

The Pound Pork Balls RM9 may seem a tad expensive since its only 3 balls but its 3 very delectable handmade pork balls packed with mince pork, cheese and rosemary.
3 very delish pork balls.
Juicy insides...

Juicy and bone licking good The Pound's BBQ Pork Ribs RM24 is definitely one of the highlights of our meal. Seasoned with their secret marinade before it is smoked and barbecued, these are available in limited quantity...
Forget about using your fork and knife. Dig in with your fingers! Lick the bone clean. Lick your fingers clean too! Yummy!

Jo opted for the Wild Mushroom Soup RM9. Simple no frills wild mushroom soup topped with some croutons and served with a slice of garlic bread.

For a hearty burger, then check out The Pound Pork Burger RM25. A power packed burger with grilled mince pork patty, ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and of course a lovely runny egg! Served with a generous side of their awesome fries. While the ham seemed a tad hard for me, my dining companions went through it with ease:D
This is one of the burgers that I will not like to share with anyone.
Juicy mince pork patty:D

The second burger on the menu is the Really Cheese Cheese Burger RM22. A simple quarter pound beef patty with cheddar cheese, runny egg, tomato and onions. Nothing wrong with the taste but my obvious preference would be the pork burger:D

I miss having a lovely thick cut of pork chop. The Pound's Pork Chop RM22 is definitely another highlight of our meal. Its a lovely chunk of 1" thick well seasoned and tender pork chop served with one of the better caramelized apples that we have had for some time. Good to be eaten on its own or even with the house special sauce. We ordered 2 portions separately. While the first one came slightly pinkish and the second one was white when we did a cross section, both chops were tasty and juicy. No complains whatsoever as far as the pork chops are concerned.
Thick chunk of pork chop for the porky lovers.
A nice ratio of meat and fat for a juicy bite.

While the appetizers, mains and burgers worked well with us, the desserts needed a little work. And our guess was the crystallised vanilla ice cream ruined the otherwise good desserts.
Banana Fritters with Ice Cream RM7 was a hit with its lightly battered ripe bananas. 
If only the ice cream was nice and creamy then this Earl Greyhound Affogato RM7 would be the ultimate dessert for tea lovers like me.

For a place that's opened only for a month, The Pound certainly has more hits than many eateries that boost of awesome reviews (click to read my misadventure on Friday night). The total bill came up to RM289 for 5 hours of us sitting there. Why so long? Well, there's always lots to catch up between the husbands and the wives. Of course when petrol heads get together, watching the F1 together is always fun in between a few games of pool. 
No service and government tax (yet)

The Pound
50 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Kuala Lumpur
T: +6019 260 6667

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