Chandon & High Heels

Had a gathering with the girls at Twenty-One Tables+Terrace, Bangsar. Aptly named and themed Chandon & High Heels, each of us came decked in our own dresses and heels. Yes, yours truly came in her 6" heels that made me seriously taller but nevertheless still shorter than the rest of the girls in their heels:P And of course the night was paired with Chandon.

Being with the girls, it was certainly a hot and saucy night of sorts. We had our share of good laugh with the game of Dare or Truth. Shall not divulge the contents of our dares and truths but let's just say, we attracted quite a bit of attention from neighbouring tables with our questions and answers.

For me, one of the highlights was having the pleasure and honour of having Chandon winemaker Glenn Thompson with us. It was an eye opening experience as Glenn took us through a journey of Chandon wines paired with some light bites. 

I will leave the pictures and short blurb tell the story of our amazing night out :
Chandon Brut to start our evening. This delicate sparkling wine has a delectable fine beads of gas with a lovely bouquet of citrus blossom and delicate spice to it. Definitely a perfect and refreshing start to the evening.
Cheers to a great evening!
Refreshingly good on its own...
I like mine with a couple of blueberries in it. 
Letting the berries dance a little with the fine gas for a vibrant and aromatic twist.
Honestly, its also rather therapeutic for me to watch the berries dance. Here's a short snippet.
Hello Kelly Chin!
Moving along to Chandon Rose with a pretty pinkish gold hue.
Pretty and it taste just as good with hints of citrus, berries and vanilla.
Chandon Rose was brilliantly paired with the simple yet intense salmon which accentuated the creamy touch of the rose. In my humble opinion, it would be lovely with some lamb canapes too.
In between nibbles and sips, we chat on more. Not sure what tickled me...
Its a Chandon journey and we move on to Domaine Chandon Chardonnay 2010. 
Pale straw coloured with a lovely touch of peach, citrus and nuts to it...
The slight sweetness of the Chardonnay was a lovely accompaniment to the delicate portions of risotto that was paired with it.
Time to change colour and its Chandon Pinot Noir 2011
Delicate garnet colour to it with clear notes of sweet berries and spice. The fine tannins of this pinot noir makes it a lovely match with the earthiness of a porcini risotto or even smoked duck.
The Domaine Chandon Shiraz 2010 is a gorgeously intense and vibrant red that made me rediscover why I love a Shiraz (when the weather permits...)
Deep red with aromatic berries, plum and sweet cinnamon, this is a slightly spicy wine with a memorable character to to the very last sip.
The Shiraz is beautifully paired with robust meats like lamb. And equally palatable with the sweet plums on the side for those who find it tad too spicy.
Smile! Its Nicole, Jessie and Caroline
Some games in between and my buddy Kelly Siew goes home with a bouquet of flowers and Chandon Brut.
Cheers and congras to your win Kelly!
Its more fun in between our game of Truth or Dare, we have an interesting cocktail that Glenn concocted.
Girly talk...and Robert listens...and smiles...

THANX Chandon for piecing together this gorgeous Friday night out for us! And yes...Glenn Thompson too for running us through the different Chandon wines.

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