Botanical @ BVII

Conversation over dessert...
Me: That was one awesome vegetarian dinner!
Hubster: Meatless dinner? You are kidding me!
Me: Its "Botanical"! It is of course a meatless meal!
Hubster: *stunned deer look*

After a stretch of red meat dinners and lotsa booze, its time to clean up my acts a little. A meal at Botanical in BV II is certainly a good idea though I confess I was actually still craving meat even as we headed in for dinner with Sarah who was out of action and away for quite some weeks.

The menu was just right and everything sounded good to while we deliberated what to order, we nibbled on the warm complimentary bread served. Beware not to over eat on these addictive warm breads which I confessed I did eat a lot more than I should but I guess it was fine since I needed some fuel for the weekends 40km targeted run. 

I love a juice before dinner. And to make it even more delightful, when its pure juice and fibre making its almost like a fruit shake. 
Green Goodness RM11.90 - creamy avocado with pears and oranges.
• Tropical Comfort RM11.90 - a refreshing concoction of passionfrui, mango and orange
 • Mango Mia - all my fave ingredients of mango, apple and coriander!

Minted Green Pea Soup (RM16.90) was lovely and smooth. Surprise surprise because non pea lover boy (the hubster) said its a refreshing and creamy goodness in a bowl. 
Pretty and certainly will make one have a new opinion of peas:D

I have a weak spot for beet root and arugula. Naturally this means the Beetroot and Pumpkin Salad  Rm18.90 that was on the April specials would certainly be on our table! The serving of the salad was huge and certainly makes it possible for a very filling salad meal for some folks. A gorgeous platter of brilliant colours made from the baked beet root, pumpkin, arugula, guacamole, sour cream, sesame, pumpkin seed and pine nuts.

The burger was ordered for the hubster in mind after all, this boy loves his fries and burgers! Regular looking Falafel Burger RM21.90 is an absolutely hearty meat free burger with a dense chick pea patty paired with some lovely jalapeno, pickled red cabbage and arugula. Of course the home made soft brioche bread totally wowed the whole burger. 
Burger with a difference
Its meat you didn't know that! Love the side salad of cabbage and edamame.
Crispy fries that I find hard to resist.
A simple but very satisfying salad that certainly would love to see it on the menu menu:D
A lovely dense chick pea patty.

Macaroni is always one of my fave comfort dish. I will happily have it anytime most days (Click to read a simple comforting macaroni meal that I often cook). Botanical makes both the hubster and I happy people with their rendition of mac and cheese. The Pasta e Fagioli RM19.90 does not look like your regular mac and cheese. It looks totally dainty and pretty! 
A bowl of delightfully cheesy pasta of macaroni, cannellini beans and golden saffron.  
I deem this KL's best toast with a rich touch of mushroom truffle butter!

While the BiBimBap RM21.90 came highly recommended, I wouldn't say that it rocked my taste buds. It certainly is packed with some very healthy and tasty assortment of ingredients including brown rice, baby spinach, cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, shimeji mushrooms, cabbage, capsicum, fried egg and spicy red sauce. It tasted kinda tomatoish for me but its probably my preference after all this is one of the best sellers at Botanical!

If you love desserts then save some room for the rather large selection of desserts.
The best sellers in Botanical:
• Strawberry Shortcake RM12.90 
• Opera Slice RM13.90 
• Passionfruit Cheesecake RM9.90
Totally delightful and certainly a welcome are the homemade marshmallows! Priced at RM3.90 each may seem a tad costly but a bite and you will probably want more of these very flavourful and slightly chewy and dense marshmallows.

A drink with desserts and after a large meal will be a good idea if you choose to linger and chat lie we did. Latte for the boy ad tea for the girls!
Can't fault a pretty glass of latte.
I absolutely delight in gorgeous tea cups like this.

Will certainly be returning for more awesome rabbit food at Botanical. After all, its so good that I didn't feel my meal was incomplete even when its meatless!

First Floor
Bangsar Village II
Kuala Lumour
+6032287 6566

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