Dim Sum Dim All @ Tai Zi Heen

Ate 40 out of the 45 items on Tai Zi Heen's current 'Dim Sum, Dim All' ala carte buffet dim sum campaign. The idea was to run through all the 45 items but my lunch companions were a bit too stuffed to eat another 3 more items and I skipped 1 item because I am allergic to papayas:D

There are 2 items on the appetizer list. Short and simple. Much as I would normally love a fruit salad for an appetizer I had to say no to the Mixed Fruit Salad with Snow Crab because I am allergic to papayas. The Chilled Marinated Jelly Fish with Peanut Paste was one of my faves from the day with a nice crunchy bite to it and a light peanut taste to it.
沙律蟹柳什果 Mixed fruit salad with snow crab
棒棒酱捞海蜇 Chilled marinated jelly fish with peanut paste

A pork free dim sum session can also have lovely roast meats. Take your pick of duck or char siew chicken (which I can imagine my pork free mummy nodding her head in approval). While the duck didn't quite have the nice crispy skin, it was tasty enough. Must say that to date the yummiest halal roast duck I have had is still Roast Kitchen in TTDI (click to read post).
明爐脆皮鴨 Hong Kong-style roasted duck (left) and 蜜汁雞叉燒 Char siew chicken (right)

One of the must haves for me in any dim sum meal is congee or porridge. SOme may argue that the porridge in Tai Zi Heen is a tad bland but for me its a lovely preparation because it is unsalted and basically suitable for just about anyone. Like it saltier, then add some soya sauce to it or even eat it with the above mentioned roast duck!
生滾滑雞粥 Congee with chicken (left) and 生滾皮蛋粥 Congee with century eggs (right) are served with spring onions and some crisp.

If you yearn something hot from the wok or even more filling then one can choose from 8 items. My faves were the Soup of the Day, Wok-fried Chicken with Sun-dried Chillies and Cashew Nuts, and Yang Zhao Fried Rice. I know I am not a rice person but give me a good fried rice with good wok hei and I will ask for a second helping. If you're dining with kids, then the Deep-fried Grouper Fillets with Lemon Sauce is highly recommended and I think its also a good dish for folks who hate fishy fish dishes. Radish cake lovers will delight with the modern touch of chicken floss and XO sauce.
每日老火汤 Specialty soup of the day for us was Old Cucumber Soup
芝士醬虾仁 Deep-fried prawns with cheese sauce
鲜柠炸班块 Deep-fried grouper fillets with lemon sauce
極品酱炒萝蔔糕 Stir-fried radish cake with bean sprouts and XO sauce
宮寶雞球 Wok-fried chicken with sun-dried chillies and cashew nuts
蚝油皇扒港時蔬 Wok-fried vegetables with oyster sauce
蝦仁煎生面 Crispy egg noodles topped with prawns
招牌揚洲炒香飯 Yang Zhao fried rice

I personally prefer steamed dim sum and must say that the selection of 12 items on the menu is certainly delightful! Definitely memorable and I wouldn't mind a few servings are the Glutinous Rice with Chicken and Mushrooms. The rice us fluffy and tasty yet not overly oily like many places. Crystal Dumplings Filled with Dried Sole (Har Kaw) was certainly delightful as the prawn was nice and big. I love scallops and clams so its not a surprise that I would ask for extra servings of the Purple Spinach Dumplings Topped with Mexican Clams which is topped with a piece of scallop while prawn paste and the clam inside gives an extra seafood sweetness with every bite. 
晶莹左口鱼蝦餃 Crystal dumplings filled with dried sole (har kaw)
鱼子香菇烧賣皇 Chicken, shrimp dumplings filled with mushrooms
爽口香西葱鷄丸 Chicken dumplings with spring onions and cilantro
蜜汁雞肉叉烧包 Steamed fluffy barbecued chicken buns
古法锦绣糯米雞 Glutinous rice with chicken and mushrooms
西洋菜蒸牛肉丸 Beef dumplings with watercress
豆豉酱皇蒸凤爪 Steamed Phoenix claws with black beans
泰式腐皮石斑卷 Grouper bean curd skin rolls with Thai sauce
雪鮑螺紫園菜餃 Purple spinach dumplings topped with Mexican clams
晶莹五香雞芋餃 Crystal yam dumplings with chicken and mushrooms
芹香蔬菜水晶餃 Steamed vegetarian dumplings
川式紅油抽手 Chicken and black fungus dumplings with spicy soy sauce

I generally do not order fried items from a dim sum meal. Today is the exception and I have no regrets because a few of the fried items are delightfully good! Love it when fried items are drained of excess oil before being served and yes...Tai Zi Heen does this really well. Absolutely loved the creamy yam that filled the Crispy Yam Puffs Filled with Minced Chicken. Also a hit with my fellow makan kakis was the Crispy Kataifi Wrapped Prawn Rolls that had a light touch of wasabi mayo that wasn't overpowering for most people though my personal preference is to have even more wasabi in it:P Another favourite with everyone was the Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Century Eggs and Prawns though I would certainly welcome this item more if it was steamed.
芝士鲜蝦腐皮卷 Pan-fried crispy bean curd with prawns and cheese
酥炸千絲凤尾蝦 Crispy kataifi-wrapped prawn rolls 
香菇雞粒荔芋角 Crispy yam puffs filled with minced chicken
脆皮酸姜皮蛋蝦 Vietnamese spring rolls with century eggs and prawns
脆皮香煎韭菜饼 Pan-fried crispy pancake filled with prawns and chives
脆炸沙拉鲜蝦角 Crispy prawn dumplings with mayonnaise
香脆黑椒牛肉餃 Deep-fried black pepper beef dumplings with pimento
脆炸芝士多士球 Deep-fried cheese balls

The baked dim sums must not be missed especially the Oven Baked Mini Custard Egg Tarts which had such a rich pastry and would melt in your mouth with the lovely goodness of the egg custard. Not sure why I forgot to photograph the Barbecued Chicken Puffs with Parmesan Cheese. Perhaps I was too focused on the egg tarts? Being baked items, do allow some time as its only made upon request. Remember to drink more Chinese tea to avoid a sore throat from all the heatiness of the baked items.
雪心酥迷你蛋撻 Oven-baked fragrant mini custard egg tarts

By now, most of us are quite filled and as such decided to skip the Rice Rolls or chee cheong fun which were available in 3 options i.e. shrimp and yellow chives, barbecued chicken and vegetarian.

Full...but there is always room for dessert. There are 6 items on the menu including classic Red Bean Soup with Lotus Seeds and Lily Bulbs. 
蜜瓜西米露 Chilled honeydew melon with sago
龍眼海底椰 Iced sea coconut with longan and lemon syrup
芒果滑布丁 Mango pudding
蜂蜜龜靈膏 Chinese herbal jelly
蓮蓉芝麻棗 Deep-fried glutinous rice balls with pandan lotus paste

Pork free Tai Zi Heen’s Dim Sum Dim All happens on weekends and public holidays between 11:30am to 2:30pm. Priced at RM45++ per person. It features 45 best-selling dim sum items and is an ala carte buffet where food is only prepared upon you ordering them.

Tai Zi Heen
Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur
4 Jalan Conlay,
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2170 8888

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