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I remember during my teens 2 main complains were always oily skin that was 'so oily that I could fry an egg' and blackheads that made my nose looked like it was a fern plant with spores! No kidding you.
Wished that during my days, there were more remedies to the skin woes rather than the advise 'its part of growing up'. My reply was often 'you mean growing pains'. LOL.

I must say that I have been lucky that my oily skin and blackhead wasn't exactly severe. Blackheads begins with excess sebum, dead skin cell, dirt and makeup clogging up their skin pores.  Continuous clogging of the pores can cause visible blackheads and when combined with uncontrolled sebum secretion may result in acne!

Fast forward to current times, one can  Say ‘No’ to Oily Skin & Blackheads with Clean & Clear® Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser. This product is designed for teens to achiever visibly oil-free and clear beautiful skin.

Obviously I am not a teen anymore, but I certainly have a handful of teens who are now in their early teens and share my teenage days complaints too. So this review is actually based on a pair of siblings who agreed to be my white mice for this product review. The 2 shared the product for 3 weeks and their verdict:
• Scent - Smells like apple wash. While the girl liked it, the boy felt that it was a wee to girly scented for him.
• Texture -  Both liked the fine apple micro beads and wished that it was more foamy.
fine apple micro beads
• Efficacy - Both felt that it cleaned their skin well. Skin was clean but not taut. The boy noted that was less tiny bumps on his face immediately after each face wash. Thus reducing his 'need' to extract the blackheads like what he was previously doing.
• Overall - both have seen an improvement in their skin clarity and for the girl she mentioned she felt her skin looked 'cleaner and lighter'. The girl immediately saw a reduction in her blackhead especially around the nose and chin (except during her period days)

I used it once just out of curiosity and definitely its not something for my matured skin. Loved the refreshing apple scent. I reckon that if I were a teen, it would make my face wash time a happy and refreshing one. Definitely the apple micro beads were fine and was suitable for daily use.

No complaints whatsoever on a lack of foam. I still had a nice clean wash. I tried on the Clean & Clear® Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser after my 20km run in the morning and must say it gave me a relatively clean wash since there was barely any residue seen on my toner cotton ball.

So what goes into this Clean & Clear® Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser?

The first is Pure Rice™ technology, a special extract of all-natural rice protein which has a unique structure to soak up oil from the skin like a micro-sponge all day long.  It works mainly by attracting and capturing sebum (oily secretions from skin) from skin pores 8 times faster and lasting up to 8 hours.

This Clean & Clear® Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser contains apple micro scrub and natural apple fruit acid formula.  This formulation helps to remove blackheads effectively and gently. Visible results of lesser blackheads can be seen in just three days with regular usage.
Of course the Clean & Clear® Deep Pore Cleanser also contains Salicylic Acid that penetrates into the epidermis and into the pores to prevent clogged pores.  This also helps to remove blackheads, but more importantly, it prevents future blackheads from forming.
So parents with teens or even any teens searching online for oily skin and blackhead remedies, do check out this Clean & Clear® Deep Pore Cleanser. Its entirely my personal thoughts, but I reckon that adults with oily and blackhead problems can perhaps give this a try. However with all good skin care, washing itself is not sufficient. One should also make the daily routine a 3-step: cleanse, tone and moisturize.

Clean & Clear® Daily Pore Cleanser is available in 50gm and 100gm at major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.  For more information on Clean & Clear® and its line of products, check out My Clean & Clear.

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